The film version of Katsuki Bakugo from the recently released movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is finally getting added to the game. He is the third and final character from the movie to be released following the first character that was introduced in the game which was Izuku Midoriya and then the second character that was introduced was Shoto Todoroki. These three gentlemen’s group was the so-called Three Musketeers and they are the main characters of the movie My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. You should check the movie out if you haven’t yet.

If you missed the first character Izuku Midoriya and are interested in knowing more about him, you can visit our previous article about him.

Katsuki Bakugo’s quirk gives him the ability to secrete explosive substances using his sweat from the palms of his hands and he can ignite them whenever he wants.


  • Ultra Howitzer Impact – this deals 1700% ATK DMG, Bakugo still has the dream to become the best of the best, to surpass All Might one day, and this thought alone fuels his power.
  • Piercing Burst – when not charged, Bakugo will release a forward spread of explosion, dealing 190% ATK DMG. Hold Charge to release a straight line of the explosion, dealing 630% ATK DMG. Bakugo changes the way he releases his Quirk, creating a new type of explosion.
  • Arian Burst – the 4-hit combo deals a total of 730% ATK DMG. Each explosion will store 6, 6, 12 and 12 Temporary Sweat respectively. Bakugo Blasts anything and everything on the ground from the air.
  • Turbo Rush – the dash deals 185% ATK DMG and the explosion deals 225% ATK DMG. When Sweat storage is at max, W – Turbo rush becomes W – Turbo rush: improved. Bakugo gathers energy and rushes towards the enemy, then releases everything making a fierce explosion.
  • Blast Movement – every time Bakugo jumps from ground to air, he can use W – Blast Movement one time. Using this skill will move Bakugo according to the direct input, and will move backward with no input. Bakugo moves freely in the air with the force of tiny explosions.
  • Turbo Twister – Deals 600% ATK DMG. Bakugo uses both hands to make himself a tornado of explosion.
  • Blasting Plummet – Bakugo will accumulate Sweat and pull in enemies during the dive, dealing 290% ATK DMG. Bakugo uses an explosion to twist himself and descend onto the ground with a forceful dive.
  • Blasting Combo – the 5-hit combo deals a total of 650% ATK DMG, when Sweat storage is at max, the forth hit of Blasting Combo will become the first hit of Somersault Combo. With more experience under his belt, Bakugo doesn’t give his enemy a moment of rest during a flurry of blows.
  • Somersault Combo – when Bakugo is on the ground, the first hit will consume Sweat and send him into the air dealing 130% ATK DMG to the enemies. He will go back to the ground by releasing the second hit dealing 170% ATK DMG. Bakugo flies into the air with the energy from his explosions and attacks the enemy.
  • Dodge – using Dodge breaks all skills except Ultimates. Using Dodge before getting hit can activate Stealth Counter, slowing all enemies for the duration. The black stealth suit can easily evade enemies’ line of sight.
  • Star Breaker – Breaks the target’s Defense and deals 80% ATK DMG. Bakugo precisely hit the enemy’s weak point with brutal force.
  • Blasting Dash – Deals 80% ATK DMG. Bakugo quickly ignites his palms and blasts toward the enemy.
  • Risky Counter – Activation Condition – Can be activated by Dodging before being hit Dealing 300% ATK DMG to the enemies and stunning them with a 10 second cooldown. Bakugo is very well aware of his surroundings, as soon as an enemy steps within his attack range he doesn’t hesitate to strike.
  • Blasting Blitz – Deals 340% ATK DMG. Each point of Temporary Sweat adds an additional 1% DMG to blasting Blitz. Bakugo blasts forward and causes a giant explosion with the Sweat he stored.
  • Spicy Heat – when Spicy Heat is activated, gains 10 Sweat per second while in Steady Feet for up to 3 seconds. While in Air Strike, the first hit of Somersault Combo and W – Turbo Rush: Improved will not consume Sweat, but will instead consume 20 Heat. Bakugo quickly raises his body temperature to increase his Sweat production.
  • Furious Blast (passive) – every Q – Piercing Burst has a 25% chance to gain double Temporary Sweat. Bakugo pushes everything out of his mind during battle and blows everything to pieces to his heart’s desire.
  • Soaring Charge(passive)  – increases the max storage of Temporary Sweat by 25. The modified gear helps Bakugo store his sweat more efficiently.
  • Fever Blast (passive) – increases the DMG of Blasting Blitz by 30%. If the attack was a Critical Hit, deals an additional 50% DMG of the current attack. The raw power Bakugo can produce will shock anyone who opposes him.
  • Soaring Flame (passive) – obtain one additional W – Blast Movement, gains 7.5% ATK for 10 seconds on use, up to 2 stacks. 
  • Pride of the Strong (passive) – Increases DMG dealt by 20%. In order to become a hero that will surpass All Might, Bakugo will not let anything affect his battle performance.
  • Heart to Heart (passive) – Increases Crit DMG by 30%. After the World Hero Mission, Bakugo learned to use his Quirk more precisely.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero - The Third and Final Collab Hero, Katsuki Bakugo

The My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission movie collab is finally coming to an end, do you have at least one of the Three Musketeers? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!