A brand new action role-playing game Yeager: Hunter Legend is making the headlines this January 2023 as it’s expected to be globally launching sometime in the first quarter of 2023. For those unaware, Yeager: Hunter Legend got massively hyped during its initial trailer video that surpassed over 5 million views on YouTube. It was promised to be a mobile-like port that would take notes from the popular monster killer RPG series of video games Monster Hunter. Well, it seems the game has already been soft launched in some selected countries of Singapore, Canada, and the Philippines. In fact, it has generated a lot of traction with its beautiful particle physics, interactive environment, and the thrilling combat that plays crisp and clear at 60 FPS. Yeager: Hunter Legend is available to be downloaded as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the Combat Mechanics
  2. Weapons and their Benefits
  3. Equipment and Enhancing Equipment
  4. Retainers and Understanding the Summoning System

In Yeager: Hunter Legend, players will role-play the role of a hunter from the Vyderan tribe that is ordered to retrieve a stolen artifact of grave importance. The entire environment of the game is quite pleasant to view and explore. Boasting a solid mix of flora and fauna, the game is a monster killer RPG in essence where the combat mechanics are reminiscent of ARPG games like Tower of Fantasy and Punishing: Gray Raven. Despite the solid graphics and the gameplay style, Yeager: Hunter Legend’s only factor that differentiates it from other similar games are the wide variety of monsters that it offers for players to fight and tame. Each boss monster in the game has a ton of stats and multiple abilities that players need to study and strategize for accordingly.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

In this beginner’s guide for Yeager: Hunter Legend, we will be explaining some of the different aspects of the game that will help new players make tremendous amounts of progression in their early game days. Since this is a beginners guide, we will keep the language as layman friendly as possible without going too much into the technicalities of the game.

Understanding the Combat Mechanics

The combat system of Yeager: Hunter Legend is quite intuitive and action focused where majority of the time you will be either challenging a big beast or fighting hordes of minions at the same time. Players will need to learn and master the controls of the game first in order to succeed in the combat of the game. Akin to many action oriented games, players also will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that Yeager: Hunter Legend also has different strategies to beat different types of bosses. It’s not all about mindless hitting the enemies to defeat them but to corner them and break their gauge in order to deal more damage while the bosses are rendered unable to move. This is called the “Break” mechanic.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

Apart from the Break mechanic that is used more on the offensive side to lower the boss’s movement and reduce their defenses, there’s also a “Dodge” mechanic. Dodges are essentially super speedy dashes that you can use in any direction of your choice to dash in a specific direction. Players can use Dodges to avoid getting hit by heavy attacks or to simply create gap between you and the enemy. These Dodges are refilled automatically over time during battles and cannot be used outside of battles. Up to a maximum of 3 dodges can be stored at a time and they regenerate fairly quickly in battle. However, using them at the right time can help you mitigate a lot of damage your character might take. Lastly, the 3rd button you might see in the controls corner is the “Target” button that is represented by an eye icon. This button will help you target the boss monster with your auto attacks more accurately. This can be turned on or off depending on your play style. We would recommend to turn this “On” at the beginning of the game if you’re a new player.

Weapons and their Benefits

If you’re a new player creating your account for the first time in Yeager: Hunter Legend, there’s a high chance that you will be confused as to which weapon you should pick and well, you should rightfully be. The game does a poor job at explaining the usage of each of these weapons given to you at the start of the game. Firstly, let’s clear the basics. Weapons are like classes in other similar games or MMOs where each weapon decided your playstyle. Instead of being focused on the character, Yeager: Hunter Legend is more focused towards your weapons. You will be seeing a lot of weapon guides and recommendations when you read more about the game or visit the social media pages. The decision is yours to make and we are just giving you a clarification of what each weapon does while listing out their pros and cons.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

Here are the 5 starter weapons and their short descriptions:

