Another day, another update! For AFK Arena patch 1.56, we’re getting a brand new Mauler hero, a new event, and added in-game improvements to look forward to!

Here is the lowdown on AFK Arena’s latest update.

Meet Kren, the Fanatical Mauler and AFK Arena’s Newest Hero

On this update, Kren is finally going live on the AFK Arena servers. He is probably the most powerful Mauler hero to arrive in Esperia, complete with tons of AoE power and crowd control abilities.

AFK Arena Update 1.56 Patch Notes - New Hero, New Event, and much more!

Kren is a Ranger class hero belonging to the Mauler faction. He is an Agility type whose role is to deal continuous damage against the enemies. To know more about Kren’s full abilities, his official lore, tips, and heroes that synergize with him, read our short guide to Kren on our previous blog post.

The new hero, Kren, will be available to test play from January 27, 00:00 UTC.

AFK Arena’s New Events

You know the drill! Of course with a new hero comes a new event. The Bountiful Trials is a mini-event available where you can use (and abuse) the new hero Kren to gain multiple rewards to help your team level up. After this event, you’ll surely want to keep this Fanatical Mauler to your team.

The Bountiful Trials will start on January 27, 00:00 UTC.

A new Reinforcements event has been added where players can select a hero from a pool of heroes to trial. This will commence after players login on January 27, 00:00 UTC.

For these grinding events, you may want to try playing AFK Arena on PC via BlueStacks to let you experience more efficient and faster features. BlueStacks has this thing called the Macros which allows you to record your daily tasks and in-game activities and execute them with a press of a button. With this you’ll be able to farm up and toughen up even while you’re offline.

New additions

A new adventure awaits Trials of God players with The Trembling Highlands. This can be unlocked by completing Stages 31-60 and completing the same adventure found within the Wandering Balloon.

The Trials of God will also be receiving a new Warrior Class Exclusive Artifact which will. E officially called Carnage. Its artifact powers are as follows:

Once the wielder’s health falls below 50%, they are granted 1& Haste point and 32 Life Leech points for eight seconds. These effects can be triggered once every 18 seconds.

Carnage can be acquired from the Trials of God. – The Trembling Highlands instance.

Lilith Games also promises that a new Misty Valley round is about to commence. This includes changes on numerous tasks. The Misty Valley can be accessed through the Voyage of Wonders menu. Note that the next round shall commence on February 5, 00:00 UTC.

AFK Arena Update 1.56 Patch Notes - New Hero, New Event, and much more!

Meanwhile, the Twisted Realm is receiving three new additional content — the Fabled Realm, the Grotesque Mage, and some adjustments. The Fabled Realm is open to those who are able to meet the Resonating Crystal level requirement. All members shall have a division status of “Legend.”

The boss Grotesque Mage will appear on January 29 at 1:00 UTC for the first time.

Several Twisted Realm floors had its floor hierarchy logic, damage, and reward logic adjusted. With this big change, the division damage data was reset last January 25 00:00 UTC. “After the reset, dynamic damage division shall be in effect for the first time each boss appears, after which the rules shall revert back to normal,” according to the official patch notes.

Paid and subscribed players will be receiving more benefits at the Dismal Maze game mode. From +80% rewards, they will be receiving +100  for the next Dismal Maze. If they miss an Arcane Labyrinth, the total number of times missed rewards can be accumulated does not change. The game will also be more forgiving to players with VIP levels 13 or higher since they will have additional chances to accumulate missed rewards if they miss Arcane Labyrinths.

And speaking of the Dismal Maze, the number of times Dura’s Tears can be used shall now be raised in accordance with how many times the Arcane Labyrinth has been missed.

In general, players can receive up to 50 Companion Points each week since 10 Companion Points will be given every time you successfully loan a hero as a mercenary.

Additionally, you can now sell multiple Custom Legendary Furniture Scrolls at the Workshop. 

There are also some visual changes you should know like:

  • Being able to see which hero is equipping a certain Artifact by tapping on it within your bag
  • Monthly Card chest aesthetics has been optimized
  • But fixes about Mercenary Combat Ratings display values

Some heroes have been adjusted as well on this patch. For one, Ferael the Doomwhisper has been buffed, specifically his Furniture Ability Ghastly Hauntings.

Meanwhile, Grezhul the Corrupted’s Demonic Assault ability has been adjusted based on how its Attack Rating is calculated. The full value stated by the ability will now be stolen regardless of any debuffs that the character is experiencing.

The Persona 5 Dimensional hero, Queen, had minor bug fixes about her Stationary Drifter.

For those of you who have not yet logged in to their AFK Arena accounts, this patch has been deployed already last January 26, 18:00 – 20:00 UTC. You will also be receiving 1200 diamonds as a compensatory gift for the downtime.