Genshin Impact has launched a special video of the upcoming 2.4 version; in the video, we get a detailed look at the new content, including characters, weapons, events and even some behind-the-scenes stuff. You can find the new video from Genshin here on their official YouTube channel.

The new version is set to release on January 5, 2022, the update will include the new Enkanomiya Area in Inazuma, banner reruns for Ganyu, Xiao, and Zhongli, the release of Shenhe and Yun Jin, Hangout Quests for Ningguang and Yun Jin, new Character Outfits, and tons more.

Genshin Impact 2.4 Update: Fleeting Colors In Flight

New Characters 

  • Yun Jin “Stage Lucida “- 4★ Geo, Polearm

Voice actors, EN: Judy Alice Lee & JP: Koiwai Kotori

A renowned Liyue opera singer who is skilled in both playwriting and singing. Her style is one of a kind, exquisite and delicate, much like the person herself.

Her Elemental Skill is called “Opening Flourish.” When held, she will take up the Opening Flourish stance and begin charging. When the skill button is released, Yun Jin will swing her polearm and unleash the charged energy as an attack. While charging and casting the skill, Yun Jin will also deploy a shield for herself.

Based on the time spent charging, it will either unleash an attack at Charge Level 1 or Level 2

After unlocking the talent “True to Oneself,.” If Yun Jin is attacked at the precise moment, she casts her Elemental Skill. She will directly unleash its Level 2 Charged form. If you can time your skills well, you will be more effective against your enemies.

  • Shenhe “Lonesome Transcendence” – 5★ Cryo, Polearm

Voice actors, EN: Chelsea Kwoka  & JP: Kawasumi Ayoko

An adepti disciple with a most unusual air about her. Having spent much time cultivating in isolation in Liyne’s mountains, she has become every bit as cool and distant as the adepti themselves.

Her Elemental Skill, “Spring Spirit Summoning” has different ways of dealing Cryo DMG depending on whether the skill is tapped or held. When casting the Elemental Skill either way

Shenhe will grant all nearby party members the Icy Quill effect. When the characters with the effect deal Cryo DMG using Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts, their DMG dealt will increase based on Shenhe’s current ATK.

  • Ganyu – 5★ Cryo, Bow

The secretary at Yuehai Pavilion. The blood of the qilin, an illuminated beast, flows within her veins.

  • Zhongli – 5★ Geo, Polearm

A mysterious guest invited by the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Extremely knowledgeable in all things.

  • Xiao – 5★ Anemo, Polearm

A yaksha adeptus who defends Liyue. Also heralded as the “Conqueror of Demons” and “Vigilant Yaksha.”

From The Combat Designer Hyze

Here are a few words about the two main characters from the combat designer of Genshin Impact, Hyze, who was the host during the special program.

“Once the designers got the setting, they first identified two keywords Adeptus-like aura and exorcism. Adeptus-like aura is derived from the character’s temperament. The particular expression refers to the concept of agility in Chinese Wuxia culture. The movement in Shenhe’s Normal Attacks and Elemental Skill embodies this concept.

Another key design word, exorcism, reflects Shenhe’s background story. The concept of exorcism as a way of fighting is reflected in the two concepts of mirror images and sigils

Compared to Shenhe’s original body, you will see that the summoned Talisman Spirit’s temperament will make it better at combat.

Also, the sigil’s element will be well-represented in Shenhe’s idle animation.

For Yun Jin’s design, respecting and promoting the culture of Chinese opera was our focal point.

Because some of her voice lines involve singing opera, the project team selected voice actress He Wenxiao and professional opera performer Yang Yang, the first time where we have two voice actors for a character.”

Genshin Impact 2.4 Update: Fleeting Colors In Flight

Skins & Outfits

The Keqing’s outfit “Opulent Splendor” will be permanently available in the Shop after the 2.4 update goes live.

Players will enjoy a limited-time discount when you purchase “Opulent Splendor” between the start of the Version 2.4 update and February 14, 2022. During this discount period, the price of the outfit is 1,350 Genesis Crystals. The price will revert to 1,680 Genesis Crystals after the limited-time discount ends. And the outfit can only be purchased once.

As for the Ningguang’s outfit “Orchid’s Evening Gown,” players will get it for free during the limited-time event “Fleeting Colors in Flight.” And after the event, “Orchid’s Evening Gown” will be available for purchase in the Character Outfit Shop for 1,680 Genesis Crystals.

New Enemies 

Rimebiter Bathysmal Vishap

A vishap that dwells deep beneath the oceans. Due to certain social adaptions, it has manifested a form aligned with the Cryo element.

Bolteater Bathysmal Vishap

A vishap that dwells deep beneath the oceans. Due to certain social adaptions, it has manifested a form aligned with the Electro element.

Abyss Lector: Fathomless Flames

Wielders of abyssal fire who pursue the meaning behind texts and scriptures, a member of the Abyss Order.

New Version Events, Quests & Challenges


The classic game that hands down Mondstadt’s history is once again being held. Players shall be split into two sides: the Rebels, members of the ancient resistance, and a Hunter sent by the ancient aristocracy, who will then have a contest of wits in the Contested Zones.

It’s a bit like the prop hunt in Call of Duty.

Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas

In your journeys in Inazuma, you met some members of the whimsical tanuki race. So, traveling with one should be quite interesting. 

A Study In Potions

The Mondstadt alchemist Timaeus is attempting to create a legendary alchemical medication. Help him complete this line of research, and you may obtain some rich rewards. Use different potions for buffs and complete challenges.

Two New Hangout Events

  • Ningguang’s Hangout Event
  • Yun Jin’s Hangout Event

Then finally, we have the Fleeting Colors In Flight- The rerun of the event Lantern Rite.

We have 4 new challenges;

  • Flameplume Starflowers
  • The Great Gathering
  • Wondrous Shadows 
  • Ocean Defender

And a new questline, “The Crane Returns on the Wind-  Shenhe’s Story Quest & Interlude Archon Quest.

A New Weapon 

Calamity Queller is a keenly honed weapon forged from some strange crystal. Its faint blue light seems to whisper of countless matters now past.  This is the new polearm and signature weapon of Shenhe.

New Area Enkanomiya

Players can access Enkanomiya by progressing through the Archon Quest Chapter 2 Act 1. When exploring Inazuma, you can travel to Watatsumi Island, where Enkanomiya is found. They will also be required to complete the “Heart Of Watatsumi” Quest Line, but that could change later on.

Enkanomiya is said to be a location hidden underwater within Watatsumi Island. It should be near the giant pool close to the Sangonomiya Shrine. 

According to the lore, Enkanomiya is where the people of Watatsumi Island originated from. Although it’s likely abandoned now, Enkanomiya lives on through its traditions still being practiced in Watatsumi Island.

That’s it for now about Gneshin Impact’s 2.4 update; stay tuned for more gaming-related content.