You can get The awakened character Resurging Flame Talene in the newest event called “A Flame Reborn”. All you have to do is to finish the first section of the event called The Tormented Reach that will run for 14 days.

Lilith Games the developer of AFK Arena also posted an Epic Music Video for this event on their official youtube channel, you can check out the music video here.

AFK Arena’s Latest Patch 1.80 is Giving Players a Free Awakened Character

The relatively new hero, Framton, is also mentioned in the lore of this event.

A Flame Reborn

The event will have three parts overall. The second part will be unlocked right after you finish the first part and the third part is going to start soon. Tormented Reach is the first part of the event and will give you an item as a reward that can be used to summon The Resurging Flame Talene in your team. You can begin the 2nd part by completing stage 16 – 1 or you can do a shortcut and reach VIP 13 and you can unlock it already.

The Tormented Reach 

The Tormented Reach is the first event that players can play in “A Flame Reborn” event. Here is a detailed description of the event and more details:

  • Players can consume Mental Clarity to dispel Talene’s Clouds of Doubt and defeat her Inner Demons. 
  • 50 points of Mental Clarity are restored every day. Once the event period is over, Mental Clarity will be recycled at a rate of 1 Diamond per point. 
  • A cloud can be dispelled when there are no obstacles, enemies, or other clouds between the cloud and the player. Dispelable clouds will be highlighted and cost 1 point of Mental Clarity to dispel. 
  • When a Cloud is dispelled, it will dispel the cloud on the surrounding impassable tiles within one tile of the dispelled cloud.
  • The strength of enemies is based upon each player’s own strength. Enemies’ strength levels will not change during the event.
  • There are a total of 7 inner Demons. After they are all destroyed, players can tap the final point of the progress bar for a fabulous reward.
  • In the Fortitude Forge, every day that players attempt to challenge a difficulty higher than that of their current highest will reward them with treasure chests. Rewards obtained but not collected will be sent to player inboxes the following day.
  • Hero levels will be set to 300 in the Fortitude Forge. Equipment, furniture, signature items, and Eternal Engravings will all remain the same.
  • Mercenaries cannot be used when engaging in the Fortitude  Forge and heroes engaging in the Fortitude Forge will receive Talene’s protective effects.
  • The Fortitude Forge will be divided into three rounds which will last for 5 days, 5 days, and 4 days respectively, with protection effects changing each round.
  • Players can choose the difficulty at which they wish to engage in the Fortitude Forge, There is no limit to how many times a challenge can be undertaken.
  • Players can acquire rewards by completing specific difficulty and level quests via the Individual Rewards page during the event.
  • The highest current difficulty challenge completed throughout all challenges will count towards your real-time ranking in the Fortitude Forge. Your final ranking will be determined at the end of each session.
  • Each round is ranked independently in the Fortitude Forge and players will receive Fortune Chests based on their Guild Member’s Highest rankings.

AFK Arena’s Latest Patch 1.80 is Giving Players a Free Awakened Character

Completing stage 16 – 1 of the Tormented Reach will also unlock the Stargazer and the Temple of Time. Here are the items that you can get in this event:

  • Stargazer Scroll – can be used at the stargazer to draw prizes.
  • Time Emblem – can be used at the Temple of Time.
  • Elite Hero Soulstone – can be used to summon an Elite Hero.
  • Elemental Shard – can be used to enhance Eternal Engravings.
  • Amplifying Emblem – can be used to enhance Signature Items from +11 to +20.
  • Primordial Emblem – can be used to enhance Signature Items from +1 to + 10.
  • Rare Hero Soulstone – can be used to summon a Rare Hero.
  • Hero’s Essence – can be used to level up your heroes.
  • Common Hero Scroll – can be used to draw random heroes.

AFK Arena’s Latest Patch 1.80 is Giving Players a Free Awakened Character

Temple of Time

Temple of Time is a new feature that’s been added to the Noble Tavern. Players can use Time Emblems in the Temple of Time to summon Awakened Heroes and other rewards.

