LilithGame’s core game Rise of Kingdoms has been on the incline ever since it gained popularity. The city-builder RPG has a dedicated fan base as well as a strong community of over 10 million players, amicably called “Governors” in-game. The developers hold a regular Questions and Answer session, where some of the selected Questions from the community side are answered by the developers. Being a game boasting over 10 million active players, it’s understandable that not all questions can be answered. However, the questions that are selected are majorly those which pertain to the future updates coming to the update. Some key problems/issues are also answered by the developers in these Q/A Feedback sessions. 

Migration Log, Possible Preset Increases, and more in Developer Feedback for March-April 2023

Rise of Kingdoms can be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. BlueStacks is considered as the best emulator choice for playing Rise of Kingdoms on your PC, due to its superior graphics/visual settings, full 60 FPS lag-free and crash-free gameplay.

Official Q/A by the Developers

Question #1 – Add a migration log to the Lost Temple features which will show every migrant and their current location for 7 days after the migration window opens. The log is to show the Kingdom number from where they came from, as well as the migrant names in different colors for each kind of migration

Answer – Thank you for the very thoughtful suggestion! We are actually in the process of building a migration log function, so definitely be on the lookout for that in future updates.

Question #2 – Make that you can delete messages in DMs and Group Chats.

Answer – We’re gradually improving the Chat function and plan to introduce the delete-message feature soon (in three updates or so).

Migration Log, Possible Preset Increases, and more in Developer Feedback for March-April 2023

Question #3 – The Autarch rewards requires too many gems and even then, the rewards themselves are too random to be worthy of the cost.

Answer – We hear you! We have optimized some aspects of the Autarch experience in 1.0.68 and will continue to adjust it according to governors’ feedback in the future.

Question #4 – I Love the new change to the rallies where we can switch our marches, BUT the join and switch buttons are both GREEN. Many times, I found myself clicking it more than once, thinking I haven’t joined the rally yet. I suggest switching the “Switch” button to a different colour other than green. It should not be the same colour as the “Join” button.

Answer – Great suggestion! The feature has already been implemented in the recent Update 1.0.68.

Question #5 – When open hospital window please make all troops unselected by default and let players select the amount.

Answer – Thank you for the suggestion. We understand that advanced governors might prefer this option, but we want the default setting to cater to the majority of governors, including newcomers. From our observations, most governors prefer to heal all troops at once. We appreciate your understanding as we aim to make the game accessible to all players.

Question #6 – Add more preset panels and all with 7 marches so WE can have presets for farming/fights/ barbs and arks.

Answer – We appreciate your suggestion and will consider optimizing the preset functions in future updates.

This marks the end of the short Q/A session. We highly recommend playing Rise of Kingdoms on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.