New ARPGs are always a treat to look out for and play test as lovers of the genre can’t get enough of these action-oriented hack ‘n’ slash titles. Yeager: Hunter Legend (i), a premiere mobile ARPG developed and published by IGG is scheduled to release globally in the 1st quarter of 2023. The game boasts an overall rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store for selected countries of Canada, Singapore, and the Philippines where it’s current soft launch is ongoing. Players take up the role of a monster hunter assassin from the Vyderan tribe in the fictional land of Planet Ekors that is inhabited by unique and threatening bestial life forms. Yeager: Hunter Legend is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store with in-game microtransactions enabled.

Table of Contents

  1. Tip #1. Choosing the Right Weapon
  2. Tip #2. Focus on Completing Main Quests First
  3. Tip #3. Increase your Overall Combat Power/ GS
  4. Tip #4. Exploration = Tons of Resources!
  5. Tip #5. Always Complete your Commissions and Bounties

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

Apart from being very similar to the Monster Hunter titles that we all love and adore, Yeager: Hunter Legend also incorporates hero-collector mechanics in the form of “Retainers” in-game. These are extra-terrestrial life forms that help us by assisting in battles. Being developed for mobile platform specifically, the aim of the developers is to keep the combat as interesting and diverse as possible without causing over confusion and complications in controls. To say that they have succeeded will vary from one person’s opinion to another. If you’re in love with slaying huge beasts and different monsters with unique skill sets, Yeager: Hunter Legend will certainly suit your tastes and leave you in a state of awe. Possessing beautiful graphics, motion detection systems, and smooth 60 FPS high frame-rate gameplay are just some additional add-ons to the already intuitive combat design. 

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

In this article, we will be providing some of our personally observed tips and tips for early game walkthrough that will help you increase your overall GS and get stronger. Getting strong is the way to beat the game, as simple as that. More stats will mean your abilities and weapons will do more damage while you will take less damage and sustain more easily. Keep in mind that these tips are coming from play testing the soft launch that is currently ongoing. Some of the tips we mention might be changed when the game officially launches globally or in future updates. Players can refer to our beginners guide for Yeager: Hunter Legend if they want to learn more about the game’s basic systems and combat mechanics. 

Tip #1. Choosing the Right Weapon

One of the most sought after question for players in their journey of Yeager: Hunter Legend would be likely which weapon to choose at the beginning of the game. The real reason for this valid question is that Yeager: Hunter Legend is not an MMORPG where choosing a class matters but rather an ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) where choosing a weapon matters. Players are given this choice of choosing 1 out of 5 weapons right at the beginning of the game even before the tutorial starts. A short description of each of these weapons is also presented along side them. There is no such thing as the best weapon, much like there is no such thing as best class in an MMORPG game. Players need to first understand what each of these weapons do and the playstyle of these weapons. 

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

First weapon we will talk about is the Hunting Sword that is best for new players in our opinion. This is due to the fact that this weapon’s damage increases the more it attacks an enemy. Sadly, this weapon is not great for players who do not know how to position effectively as the weapon lacks any defensive capabilities. Also, the active skills of this weapon damage the longevity of the weapon itself and cause harm to the hunter wielding it. Next up, the Force Hammer is a great anti-mobility weapon that deals melee-ranged attacks to enemies. It is best used for crowd-controlling a large group of enemies while also giving them destructive amounts of damage. The Force Hammer’s main usage is the flint it applies to the target which explodes when hitting the same target multiple times. The explosion deals a ton of true damage to the beast which helps in slaying bosses easily.

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

Fury Blades are more recommended for veterans of the genre or perhaps players who have played Yeager: Hunter Legend already and looking for a fresh start. This weapon relies on collecting Fury that increases the hunter’s damage. Each attack that slices the body of the minions grants 1 stack of fury. At maximum stacks, the hunter can release Blade Fury, a devasting AOE-targeted damaging skill that deals true damage. Fury Blades are great for targeting squishy heroes and enemies in the air. Flux Blaster is also not exactly recommended for beginners but one of the most popular choices regardless. It is a ranged weapon that can deal tons of DPS in the form of burst AOE-targeted damage. Flux Blaster can be configured to either provide damage buffs or to provide heal buffs, depending on your play style. Many people prefer using it as a sub-weapon if not a main weapon due to its sheer amount of utility.

