Moonton has officially released the Advanced Server 1.5.82 update for its famous multiplayer online battle arena game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The latest advanced server has added a bunch of new features and optimizations to the game for the test audience, along with some gameplay adjustments.

All of the changes made in the advanced server may not arrive on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang global servers, as the advanced server is just for testing the new additions and improvements. Here are the complete details about all the new heroes, adjusted heroes, gameplay adjustments, and more:

Hero Adjustments

Minotaur (Adjusted)

The developers have revamped the art assets of Minotaur’s display and the battle effects.

Skill 2: Motivation Roar (Strengthened) 

  • Previously when the hero was in the non-Rage state, taking any Basic Attack within two seconds of casting Motivation Roar regenerated the Rage. This effect has been removed now for the hero.
  • Developers have added a new effect in which each Basic Attack will deal additional physical damage. The physical damage will be equal to the Max HP of the hero within five seconds of casting Motivation Roar regardless of the state.

Ultimate ability: Minoan Fury (Nerfed)

  • The time for cooldown has been increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds
  • The developers have slightly reduced the Rage regenerated in non-Rage State.

Passive ability: Rage Mode (Adjusted)

  • The regenerated Rage from dealing with the Rage Mode and Basic Attack damage has been slightly reduced.
  • The developers have adjusted this skill regarding the cooldowns as cooldowns for all skills will now reset whenever he enters Rage State.

X.Borg (Strengthened)

X.Borg can now shoot fire that can deal more damage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Skill 1: Fire Missiles (Strengthened)

The base damage increased from 30-100 to 50-120

Natalia (Strengthened)

The developers have optimized the attributes for the hero, and consequently, Natalia will have more survival skills now. According to the in-game storyline, Natalia has learned these skills from Tigreal. 

Attributes (Strengthened)

  • An increase in Base HP from 2589 to 2639
  • An increase in HP Growth from 154 to 164

Sun (Adjusted)

The developers have optimized the Doppelganger’s model so that it can be more consistent with Sun.

New Skins and Weekly Free Heroes

A total of eight heroes will be available for free from May 21, 2021, 5:01 (server time) to May 28, 2021, 5:00 (server time). Players can check the same by tapping on the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page. Here are all the eight weekly free heroes available in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s advanced server:

  • Sun
  • Angela
  • Estes
  • Argus
  • Gusion
  • Atlas
  • Claude
  • Baxia

Apart from these weekly free heroes, six extra Starlight Member heroes will also be available:

  • Roger
  • Paquito
  • Lolita
  • Harith
  • Terizla
  • Valir

Battlefield Adjustments

Magic Penetration and Magic Defense

  • The Base Magic Defense for all the heroes has been increased by five in response to fixed magic penetration being too strong.
  • The magic penetration provided by “Arcane Boots” and “Genius Wand” has been reduced from 15 to 12

Jungling Speed and Footwear

Unique Passive: Hunter (Strengthened)

  • The damage type for Jungling Footwear against creeps has been changed from Magic Damage to True Damage.

Retribution (Strengthened)

  • The stacks to unlock advanced skills have been changed from 10 to 8
  • A change in stacks to remove the minion reward reduction from 20 to 12

Support hero adjustments

Unique Passive: Thriving (Strengthening)

  • The amount of gold being added to the hero/teammates every 5 seconds changed from 8/6 to 10/8
  • The EXP gain to the hero/teammates every 5 seconds changed from 20/15 to 25/20

Active: Conceal (Strengthened)

  • An increase in the movement Speed from 15-60% to 20-80%

Active: Favor (Strengthened)

  • A change in Cooldown from 15 seconds  to 20 seconds
  • HP Regen has been increased from 250-1000 to 300-1200

(This skill does not apply to hero skills like Uranus’ Ultimate’s Regen, Guardian Helmet’s HP Regen on leaving combat).

Active: Dire Hit (Strengthened)

  • The cooldown has been changed from 15seconds to 20 seconds
  • The change in the Trigger condition from being below 30% HP to being below 40% HP

Changes in the Battlefield Rules

Spell Vamp (Strengthened)

  • There will be no decay on minions

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.82 Advanced Server Update: Hero Adjustments, Free Heroes, Skins, And More

Sea Halberd (Strengthened)

  • A reduction in the price from 2350 to 2050
  • The attributes have been reduced from 80 Physical Attack to 70 Physical Attack.
  • Build Path change: “Deadly Blade + Legion Sword” to “Regular Spear + Legion Sword.”
  • Trigger condition has been changed from launching Basic Attacks to dealing any type of damage.

