The new Patch Preview for the popular turn-based RPG Epic Seven by Smilegate was live-streamed on their official YouTube channel! This is the 1st update of June and is scheduled to go live on 3rd June.   

This Patch introduces a new Fire Elemental Knight class hero called Ilynav. Ilynav was teased to everyone through various social media feeds and the community was fast to grab the connection as she was already teased to be coming soon to the game after the release of Episode 3. A new moonlight 4-Star hero Inferno Khawazu was also revealed during the live stream, however, no specific date was mentioned for his release. With the release of the new hero Ilynav, a new side story themed around her called “The Insignia’s New Owner ” will also be released with the upcoming update. Along with other changes, the popular Epic Seven Rise update which has already been implemented was discussed further. Let’s check out the update in detail.

New Hero Ilynav and Artifact

We were teased about an upcoming new 5-Star hero through different silhouettes on social media posts by Epic Seven. The hero was revealed to be Ilynav, a Fire elemental Knight. Her base HP and Defense stats are quite high compared to knights of similar grade with an HP of 6148 and Defense of 634. Her Speed is also not bad compared to other Knights at a base of 109. Her Imprint release provides a Critical Hit Chance boost to all allies and her imprint concentration boosts her Critical Hit Chance. Her skillset lets her dish out huge damage as all her skills scale with her MAX HP. She also provides utility for allies with her skill 3 Repel which gives all allies Increased Critical Hit Damage for 2 turns and gives her Immunity for 2 turns as well. This skill is on a base cooldown of 5 turns and scales off from her MAX HP.

Epic Seven – New Hero Ilynav, Inferno Khawazu, Side Story, and More in June Patch Preview

Her 2nd Skill Punish utilizes the Injury debuff. It is a single target attack that applies the Injury debuff and scales of her MAX HP. It also increases her Defense for 2 turns. Injury decreases the enemy’s MAX HP up to 20% every time this skill is used. Her 1st skill Rush is also a single target damaging skill which scales off her own MAX HP and has a 50% chance to use her 2nd skill Punish right after Rush. This skill does not dual attack and this skill’s mechanics will not work if her 1st skill is used when dual attacking. Players can also Soulburn her 2nd skill to decrease the cooldown by 2 turns. 

Epic Seven – New Hero Ilynav, Inferno Khawazu, Side Story, and More in June Patch Preview

As we can see from her skills, she is a great utility/damaging unit with high base HP. So far, we have not got the exact multiplier numbers but players are already planning to build her more for damage. We recommend building her on Counter/HP or Speed/Health/Immunity Set with a focus on Health, Speed, Critical Hit Damage, and Critical Hit Chance stats. Take a look at her skills in detail:

1. Rush – Attacks the enemy with a spear. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health. When this skill is used, if it was not triggered by a Dual Attack, has a 50% chance to use Punish instead of Rush. This skill does not trigger a Dual Attack.

2. Punish – Attacks and pierces the enemy, inflicting injuries. Increases Defense of the caster for 2 turns. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health. The severity of injuries increases proportionally to the damage dealt. Injuries decrease the max Health of the target by up to 20% every time this skill is used.

3. Repel – Attacks all enemies mercilessly and grants increased Critical Hit Damage to all allies for 2 turns and immunity to the caster for 2 turns. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster’s max Health.

Epic Seven – New Hero Ilynav, Inferno Khawazu, Side Story, and More in June Patch Preview

4. Wings of Light and Shadow (Artifact)Increases Critical Hit Chance by 15%. When a Critical Hit is made with a single attack, it increases the damage of the next attack by 20%.

New Hero Inferno Khawazu

Along with Ilynav, a new moonlight 4-Star hero’s silhouette was also teased a day before the official live stream. The live stream which was hosted by Community Managers Mashuu and Nue revealed the silhouette to be of the Dark Elemental version of the hero Khawazu, the Inferno Khawazu. Inferno Khawazu is a Dark elemental hero from the Warrior Class. He has a very high amount of Attack and HP when compared to other characters from the same class but a relatively low Defense and Speed. Inferno Khawazu possesses a great utility potential with his abilities all able to Burn and detonate the burns as well while Ignoring Effect Resistance. 

Epic Seven – New Hero Ilynav, Inferno Khawazu, Side Story, and More in June Patch Preview

His kit seems to be overloaded and full of damage with sustain as shown in his character showcase video. Inferno Khawazu has an Attack of 1119, a Defense of 594, and HP of 6091, and an abysmally low speed of 100. 

