Alchemy Stars has just released their newest event coming to the tile-based RPG game titled “Dunefire Strike”. Alchemy Stars just finished their last event Ocean Sovereign and have announced their newest event DuneFire Strike with its own complete PV and Trailer to go with it. The new event started on 30th September 2021 as stated in the notes released as well as the details for the event and sneak peek for upcoming events and heroes are here!

Dunefire Strike is the latest event coming to Alchemy Stars, the hottest RPG release of 2021 by far, produced by Tencent Games Studio. The game got a global launch in July 2021 and currently boasts about a 5 million active player base. The latest event coming to Alchemy Stars features its Preview and cinematic trailer for the new heroes coming with it. Dunefire Strike’s event description reads the following – “When our day of victory finally arrives, the endless battles in the wastelands may have already claimed me.” 

Alchemy Stars - DuneFire Strike Event

The event has already started and has all the things slated in an Alchemy Stars event – Daily Check-In, Special Event Book, Challenge Missions, New Aurorians, and their Trials, New Event Stages and Story, and a lot more! Let’s get into the details!

Dunefire Strike – Time-Limited Event

Dunefire Strike is a limited-time event that brings with it new content and heroes as well as their story. This whole event will run till October 21st and starts on 30th September 2021. The event itself brings with it an 8-Day Log In/Check-In Event, a new story for the event, and Aurorians. It also brings with it the Special Event Book which was introduced with the last event – Ocean Sovereign Event. Players can purchase the advanced rewards pages of the book by paying the real money via a transaction or keep the free rewards as it is. A new ranking system called Dunefire Rankings for the event is also introduced which rewards the players based on their earned merit throughout the event. Apart from the usual, new challenge stages and story stages which give a lot of the premium currency – Lumamber will be available for all the players during the event. The requirement to access and complete these stages will be – cleared Main stages 1-16.

Alchemy Stars - DuneFire Strike Event

This event does not have an event currency store and redeeming store where players can exchange their collected event currencies through grinding stages for prizes. Instead, they have a new merit system and the usual grinding of resource stages which are part of the quests. This is a change from the usual grind-heavy events, however, this does not mean you can complete the whole event in a single day. Players can also complete different event quest missions which are speculated to be easy-moderate-hard in terms of difficulty.

Special Event Book

With the new event, there will also be a specific guidebook for completing the various quests and being challenged to redeem the juicy rewards. This will be called “Special Event Record”. Apart from the guide for quests and rewards, new purchasable packs themed for the new event will also be available to purchase in the store using real-life money. 

Alchemy Stars - DuneFire Strike Event

However, standard rewards do mention the dropping of some juicy freebies and in-game bonuses for the joy of our free-to-play players as well! The free rewards include many Star Flares which are used for summoning Aurorians on the standard rotating banners as well as a new skin for Jane – Midnight Phantom. The Elite rewards which unlock after buying the Special event pass include almost triple the number of rewards obtained via Standard rewards as well as Special Star Flares instead of the normal Star Flares that are used for summoning for the Limited time event Aurorians. It also includes the skin for Vice – Sakura Memories.

Log-In Rewards

During the Dunefire Strike event period, players can get additional materials and resources just by logging in. It is called the Daily Check-In in the official event terms and lasts for 8 days. These 8 days start from whenever you first login during the event period. However, these are available only till 21st October so be careful to claim all the rewards within that time.

Alchemy Stars - DuneFire Strike Event

Here are the rewards: –

  • Day 1– General Jasper 2 x3 + Anonymous Gift 1 x2
  • Day 2 – Lumamber x100 + Nightium x5000
  • Day 3 – General Jasper 2 x4 + Recharger Pack x1
  • Day 4 – Lumamber x200 + Anonymous Gift 1 x3
  • Day 5 – General Jasper 2 x5 + Nightium x10,000
  • Day 6 – Tool Kit x5 + Recharger Pack x2
  • Day 7 – General Jasper 2 x5 + Anonymous Gift 1 x4
  • Day 8 – Lumamber x500 + AA-88 City Defender Limited Edition Avatar x1

Counterstrike Chronicle

This part of the event mainly follows the story of Dunefire Strike and how the event unfolded as it did. Players get to experience the story and play the stages associated with it to get the complete list. They are rewarded by completing these stories and mission stages along with boss stages.

