Rise of Kingdoms are currently gathering feedback for their latest update that introduced a ton of new content to the game. Among the feedback, some were negative while some were positive, as it always happens. The city-builder RPG by LilithGames has seen a lot of updates over the years. Cherished by over 50 million players who regularly play the game, Rise of Kingdoms is perhaps one of the biggest mobile games till date. The tradition of these Face-to-Face developers Question/Answer was started over a year ago when the community was very infuriated with the lack of response from the developers. It has now become a tradition that foretells the future of Rise of Kingdom in the words of the developers themselves. Some important question raised by the community are also answered to provide a sense of communication towards the players.  

Rise of Kingdoms: Commander Balancing, New Exciting Events, and New Player Experience Improvement in Face-to-Face Developer Notes #13

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Official Q/A by the Developers

Question – The large-scale KvK Team Battle has become laggy when there are lots of players. I hope that the server can be optimized.

Answer – Our developers have been striving to come up with a reasonable solution to this problem. We understand that your gaming experience is being affected by the limitations of graphics, special effects, number of players, etc. The good thing is, we have recently achieved some major improvements through improving our technology, such as generating maps that load more smoothly, stabler UI resources, and faster frame rate during combat to offer a better gaming experience for you in large-scale team battles. We’re doing our best to get the update ready as soon as possible. However, as many aspects of the system have to be optimized, it will take a long time for the update to be ready. We therefore offer our deepest apologies.

Question – The Commanders of the Season of Conquest are too powerful. As a newcomer, I don’t have any Commanders to use.

Answer – Thank you for your feedback. As more new content and Commanders are added to the game, the gap between the Commanders of Season of Conquest and those of previous generations is getting wider and wider. We indeed neglected to take care of new players during the early stages of the game’s development. To rectify this issue, we have recently added the [Museum System] and increased the number of Commanders in the Museum. We are currently exploring the possibility of adjusting the Commander drop time before the season by making the sources of some Conquest Commanders more readily available, and by rebalancing some Commanders of the previous generations before the season starts to improve the overall gaming experience. We will continue to pay attention to your feedback.

Rise of Kingdoms: Commander Balancing, New Exciting Events, and New Player Experience Improvement in Face-to-Face Developer Notes #13

Question – The events are boring and have wasted a lot of my time.

Answer – We appreciate your opinion and we will optimize the events as soon as possible to make them appeal to you more. Our team has discussed this matter, and we have decided to prioritize the Puzzle and Golden Kingdom. At the same time, we will consider making adjustments to events that require a long time to complete. For example, we will lower the reward threshold to make it easier to obtain rewards in Champions of Olympia. Please feel free to voice your opinions and suggestions about the events to us.

Question – The story and mode of Season of Conquest are too dull. I suggest adding new stories.

Answer – New stories are coming soon. The developers are working hard to come up with new stories. In the future designs of new stories, we will focus on creative content. Please feel free to voice your expectations and opinions about the future story designs in the community or contact customer support. We need your suggestions to provide better stories!

Question – The 1-minute verification window frequently pops up during large-scale battles. The verification process is laggy and often crashes, which severely affects my gaming experience.

Answer – We have reduced the frequency of verification pop-ups during KvK. Due to the prevalent usage of plug-ins and behaviour that disrupts the game’s ecology, we are unable to fix this issue for large-scale battles at the moment. Still, we will revaluate the situation and search for an optimal solution that can improve your experience in Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms: Commander Balancing, New Exciting Events, and New Player Experience Improvement in Face-to-Face Developer Notes #13

Question – The Immigration Rules do not make sense. The matched opponents are too powerful for players who have just joined Season of Conquest. Also, the large influx of immigrating players into the Kingdom has affected my gaming experience.

Answer – This issue has also come to our attention. Kingdoms new to the Season of Conquest are being assigned opponents that are too powerful, and there is a large influx of immigrating players into the Kingdoms. Furthermore, as time passes, this issue tends to get worse. 

We are currently working hard on coming up with a solution. In the future, we might make adjustments to the matchmaking and immigration mechanisms. For example, Kingdoms that are new to the Season of Conquest will be matched with another relatively new Kingdom in KvK. In addition, we will set a limit to the number of immigrating players in a single season and increase the limit based on the Kingdom’s development.

This concludes all the questions answered by the developers in their latest Dev Notes. We highly recommend playing Rise of Kingdoms on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse.