Although no longer a newly released game, World War Rising is attracting players by the hundreds. Between building a strong base, playing with a fun alliance, training troops, and attacking enemy fortresses, WWR brings the action back to the strategy genre. If you want to know more about our first impressions of the game, feel free to check out our BlueStacks review.

World War Rising: How to Play on BlueStacks

In this article, however, we’d like to focus on how you can play the game on BlueStacks and what benefits this gives you. In a world where time is of the essence, being able to shorten the duration of in-game actions will allow you to enjoy the things that you like and skip over boring tasks.

A Platform with Top Performance

There are numerous advantages to playing World War Rising on BlueStacks, but let’s start with the issue of lag. We can’t stand applications that move slowly. When you’re in a game, you don’t want to be distracted by latency or eternal loading screens. It just breaks the immersion and you can no longer have fun. Luckily, the performance you get out of running applications on BlueStacks is crisp, even slightly better than what you would otherwise have with an S9+.

World War Rising: How to Play on BlueStacks

In addition, unlike a premium smartphone, BlueStacks is free to download and use. We see it as an absolute win. And there are even more advantages to playing WWR on this emulator! Real-time strategy games are all about being able to respond to aggression just in time. For instance, if you get attacked by stronger players, you’ll want to send your army away before they get a chance to cancel their march, as well as in time to save your units from dying.

This is precisely where BlueStacks can help.

Using Advanced Features to Your Advantage

With the Keymapping Tool, you can easily navigate the game’s menu without having to waste one extra second. By pressing Q, we instantly bring up the region map, where we can select a random NPC or resource node to dispatch our regiments to. We don’t even have to wait for the transition from one screen to another thanks to the BlueStacks engine. Pretty neat, huh? You can bind any button you desire to the keyboard with this option.

World War Rising: How to Play on BlueStacks

In addition, the Combo Key feature can help you save an immense amount of dead time, especially if you’re looking to grow your command center as fast as possible. We’ve already filled our farming tiles with quarries, farms, lumber mills, and mine shafts. Although it’s awesome that you get free speed-ups for your building upgrades for the first 5 levels, clicking everything 70, 100, or more times can be quite tedious and time-consuming.

World War Rising: How to Play on BlueStacks

The Combo Key lets you automate repeated tasks, such as gathering resources or upgrading buildings. All you have to do is open the keyboard controls UI, click on edit at the top of the window, then Advanced Settings at the bottom. Next, you click on the “+” button next to Key Sequences and then Start.

Play World War Rising on BlueStacks!

World War Rising: How to Play on BlueStacks

With this nifty little feature, we’ve reduced the 5 clicks necessary to upgrade a building to just one keyboard shortcut. And just like that, we saved all of the time we’d have otherwise wasted on this gruelling task. You can do the same with helping alliance members. Although this doesn’t take as long as upgrading new constructions, the three clicks are easily replaceable with one key. One button, one move.

Experience Strategy at Its Finest

As with all mobile real-time strategies, who you play with, as well as who you play against will have an immense impact on your experience. One of the first things you’ll have to do as part of the tutorial is to join an Alliance. We all know the drill.

World War Rising: How to Play on BlueStacks

The good part about it is that you can leave your Alliance in the next instant. Our advice is to head over to the region chat and look for active groups of players. Since you periodically receive a gift, the Gift level also matters. However, you ought to prioritize an active group over everything else. There are two major reasons you’ll want to do this.

The first one is that active players will help you complete your constructions faster. The more players around, the more help you can get, the less time you have to wait for something to be done. Makes sense. The second reason is that the more individuals you can offer to help, the more loyalty points you receive for being an outstanding ally. These can be quite powerful, as the Alliance Store has an extensive collection of goodies waiting for you.

World War Rising: How to Play on BlueStacks

Lastly, having experienced players on your side will bring immense value to your gameplay. They can help you figure out which things to research first, the ideal composition of your army, as well as how combat works. For the latter, you can also check out our dedicated guide to WWR combat basics.

Lead Your Troops to Victory with BlueStacks

As you probably know by now, players can get really crafty in MMORTS games, mobile or not. If you’re considering an attack on a base camp that is of a lower level than you, don’t assume that it’s also weaker. This is something you learn on a trial and error basis. The battlefield can get quite messy, which is why it’s so significant to have allies willing to help at the ready.

World War Rising: How to Play on BlueStacks

Aside from this, the increased functionality and performance you get out of playing World War Rising on BlueStacks will definitely come in handy. The emulator will not only help you save precious minutes every time you log on, but also keep your army safe during powerful attacks. More importantly, it will give you the necessary respite to strategically plan out your next move.

We just can’t wait to get our Command Center to 15 and be able to deploy more troops. After all, there are a lot of mismanaged bases out there with fully stocked warehouses, just waiting to be looted.

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