His 1st skill Jealous Strike is a single target damaging skill which has a 65% chance to inflict Burn debuff on the enemy for 1 turn. If he is granted a Vigor buff, then he will gain a 25% additional effect chance and inflict additional Burn debuff for 1 turn. His 2nd skill Malicus’s Power is passive which can be triggered once every 2 turns. It triggers when Inferno Khawazu suffers an AOE attack after which, he cleanses all debuffs on himself and grants Blazing Fury. Blazing Fury is a new mechanic where he grants himself Vigor buff for 2 turns, heals him, and increases self combat readiness by 20%.

Epic Seven – New Hero Ilynav, Inferno Khawazu, Side Story, and More in June Patch Preview

The amount healed is directly proportional to his Attack power. His 3rd ability Flames of Destruction is a single target damaging/finisher type ability where he dispels all buffs from the target then inflicts 2 burns for 1 turn and proceeds to detonate all the burns on the target. This skill ignores Effect resistance when the caster has vigor buff. Let’s take a look into his abilities in detail:-

1. Jealous Strike – Attacks the enemy with flames, with a 65% chance to burn for 1 turn. When the caster is granted vigor, increases the effect chance by 25% and inflicts one additional burn effect.

2. Malicus’s Power – After suffering an attack that targets all allies, dispels all debuffs from the caster and activates Blazing Fury. Can be activated once every 2 turns.

Blazing Fury: With an outraged cry, grants vigor to the caster or 2 turns before recovering Health and increasing Combat Readiness by 20%. Amount recovered increases proportional to the caster’s Attack.

Epic Seven – New Hero Ilynav, Inferno Khawazu, Side Story, and More in June Patch Preview

3. Flames of Destruction – Attacks the enemy with an inferno, dispelling all buffs, before a 75% chance each to inflict two burn effects for 2 turns, and at the end of the turn, detonates burn effects. Ignores Effect Resistance when the caster is granted vigor.

Side Story – The Insignia’s New Owner

The Insignia’s New Owner is a new 2-week side story for the newly released hero Ilynav which takes place in Wintenberg. As the description reads “The throne of Wintenberg becomes empty after Cecilia’s disappearance. Ilynav rises to the throne as the mightiest Dragon Knight”. 

Epic Seven – New Hero Ilynav, Inferno Khawazu, Side Story, and More in June Patch Preview

The side story is available to all players who have cleared 10-10 Shrieking Hall in Episode 1 and can be accessed from going to the battle>side story tab. Players can earn various rewards and event currency by playing through the side story and clearing all the stages. Amazing rewards like precious Skystones, Molagora, New Equipment, Penguins, Charms, Catalysts, Phantasms, as well as Gold can be earned by exchanging the Event Currency in Exchange Shop. After the changes made to side stories, the player now can exchange the event currency for more items like Greater Charm Selection Chests and Gifts of Bravery which can be used to increase Friendship levels. The Event Currency for this side story has not yet been revealed due to the update taking place on June 3rd. The most efficient way to earn Event Currency is by playing the Boss stage on Hell difficulty. During this side story, if players use the hero Ilynav, her stats will be increased in the following manner: Attack, Defense, and Health increased by 30%

Arena Improvements

As the recent updates are meant for more new players to enjoy the content, Arena is now having new improvements being made so that new players feel accomplished and able to compete. 

Epic Seven – New Hero Ilynav, Inferno Khawazu, Side Story, and More in June Patch Preview

Some of the improvements and fixes mentioned in the patch preview live stream are as follows:-

  1. Fixed a matchmaking issue where the system matched players according to the Victory Points and not according to Team CP in Bronze, Silver, and Gold league.
  2. Improvements will be made in the pre-battle text regarding Heroes who are not equipped with any equipment.
  3. Blind Day will remain active at all times in Champion V and above.
  4. Victory Point rules will be adjusted to prevent point inflation in Champion V and above.

So, that is all for this Patch Preview of Epic Seven. New hero Ilynav is expected to be a good pick in lower tiers of Arena while Inferno Khawazu is much hyped for his burst potential to one-shot enemies. Make sure to complete the ongoing events and check in for the daily rewards ongoing. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

We highly recommend playing Epic Seven on PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.