  • When a player possesses one Ascended Awakened hero, they can use Stargazing Cards at the Stargazer to summon the corresponding Awakened hero.
  • One Time Emblem can be exchanged at the Store daily.
  • New Celestial Sanctum quests have been added, players can complete these quests in order to acquire Time Emblems.
  • Time Emblems have been added to Deluxe Monthly Cards and to Limited Offers. Time Emblems shall appear as a purchasable option within Yuexi bundles after the bundle is refreshed. When Yuexi Wishing Well is refreshed, Hero Choice Cards found in “1st Tier” rewards will be replaced with 10 Time Emblems.

Curtains of TIme 

The Curtains of Time is also a newly added event where you can use Stargazing Cads to exchange Time Emblems 1 to 1 up to 5 times per day.

Solemn Vow – players can become a mentor in this event but you need to reach chapter 30 of the campaign and possess at least 10 Ascended tier heroes. You can also become an apprentice when you reach a stage between Campaign chapter 4 and chapter 25. You can also get 200 Diamonds if you share this event in your Facebook account.

  • Mentors can only take one apprentice at a time and the apprentices can only ask for help from one mentor at a time.
  • Mentors and apprentices cannot halt their relationship within the first 3 days of its beginning.
  • Mentors are required to take on new apprentices at least two weeks apart from their last one.
  • Apprentices cannot choose a new Mentor for the next 24 hours after halting their relationship with the previous Mentor. If a mentor has been offline for 7 days, the Apprentice can immediately find a new Mentor after halting their relationship with the inactive Mentor.
  • When a mentor and apprentice have been in a mentoring relationship for two weeks, or the apprentice has been offline for 7 days, the mentor can choose to terminate the relationship with the apprentice.

AFK Arena’s Latest Patch 1.80 is Giving Players a Free Awakened Character

Mentors and apprentices can claim “Years Lost” rewards after completing corresponding tasks. Here are the rewards that they can get:

  • 107 Reward Choice Chests
  • 840 Rare Hero Soulstones
  • 43 Common Hero Scrolls
  • 210 Elite Hero Soulstones
  • 85 Primordial Emblems
  • 55 Amplifying Emblems
  • 6 Gold Reward Choice Chests
  • 20 Stargazer Scrolls
  • 500 Diamonds
  • 13k Labyrinth TOkens

Hero Changes

  • Astar – the previously released character is getting some changes, the issue that was preventing “Aura of Fire” ability’s visual effects from disappearing under certain circumstances when it was used on allies has been fixed and the ability’s actual effects remain the same. The issue that was causing the “Flame Seeds” ability to incorrectly target untargetable enemies has been fixed. If you are interested in knowing more if this character you can read our Astar Guide here.
  • Morrow – the issue that was preventing damage dealt by the Signature Item’s ability “Murder of Crows” to not be counted towards Morrow’s damage stats under circumstances has been fixed.
  • Rosaline – the issue that was affecting the “Motivation” ability which was causing Rosaline to stop following her designated ally when the ally became untargetable to enemies has been fixed.
  • Ezizh – Optimized the description of the level 60 Eternal Engraving Ability “ Mental Fury”.
  • Zikis – the issue that was causing the ability “Languid EYE” to incorrectly target untargetable enemies with its lethargy effect has been fixed.
  • Merlin – the issue that was causing the “Guardian Owl” skill to gadget untargetable allies under certain circumstances has been fixed.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci – the issue that was causing the visual effects of the “Renaissance Cannon” skill to appear in the incorrect position under certain circumstances has been fixed. The ability’s actual effects remain the same.
  • Satrana – the issue that caused the skin Wintry Blaze to hinder the battle verification process has been fixed. Actual battle effects are unaffected.
  • Treznor – the issue where Treznor’s damage immunity effect was not correctly removed under certain circumstances when he was in a dismounted position has been fixed as a result of effects which knocked him into the air.

Play AFK Arena on PC via BlueStacks and you’ll be utilizing its wonderful features in no time. BlueStacks has this feature called the Multi-Instance Sync where you can replicate the rerolling mechanism in multiple instances for a more efficient way of acquiring new heroes.

Have you seen the music video that they have posted? You should if you haven’t already because it’s quite epic! Tell us what you think about it in the comments below!