Alchemy Stars - DuneFire Strike Event

Completing them is also included in the quests for leveling up the Special Event Book for Dunefire Strike. These are the various tasks and missions assigned to all players upon completing which, they will be rewarded generously. Some of the missions and tasks are very easy and some are challenging. Players can complete these tasks to get rewards like – Lumambers, Nightium, Order Boxes, Recharger Packs, Ascension Materials, and General Jaspers. 

Final Vanguard

The final Vanguard consists of different stages that spawn mobs of enemies of different levels. The difficulty level of these stages is divided into 4 difficulties: –

  • Easy Difficulty – Total Waves: 8, Total Merit: 1020, Recommended Aurorians: Ascension 1 Level 1 – Ascension 1 Level 40
  • Normal Difficulty – Total Waves: 10, Total Merit: 1360, Recommended Aurorians: Ascension 2 Level 1 – Ascension 1 Level 50
  • Hard Difficulty – Total Waves: 12, Total Merit: 1770, Recommended Aurorians: Ascension 3 Level 1 – Ascension 3 Level 80
  • Purgatory Difficulty – Total Waves: 15, Total Merit: 2340, Recommended Aurorians: Ascension 3 Level 80

Alchemy Stars - DuneFire Strike Event

These stages reset daily and can be battled daily to earn merit. Only the highest merit per day will be recorded for the day and logged in to your Dunefire Rankings. Merit is the new system introduced for this event where players earn this Merit by defeating mobs of enemies on a daily basis in the Final Vanguard section of the event. This merit is obtained daily depending on the difficulty of the stage you are fighting in. After reaching certain rankings in the rankings board of the Dunefire Rankings, players can get the rewards slated alongside them. The rankings required and rewards associated with them are: –

  • 300 Merit – General Jasper 2 x5
  • 600 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 900 Merit – Lumamber x400
  • 1200 Merit – Blue Order Box 2 x6
  • 1500 Merit – Green Order Box 2 x6
  • 1800 Merit – Allura – Aurorian
  • 2100 Merit – Sublime x350
  • 2400 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 2700 Merit – Lumamber x400
  • 3000 Merit – Red Order Box 2 x6
  • 3300 Merit – Yellow Order Box 2 x6
  • 3600 Merit – Allura Solamber x1
  • 3900 Merit – General Jasper 2 x5
  • 4200 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 4500 Merit – Lumamber x400
  • 5000 Merit – Sublime x350
  • 5500 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 6000 Merit – Dunefire Vanguard Banner x1
  • 6500 Merit – Blue Order Box 3 x4
  • 7000 Merit – Green Order Box 3 x4
  • 7500 Merit – Allura Solamber x1
  • 8000 Merit – General Jasper 2 x5
  • 8500 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 9000 Merit – Lumamber x400
  • 9500 Merit – Red Order Box 3 x4
  • 10,000 Merit – Yellow Order Box 3 x4
  • 10,500 Merit – Medal Wall of Remembrance x1
  • 11,000 Merit – Sublime x350
  • 11,500 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 12,000 Merit – Allura Solamber x1
  • 12,500 Merit – Sublime x350
  • 13,000 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 13,500 Merit – Lumamber x400
  • 14,000 Merit – Blue Order Box 4 x2
  • 14,500 Merit – Green Order Box 4 x2
  • 15,000 Merit – Allura Solamber x1
  • 15,500 Merit – Red Order Box 4 x2
  • 16,000 Merit – Yellow Order Box 4 x2
  • 16,500 Merit – Star Crest x1
  • 17,000 Merit – Sublime x350
  • 17,500 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 18,000 Merit – General Jasper 2 x10
  • 19,000 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 20,000 Merit – Sublime x350
  • 22,000 Merit – Undercity 24-Model x1
  • 24,000 Merit – Sublime x350
  • 26,000 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 28,000 Merit – Sublime x500
  • 30,000 Merit – Nightium x 30,000
  • 32,000 Merit – Sublime x350

Alchemy Stars - DuneFire Strike Event

That is everything coming with the Dunefire Strike event in Alchemy Stars. If you would like to learn more about Alchemy Stars, check out our blog section for the Alchemy Stars community. We recommend playing Alchemy Stars on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse for the best experience.