After Alna, Mortas, and Persona 5’s Joker and Queen comes a new AFK Arena hero called Kren.

BlueStacks' PC Guide to AFK Arena's Kren, The Fanatical

That’s right, Lilith Games is the gift that keeps on giving! With numerous AFK Arena heroes coming all at once, playing and trying them out can be quite confusing, which is why we made this guide for Kren.

BlueStacks' PC Guide to AFK Arena's Kren, The Fanatical

To make your life easier, you can also play Kren on PC when he comes out together with AFK Arena’s latest patch. So how can you play AFK Arena on PC? Download BlueStacks! BlueStacks is the fastest Android emulator to date, available on PC and Mac. Simply install BlueStacks, go to the Google Play Store, search for “AFK Arena” and click Install to play the game for free. You can try Kren and even participate in his Bountiful Trials event without any hassle than you would normally do on mobile with all its bugs.

BlueStacks' PC Guide to AFK Arena's Kren, The Fanatical

Kren is a Ranger class hero belonging to the Mauler faction. He is an Agility type whose role is to deal continuous damage against the enemies.


Right off the bat, Kren looks like a very handsome devil, with his likeness, stance, and poses based on Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon from Guardian of the Galaxy. You know how Rocket always has a very confident, cocky facial expression as he carries his weapons? Kren has that look!

BlueStacks' PC Guide to AFK Arena's Kren, The Fanatical

His base fur color is brown, with very striking red hair and scarlet clothing to match. Kren’s right eye is actually bigger than his left to emphasize and give off that crazy aura to all players — this is one Mauler you don’t want to mess with!

Aside from his blaster gun, Kren also carries a cartridge of firearms around his waist. 


It’s all about the chase when it comes to Kren’s lore, literally. Kren is a wanted Mauler under the Durri species. The description on his Wanted poster reads:

Crimes: Disrespecting a superior, committing arson against the “Steel Fang” Artillery Division, escaping prison, assaulting and robbing multiple merchants. Last seen within the Land of the Exiles. Wanted dead or alive. Reward available.

As you have known by now, Kren is a very dangerous yet mischievous creature, armed with his two best friends — a Model 53 Multi-function Hand Cannon which he calls “Hot Stuff” and a low-caliber grenade launcher which he addresses as “Lady.” The former possesses heavy firepower while the latter literally gives Kren’s enemies an impactful blast.

Since he is on a run, Kren has decided to settle in the Land of Exiles, a barren desert located between the borders of Mauler-Lightbearer lands. The Land of Exiles is a place where good and bad, criminals and ordinary citizens, can coexist. “Exiles, felons, deserters, cheats, even alchemists and dark mages… And of course, bounty hunters sniffing around,” the official lore reads.

BlueStacks' PC Guide to AFK Arena's Kren, The Fanatical

As Kren was running low on ammunition, he decided to cross the “Valley of Sands” until he encountered one of his “old buddies” Walker, the fastest quickdraw in the Land of the Exiles, or as he’s known, “ The Moondance Kid”.

We all know Walker was after the bounty for Kren’s head, but this Mauler has a better idea.

“Hey, don’t you want to turn me in for the bounty? I got an idea, how about you just hog tie me and turn me in to Saltwater jail? How’s that sound?” said Kren.

His ultimate plan is to penetrate the prison facility and blast Saltwater Jail’s vault full of gold. Its doors are made of “thick black wrought iron thing, dwarven-made, damn near impenetrable” according to Kren, so it would be pretty difficult for a single person to pull off this heist. That’s right, Kren is actually asking for Walker’s help!

Kren’s proposed deal is for Walker to become the lookout, handling everything from the outside including guards while Kren tries to break the gold vault.

According to his official lore page, Kren and Walker actually got into an intense fight where the latter attempted to catch the former, which led to the two using their guns and weapons. In the middle of the desert, the two fought for their lives until Walker waived a towel to signify defeat. 

Kren’s lore ended with Walker saying “Tell me more about your plan.”


  • Bomb Voyage – Kren returns to the allied side of the battlefield to set “Hot Stuff” down on the ground and fires 1 shell every 0.5 seconds for several seconds instead of using his Normal Attack. Each shell deals AoE damage to enemies.
  • Enshrouding Bomb  – Kren lobs a smoke bomb at the allied hero which is the farthest forward, enshrouding them in smoke for several seconds. Allies enshrouded by the smoke cannot be dealt Critical Strikes and have their own Crit Ratings increased.
  • Old Pal – At the beginning of the battle, Kren fires a flare into the sky, calling in a friend of his who sets down 5 landmines behind the enemy formation, at the edge of the battlefield. If an enemy steps on a landmine it will explode, dealing AoE damage, also stunning enemies for several seconds.
  • Concussive Blast – Kren charges towards the enemy that is the nearest to the allied side of the battlefield and uses “Lady” to attack them. This attack deals damage to the target and sends them hurtling backwards. Kren is also knocked backwards as a result of “Lady’s” force.

Tips for using Kren

  • Make a dangerous sandwich using Old Pal – Kren’s Old Pal is a very impressive AoE ability, targeting the backline to catch unaware enemies. After Kren casts his landmine to the backline, spam your ultimate abilities and if luck is on your side, enemies would be pushed back into the landmine for your heroes to deal longer, bigger amounts of damage.
  • 9/9 Enshrouding Bomb – At his 9/9 Furniture Skill, Kren looks already overpowered by doubling the smoke bomb buff that he gives from his initial Enshrouding Bomb. We promise, investing in Kren is worth it! Aim for a 9/9 Furniture Skill with +20 Unlocks for his Signature Item for the late game.

Heroes that can synergize with Kren

Arthur – What could be better than one AoE hero? Two AoE heroes! Kren’s abilities, without a doubt, goes well with Arthur’s skill set.

BlueStacks' PC Guide to AFK Arena's Kren, The Fanatical

  • Tidus – The ideal scenario is Kren buffs Tidus with his smoke bomb, then Tidus pushes enemies toward the mines that Kren has already set beforehand.

BlueStacks' PC Guide to AFK Arena's Kren, The Fanatical

  • Anoki – Pair Kren with another Mauler using Anoki! Anoki’s Savage Stampede is a global pushback that can trigger enemies to step on Kren’s landmines, dealing more crowd control effects against the enemy backline team.

BlueStacks' PC Guide to AFK Arena's Kren, The Fanatical

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