Tip #2. Focus on Completing Main Quests First

Yeager: Hunter Legend is not a traditional ARPG where you have to complete stages in a classic side-scrolling fashion. It is an open-world ARPG where players can interact with several NPCs and even take up different sub-quests apart from the main quests. These sub-quests are highlighted by the yellow color while the main quests are highlighted by blue color. It’s always recommended to complete the main quests first in order to unlock more content and get abundant resources. Sub-quests or side quests are just filler content that do not actually provide a sustainable recurring form of resources.

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

Since Yeager: Hunter Legend is more of a slow grind that rewards you based on the time spent in honing your skills and increasing your GS, it’s important that you unlock all the content available in the game. Majority of the content should be unlocked by the time you complete Chapter 12 in tutorials. One of the most important milestone is to perhaps unlock the Retainer and Equipment sections that unlock at completing Chapter 8 and Chapter 6 of the main quests, respectively.

Tip #3. Increase your Overall Combat Power/ GS

We have talked quite extensively about improving your overall combat power and GS but what exactly are the processes you can follow? Well, the main process might be right in front of your eyes in the form of equipments. Equipment in Yeager: Hunter Legend come in different slots and types. The higher the rarity of the piece of gear, the higher stats it will provide. Stats determine the overall combat power of your hunter. This is also called “GS” in the in-game terminology. The best standard for choosing your gears are according to your playstyle. For example, if you’re a DPS type hunter that needs more Attack, it will be beneficial for you to choose gear that has Attack%, Critical Hit Rate%, and Critical Hit Damage% as sub-stats. 

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

Other methods of improving your GS are by augmenting and upgrading your pieces of equipment. If you’re a fan of RPG games where you slowly but surely improve your gear, well, you’re going to have a lot of fun in Yeager: Hunter Legend. The game has multiple different avenues of upgrading your gear, each with their own set of RNG and cost associated with them. As a free-to-play player, we noticed that the amount of rare resources required to upgrade gear such as Wakonium and Fang’ul are quite insufficient compared to the amount required to make actual progress. 

Tip #4. Exploration = Tons of Resources!

There’s a reason that Yeager: Hunter Legend is an open-world RPG. The developers want that the players explore the vast and rich multi-colored biomes of the fictional world of Planet Ekors. Exploration allows you to explore the different maps that you have unlocked and travelled to on your journey. Players will be able to put more Talent points in their weapons, the more they travel. Also, a cool feature is the “Album” whose pages can only be filled by exploration. Very important to know is that a big part of exploration is about ‘Weather’ bonus. Some events and quests and locked until the right weather conditions appear. To know what weather conditions are upcoming simply head to the explore page and select weather.

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

Expedition is one of the best ways to guarantee yourself new and shiny sets of gears by forging them in the blacksmith shop. Players can get materials for the gear by doing multiple runs of the dungeons. The higher the damage dealt, the more rewards you will be able to reap. You can check out the location of the materials by simply pressing on “Get” in the material description. This will automatically redirect you to the Boss location where the material drops.

Tip #5. Always Complete your Commissions and Bounties

Bounties are a great way to obtain some Wakonium, which as we explained before is a very important material within the game. Some other rewards that can be obtained through bounties are Fang’ul and Beast. Treasures which drop from higher rarity bounties (Purple and Gold). These chests contain a small reward such as a few Crystals. It is also possible to use a Bounty Seal to increase the rarity & difficulty of the beast and thus get better rewards. 

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

Commissions are the best way to get more Sigils and Gems that will enhance your overall build. Within the game, there exists 4 types of commissions that you can perform with different rewards for each of them. They are very similar to Dispatch Retainers.

Types of Commissions:

  • Guarding – Here you will have to go to a specific location and defend yourself and your team against a couple of waves of monsters. Guarding consumes 40 stamina and you will need to have a team of 2-4 players to start this commission
  • Collection – All you simply have to do here is to run around Vyderan base and talk to NPC’s. When you have arrived at the target you will submit the materials required and get a small reward in return. The materials are obtained through explorations & expeditions and this commission consumes 10 stamina.
  • Hunting – Similar to Guarding you will be having to defend yourself against waves of monsters. However, this commission can be performed solo and consumes 40 stamina.
  • Exploration – When performing an exploration-based commission all you have to do is locate yourself from target to target, research the locations and finish the exploration commission. This commission consumes 40 stamina.

Yeager: Hunter Legend – Tips and Tricks to Get Stronger and Acquire More Resources

To Play Yeager: Hunter Legend more efficiently and in an optimized manner, we highly recommend playing Yeager: Hunter Legend on your PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.