Deadly Blade

  • The Deadly Blade has been removed

Necklace of Durance (Strengthened)

  • A change in Trigger condition from dealing skill damage to dealing any type of damage

Wind of Nature (Adjusted)

  • Change in attributes: “10 Physical Attack + 25% Attack Speed + 15% Physical Lifesteal” to “30 Physical Attack + 20% Attack Speed + 10% Physical Lifesteal”
  • Build Path has been changed from “Vampire Mallet + Knife *2” to “Vampire Mallet + Regular Spear”

Winter Truncheon (Adjusted)

  • The Build Path has been altered from “Leather Jerkin + Magic Wand” to “Vitality Crystal + Magic Wand.”

Twilight Armor (Strengthened)

  • Developers have provided a piece of active equipment for non-roaming Tank heroes so that these heroes can use their Active Skills and, consequently, deal more damage in a team fight.
  • When Twilight Armor is used, it reduces the Crit Damage taken by a hero. Apart from the Crit Damage hero’s duration of being controlled is also reduced. 
  • The Twilight Armor also deals True Damage to nearby enemies per second for five seconds and has a 60-second cooldown.

Golden Staff (Adjusted)

Unique Passive – Endless Strike

  • A new Effect has been added in which after the Endless Strike reaches two stacks, the Attack Speed for the next Basic Attack is highly increased.
  • The Basic Attack’s effect triggers after the ability reaches two stacks have been changed from two extra times to one extra time.

Shadow Twinblades (Strengthened)

  • A change in Magic Lifesteal: 10% to 15%

Unique Passive – Assassination

  • Movement Speed Reduction: 40% to 60%

Blade Armor (Strengthened)

Unique Passive – Vengeance

  • A change in the damage reflected: 25% enemy’s Physical Attack to 25% damage dealt with the attack, which happens before the damage reduction.

New Effect

  • A new effect has been added, which reduces the 25% Movement Speed for 0.5 seconds upon damage reflection.

Hunter Strike (Strengthened)

  • The cooldown changed from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
  • An increase in the movement Speed: 30% for three seconds to 60% that rapidly decays over three seconds.

Rose Gold Meteor (Strengthened)

  • A new effect has been added, which increases the hero’s Magic Defense by 30 upon gaining a Shield.

Magic Blade (Strengthened)

  • An introduction of a new effect increases the hero’s Magic Defense by 15 upon gaining a Shield.

Corrosion Scythe (Adjusted)

  • With the use of the Corrosion Scythe, players will have a chance of reducing enemies’ Movement Speed to each Basic Attack that helps in reduction of the target’s Movement Speed by 8%.
  • It stacks up to five times and lasts for 1.5 seconds.

Radiant Armor (Strengthened)

  • A change in attributes: 
  1. 6 HP Regen to12 HP Regen
  2. 45 Magic Defense to 52 Magic Defense

Fleeting Time (Strengthened)

  • Addition of attributes: 350 Mana
  • Addition of Material: Power Crystal

Guardian Helmet (Adjusted)

Extra HP Regen: 

  • Previously each kill increased HP Regen by 0.4% and each assist by 0.2%, up to 2%, but now each kill or assist will increase HP Regen by 0.25%, up to 2%.

Lightning Truncheon (Nerfed)

Unique Passive – Resonate

  • A change in Mana Bonus from dealing damage: 33% to 30%
  • Players can use assisted Aiming Mode for skills applicable to select target locations. This is initially available to the following heroes, with others getting the ability in the future:

Miya, Nana, Alucard, Akai, Minotaur, Freya, Gord, Kagura, Estes, Aurora, Lapu-Lapu, Vexana, Gatotkaca, Diggie, Zhask, Helcurt, Pharsa, Jawhead, Gusion, Uranus

System Adjustments

  1. The effects system has been updated:
  • A simulated battlefield environment has been added to the Preparation interface to allow players to preview the display of effects on the battlefield directly.
  • Players will be able to set the effects separately for each of their heroes.
  • After the update, players can now decide whether to use an exclusive effect or not after obtaining it.
  1. Players will see the HP reduction and ranking changes displayed for each round in Magic Chess.
  2. The developers have optimized an issue regarding the in-game mails. As previously read, mails were not moved down from the top when returning to the in-game mail page after reading or checking them.

Bug Fixes

  1. The developers have fixed the type of Phoveus’ skin attribute. After the bug fix, the attribute now increases Magic Power instead of Physical Attack.
  2. The display video of Kaja’s Ultimate skill has been fixed.
  3. The issue regarding the descriptions of Revamped Sun has been fixed in the advanced server.