PUBG Mobile recently introduced a new game mode called the Insectoid mode (available on the mobile version); the update was expected by many as it falls within the theme of the new season. The PUBG Mobile season 19 “Traverse” came with insectoid costumes, maps, and weapon skins; the only missing feature was a new game mode.

The Traverse – Insectoid mode allows players to experience the game from a new and interesting perspective. As the name suggests, when playing in Insectoid mode, players will have the option to transform into a flying insect size being, similar to the wasp character in Marvel’s Antman. In insectoid form, players will have a shoulder-mounted rocket-like weapon, not to mention, they can fly. However, the ability is restricted to only the insectoid labs spread around the map, meaning when players leave the vicinity of the lab(the quantum field area), the effect wears off.

To transform, players have to get inside a transformation chamber inside the lab and click the option to transform. Keep in mind, for a successful transformation, the player’s avatar must not move once they hit transform; even a slight screen wobble will cancel the transformation process. So, if you are a gyro player, keep your device on the table to eradicate all movement while transforming or just deactivate gyro temporarily.

PUBG Mobile Traverse - Insectoid Mode: A Brand New Addition To Season 19

As mentioned before, the labs transform players into their insectoid forms, but they also double as teleportation centers spread throughout the map. First, transform into an insectoid and collect luminators (floating lights scattered throughout the lab); they act as fuel for the wormhole device and can be converted into supplies(guns, armor, etc.) using the luminator conversion device.

Players can quickly move through the map using this feature as long as they have enough luminator to make the jump, pretty useful if the zone is a long way off. The insectoid form comes in handy when dodging bullets near the lab area, and the shoulder cannon is a good offensive weapon, but the range is limited. As bullets aren’t that accurate here, one of the most effective weapons in close quarters against insectoid players, as shown in the trailer, is the classic PUBG Mobile frying pan.

PUBG Mobile has really stepped it up with this new game mode, so what are you waiting for? Start playing now.