NetEase Connect 2021 was an eventful occasion for the mobile gaming community as a whole, with multitudes of titles announced by the Chinese game developing giant NetEase. 

The recently held NetEase Connect 2021 gave fans a glimpse of what they can expect from the game publishers and they were not disappointed. Here is a list of mobile games you can look forward to playing in 2021.

Infinite Lagrange

Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

Based in a futuristic sci-fi world, this mobile strategy game is set to tingle your fancy. Infinite Lagrange was launched in Europe in April, 2021 and is in essence, a space simulation strategy game. The graphics are very much the selling point of the game but the fact that it also has a PC version has fans excited about the potential of having a cross-platform feature. 

The game is releasing in several regions worldwide soon, with pre-registrations open. So far, we know that Infinite Lagrange will be launching in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil starting June 2021.

Onmyoji: The World

Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

The creators of Onmyoji are back at it again with a fresh installment; a sequel if you will – Onmyoji: The World. Based in Japan and its lore surrounding shinigamis, Onmyoji witnesses a fantasy turn-based style of gameplay, with players assuming the role of varied Onmyoji heroes. 

The lore of shikigami originates from Onmyodo, which in turn is based or culminates into the wide theory of yin and yang that is prevalent and the base of various Japanese folklore. The game will have cross-platform feature and the fact there is a full-blown official English page instills hope that the Non-Chinese markets will be privy to the game right about the same time as the Chinese release of the game.

The Japanese setting is aesthetically pleasing to look at so there is little doubt it would be a pleasing playing experience as well, especially for players who are aware of the original and popular game, Onmyoji. 

Frostpunk: Rise of City

Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

The theme of this mobile game is embedded in the very name of the title, with the game based in a freezing world where the greatest danger to civilization is the cold. Players will be tasked with keeping the human race going as the last civilization to survive in Frostpunk: Rise of City. The players must lead the band of civilization to safer terrains and rebuild the human race while suffering through the frozen tundras, the cold environment and more.

Players will have to commit to grave decisions that are matters of life and death, given that they are the leaders of the said civilization. Decisions will include the prospect of choosing whom to give the last seat available during an evacuation and many other events that will make you dive deep and reflect into your own humanitarian ethics. There is no release date mentioned yet but the pre-registrations have opened so it will be interesting to see when it arrives on the mobile screens.


Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

Another cold-themed survival simulation game, Vikingard is based in the era of the Vikings and in a world where starvation and cold are the biggest threats to the human establishment in the region. Not much has been revealed about Vikingard but the game is already available in some areas for testing for android devices, with several characters like Hildr, Hermund, Kusi, Alfrun and Brandr revealed on the official website.

Lost Light

Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

Lost Light is a Warfare, Progression, and Competition mobile game that brings forth the action genre to NetEase fans. The ability to team up with players is a lucrative concept and one that will resonate with the audience while the high pump action thematics is sure to give players the adrenaline rush they seek.

Lost Light is available for pre-registrations on both Android and iOS devices.

Racing Master

Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

Created with Unreal Engine 4, Racing Master has racing at its very core, with lifelike graphics raising the standards to the next level. The Real Racing feature allows players to progress as a racer and immerse themselves into the journey from a casual to a professional. 

Players will be privy to drive actual luxury racing cars from the houses of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, BMW and more while also being able to test it on actual racing circuits around the world.

NetEase has hyped the game to be one equipped with one of the most realistic mobile racing engines ever and it will be intriguing to see how it matches up against other popular Racing titles in the mobile gaming genre. Racing Master is already available for Early Access for some devices and in some regions. Fans will be hoping to experience some Redefined Real-Time Racing Realism soon.

EVE Echoes

Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

This space-based Role Playing Game is an MMO with a unique gameplay experience awaiting the players. EVE Echoes allows PvP battles upto a 1000 players and if that already isn’t enough, the ability to create, build and maintain your very own space station and citadels sure sounds appealing.

There are four premade factions in EVE Echoes – Amarr, Gallente, Minmatar and Caldari, with each having their own historical background and connections with the lore. EVE Echoes is already available for both Android and iOS devices. 


Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

Based in a post-apocalyptic world, LifeAfter is a survival game where players will have to suffer through famine, cold, starvation and more as they aim to survive and prosper through it all. The virus apocalypse thing eerily fits into the whole current world situation and this might make it a popular hit in the coming period.

The Godzilla vs King Kong movie collaboration that has been recently announced will also attract the audience towards the game. 

LifeAfter is available on all platforms – Android, iOS and even on PC. LifeAfter plays out the dark theme really well, with the dark undertones of the disease wiping out most of the civilization resonating with the players. A game to try for sure.

Identity V

Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

Horror was the only genre left to be explored at NetEase Connect 2021 and Identity V more than made up for it. The gothic art styles add to the eerie ambiance while the 1v4 asymmetrical horror gameplay will prove to be a unique experience. Identity V also has a Death Note crossover event that has been grabbing the eyeballs.

‘Fear always springs from the unknown’ – Well, Identity V also has a cross-platform experience with PC as well as Android and iOS devices, which ensures just about every enthusiast can play and have a fun time along with friends.


Every Mobile Game announced at NetEase Connect 2021

Badlanders is a survival shooter that is only available for Android devices and PC platforms right now. The First Person mode has now arrived in Badlanders and that would be music to the ears of esports enthusiasts.

A group of 25 Badlanders will enter the battlefield to hunt, scavenge and survive with the aim of being one of the final survivors out on the battlefield for a taste of the glory. Badlanders is not available in Mainland China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Belgium.

Project: Ragnarok

Not much is known about Project: Ragnarok except the fact that it will be available on mobile devices when it launches and that the game is a free to play Role Playing Game. The strategy based MMORPG will also be available for PC and console devices eventually.

The developers are aiming to support 40-50 players in each server that will be able to take part in a single battle while also focusing on randomly generated dungeons as a focal point of the game. 

Lots of other stuff like a project housing system, character farming and male valkyries will be available in Project: Ragnarok, with a small scale beta set to launch later in 2021. 

Which NetEase title(s) are you looking forward to trying on your mobile screens in 2021? Tell us in the comments below.