  • Hunting Sword – The Hunting Sword’s versatile fighting style becomes stronger the longer it attacks. It’s powerful skill imprinting ability allows it to store previously used moves and unleash them again with even more power. The Hunting Sword also has the ability to burn Kallar for a stronger attack damaging itself in the process by use of Blood Blade. Overall, the weapon has very high damage but slightly difficult to get used to as timing & positioning is more crucial compared to some other weapons.
  • Force Hammer – The Force Hammer disrupts and controls beasts with powerful counterattacks, anti-stagger stances, charged attacks, and agressive momentum attacks. The main ability of the Force Hammer is the usage of flint which is a small explosive piece that you can attach to the beast. When hitting this piece of flint with a charged attack you’re able to deal a huge amount of damage against the beast. Just like the Hunting Sword, the Force Hammer will take a while to get used to, but master this weapon and you will be able to deal tons of damage.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

  • Fury Blades – The Fury Blades main ability is to accumulate Fury and then unleash it in a special attack. Each time the Fury Blades slice across the body of a beast, they gain one point of fury. After fury is accumulated, it can help the hunter resist damage or bes pent to perform Blade Storm, a devastating move with extremely high damage. The Fury Blades are very flexible and have the ability to easily engage mid-air for flying type beasts.
  • Flux Blaster – The Flux Blaster uses a wide variety of ammunition and accessories, and can be configured to burst fire for more explosive output. It’s the ideal weapon to fight on range as well as supporting your teammates by providing them with DMG % buffs or Healing buffs. It’s an all-round reliable weapon and even when it’s not your main weapon, it can definately come in handy as sub weapon.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

  • Eidolon Spear – The Eidolon Spear uses the eidolon to perform different powerful combinations. The Eidolon Spear can take on of the 3 forms:

Spear form – has balances traits and is good for delivering precise strikes to effectively destroy specific parts of a beast.

Scythe form – deals extremely high damage and can cause a tear effect on beasts, causing them to continuously lose HP.

Parasol form – can protect the hunter from damage, and is a powerful tool for resisting beast attacks.

The eidolon spear may look daunting at first because of the number of combinations possible as well as the different weapon modes. However, it’s fairly easy to get used to it quickly and the damage output is very high. As well as you’re a little bit more mobile compared to some other weapons because of the eidolon.

Equipment and Enhancing Equipment

Equipment refers to the equippable sets of gears on your character. These are not to be confused with the weapons that we mentioned before. Equipment comes in different types, rarities, and of course, slots. For example, characters can equip different types of helms, hand armor, boots, and chest armor on their characters. Equipment’s provide bonus stats to your character that in turn increases their overall power level. For reference, players can check their character’s power level by going to the Player Tab located at the top left-hand side of the main menu. Let’s get right to the processes through which you can enhance your equipment:

  • Forging – Forging is the sacred process carried out by the Vyderans where players can imbibe their weapons with the powers of the ancient beasts and monsters. In the early stages of the game, the tutorial itself will teach you how to forge your gear to increase stats. Firstly, you must understand that all pieces of equipment are divided into multiple sets or rarities. The first one are the Novice Hunter sets (Level 5, Level 10, and Level 15). The second one’s are the Apprentice Hunter sets (Level 20, Level 25, and Level 30). So on, players can craft good gears depending on their level in the game. Hence, first make sure to increase your player level to be able to forge good high level gear.

Also note that forging gear is not a straight process where you can take a Level 5 chest plate to Level 20 directly. You will have to do it step by step. First take it to Level 10, then to Level 15, and lastly to Level 20. At last, make sure you have all the required materials to craft the next piece. Most materials are dropped from beasts, some materials drop from specific beasts while others are dropped from any beast in that region. Some materials are obtained from dungeons such as Ancient Cage & Purgatory (daily quest reward). Along with the materials, you will also need some Fang’ul to forge equipment.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

