Seven Knights: Idle Adventure is a brand-new Idle RPG that is being developed and published Netmarbe, a world-renowned Korea-based gaming giant. Due to popularity of the Seven Knights IP (Intellectual Property), the game has been restructured to fit according to taste as an Idle/AFK game. Players will be able to meet their favourite characters from the Seven Knights universe such as Rudy, Eileene, Dellons, and many more. 

The game is best suited for low capacitive and low-end devices, mainly due to the graphics being less resource intensive and gameplay being simple. For the first time, players will be able to see their favourite characters of Seven Knights in cute 2D chibi forms, instead of the full-fledged character models that we have seen before in previous Seven Knight games. 

Main Story Expansion and Exploration

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure will take up the original main story of the game and expand it according to the current universe, unveiling many new episodes that are not yet seen by fans of the IP. Further, the game’s main storyline is going to be playable in the form of quests, a unique system that will definitely set it apart from similar games in line. Players will be able to explore the vast and semi-open instanced world of Seven Knights: Idle Adventure in a full-fledged high resolution portrait display at 60 FPS

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure Begins Early Access Launch for Android Users only

Apart from the visually stunning world, it’s also scheduled to feature over 150 different collectible characters and 25+ unlockable pets. Re-fashion your favourite characters as over 170 costumes are also going to be available at the time of global launch.

Unique Game Modes like 10v10 Arena

Seven Knights: Idle Adventure also features a plethora of PvE and PvP game modes. This leaves players wanting to train and get stronger, making them entertained at all times. Engaging PvP heavy unique game modes such as the 10v10 Arena are a fresh addition to the list of available game modes. It features you and your enemy both picking 10 unique heroes and duking it out in a battle royale stylized match. Glorious rewards can be claimed by the victors.

Enjoy Seven Knights: Idle Adventure on a PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse for a 60 FPS Full HD lag-free experience on a bigger screen.