A new and exciting patch is headed our way this mid-March as role-playing game RAID: Shadow Legends releases their official Update 3.40 Highlights this week. Aside from this new update, players should also look forward to RAID’s second anniversary celebrations in-game.

RAID: Shadow Legends Patch 3.40 – The Shadowkin Faction, New Characters and Much More

The update is not yet live, but players are already excited since RAID will debut a new faction called the Shadowkin and with it are 12 fresh faces to jumpstart your mysterious journey.

New faction

The Shadowkin is the 14th faction to grace Teleria in RAID: Shadow Legends. They come from the Eastern Continent, just beyond the Brimstone Path. While their true intentions remain a mystery, they were once on the dark side as they have been considered as the “brutal heel of the Demonspawn” for the last several hundred years.

RAID: Shadow Legends Patch 3.40 – The Shadowkin Faction, New Characters and Much More

The developers plan to roll out batches of updates to introduce new characters to the Shadowkin faction and as soon as there are enough characters in the faction, they are going to unlock a Shadowkin Crypt in the Faction Wars.

With the Shadowkin yet to make its debut, there are currently 13 factions in RAID: Shadow Legends, namely: (1) Banner Lords; (2) High Elves; (3) The Sacred Order; (4) Barbarians; (5) Ogryn Tribes; (6) Lizardmen; (7) Skinwalkers; (8) Orcs; (9) Demonspawn; (10) Undead Hordes; (11) Dark Elves; (12) Knight Revenant; and (13) Dwarves.

New characters

The whole vibe of the Shadowkin characters is based on Asian mythology and aesthetics mixed with the concept of dark fantasy. Here are the first 12 characters of the Shadowkin, including three cool-looking Legendary units.

  • Genzin

Genzin is a Legendary spirit meant for attacking. He seems to be born out of vengeance, as revealed in one of his skill names.

  • Yoshi

This Legendary drunkard belongs to the Affinity force and makes a wonderful support character to your party. Yoshi has this aura that increases Ally SPD in all battles by 13%.

  • Jintoro

The last Legendary character on this list is the demon Jintoro whose Affinity is Magic and can also be used to attack units. His Oni’s Rage is quite powerful as it targets a single enemy and places a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff and a 25% [Weaken] debuff for two turns.

  • Sachi

Sachi is the faction’s eye-candy character, wearing an oni mask and a mouth mask to add to her mysterious figure. She is a support whose Affinity is Force.

Her False Death skill can revive a random ally with 30% HP whenever Sachi kills an enemy.

  • Oboro 

Oboro belongs to the Void Affinity and can be used to attack other characters. He seems to be a ninja who is very useful in dungeons as Oboro increases Ally ATK by 33%.

  • Toragi 

This hideous and intimidating creature is actually an HP-type frog with an Affinity for Magic. Toragi can poison enemies and heal allies at the same time.

  • Chonoru

Chonoru is an Attack-type character that has a Spirit Affinity. Hey Lay Bare skill can remove all [Increase DEF] buffs from all enemies.

  • Fanatic

Fanatic is a rare support character with a Void Affinity. His ascended Rallying Cry can give a 50% [Increase ATK] buff to all allies.

  • Lifetaker

This guy is a Rare attack-type character with an Affinity for Magic. As his name suggests, one of Lifetaker’s skills places a 100% [Heal Reduction] debuff against opponents.

  • Bloodmask

He’s ruthless, he’s scary, and he’s coming for you — Bloodmask is an HP-type character with a Force Affinity. His skill set is full of debuffs and can even be used to stun enemies.

  • Conscript

One of the lower ranks in this Shadowkin list of characters is Conscript, an Uncommon Magic-Defense unit. His Peasant’s Now skill can attack enemies twice.

  • Infiltrator

This Uncommon Force-Attack unit can also attack an enemy twice like the Conscript.

New optimizations

Patch 3.40 comes with a few quality-of-life improvements like the Champion Tags which allows you to put tags in your Champions which will also be visible to you as soon as a battle starts. According to the developers, this will make your life easier especially if you have duplicate builds as Champion Tags will serve as markers for specific roles.

For beginners, completing the Form Tower grants you special avatars on the first try.

A minor visual improvement, the Clan Boss Reward Chests will now show all the possible rewards in one tap.

Lastly, game moderators will appear in chat rooms to assist players.

You can download and play RAID: Shadow Legends on BlueStacks, a powerful tool recommended by content creators like Cold Brew GamingWith BlueStacks, you can increase the odds of obtaining cool Champions through the use of Multi-Instance which lets you reroll multiple times using different instances.

Are you excited for the Shadowkin faction? How will their arrival shake up the current RAID: Shadow Legends meta?