  • Enhance Equipment: Your GS of your equipment depends on the total enhancement level. The higher you enhance the gear, the more increase in stats you will see. To enhance equipment’s, players will require Wakonium to use as material. This material is obtainable from the Commissions, Bounties, Honor Emblem Shop, and Monthly Pass Shop. Players will also need to use Fang’ul to enhance their equipment along with Wakonium. Fang’ul is obtainable from the Bounties, Commissions, and the Ethereal Arena. Players can also purchase them directly from the shop via microtransactions.
  • Refining Equipment: Refining Equipment is simply providing a passive bonus effect to the gear by reforging it. Reforging equipment requires firstly a base equipment that is already at max level. Each piece of equipment can be regorged multiple times to provide Reforged bonuses. These reforge bonuses are multiplicative and add great value to the overall GS/ power level. Wakonium is the material used in great quantities to reforge equipment. You can get Wakonium from high level bounties and Shops as previously mentioned. You can also take part in friend’s bounties and you will get some of the rewards as commission.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

  • Inlaying Kallar Gems: Every piece of equipment can be inlayed with a certain amount of gems, these Kallar gems will make up the base of your build, along with some other forms of upgrading in which we will get to in a minute. In essence, they will play a big role on how much HP / Defense / Attack / Crit damage etc. you will be having on your character. So, decide what kind of role you wish to play as (although pure damage is recommended) and inlay your gems accordingly. The biggest key point of Kallar gems is again to make sure that you unlock these Resonance bonuses.
  • Memory Insignia – Memory Insignia’s are another way to increase your overall player power/ GS. One of the best ways to check out the Insignia’s that will suit your build is to go to the Album and check out the different stats they provide. According to the community so far, the Insignia’s play a huge role in adding to your overall damage or survivability, depending on the role you are undertaking. Insignia’s provide additional effects when you wear 2 or 4 of the same sets. Memory Insignia’s come in 4 different distinct rarities:

Green (Max Lvl = 5 / Recommended to be dismantled for XP)

Blue (Max Lvl = 10 / Recommended to be dismantled for XP)

Purple (Max Lvl = 15 / Solid choice to use depending on the stats or to be dismantled for XP)

Gold (Max Lvl = 20 / Best possible rarity, pray for good stats)

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

  • Kallar Sigil – Another way to drastically boost your Attack, Health and Defense stats. The correct way to equip them is to make sure they are going in the right slots. When you check out the Kallar Sigil page, you will notice a few slots where each of them is unlocked at a different level. The single slot on the left is the slot for your active Kallar Sigil. This is a skill that you can use in battle and has a cooldown of ‘X’ seconds depending on the skill being used. The 4 slots on the right are your passive Kallar Sigils, these will give your character a passive bonus during the fight as well as their attributes will be counting for a % towards your own.

The 1st slot will give you 100% of the attribute stats.

The 2nd slot will give you 60% of the attribute stats.

The 3rd slot will give you 30% of the attribute stats.

The 4th slot will give you 10 % of the attribute stats.

Understanding the Summoning System

The summoning system in Yeager: Hunter Legend is used for summoning the different rarities of Retainers available in the game. For those unaware, Retainers are like your companions in battles that help you out by either dealing damage to enemies, healing you, summoning allies, or simply by buffing you. Akin to other gacha games, the different rarities of Retainers are available at different summoning rates in Yeager: Hunter Legend as well. The highest rarity retainers are available at the lowest probability while the lowest rarity retainers are available at the highest probability. The summoning system unlocks after you clear the Main Quest 8-3.

Yeager: Hunter Legend - Beginners Guide for Fast Progression

Here are a few points to keep in mind regarding the summoning system:

  • All players get 1 free summon daily after server reset.
  • The summoning system requires the use of Kallarite Crest as the official summoning currency. This Kallarite Crest can be obtained as part of the rewards from events, shops, and the Ethereal Arena. It will cost you Crystals if you decide to purchase them from the Shop.
  • Do not worry as the game has an in-built pity system to guarantee players get at least 1 or 2 high rank retainers if they summon continuously. The soft pity exists at 10 summons where the 10th summon is always guaranteed to be an SR rarity retainer. The hard pity exists at 80 summons where the 80th summon is always guaranteed to be an SSR rarity retainer.

This concludes our beginner guide for Yeager: Hunter Legend. Playing Yeager: Hunter Legend on a PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse is highly recommended for the best experience.