Easter Events Have Arrived In State of Survival Version 1.15.20

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There may be an ongoing zombie apocalypse in State of Survival, but that won’t stop our heroes from celebrating the upcoming Easter events in version 1.15.20. The new patch includes not just one, but six new events all related to the Christian festivity.

Easter is an event celebrated worldwide in real life. It is the time when Jesus Christ is resurrected. It is usually celebrated with Easter eggs as a symbol of new life and new beginnings.

The previous State of Survival update released three new Gen 10 heroes namely Connor “the Slinger” Walsh, Laura Mendez, and Strings. You can read more about the update in our previous blog post.

The new SoS Easter events were tested in S553-564 last April 8 and will be available in S1-948 on April 14.

Here are all the six new events, namely the Easter Emergency, Hand-painted Easter Eggs, Luminous Blessings, More Is Better, Bunny Shenanigans, and Hero Training Area.

Easter Emergency

Loads of Infected have been attracted by the festive atmosphere in the headquarters. Your task is to find all the zombies, eliminate them, and safeguard the settlement.

You can obtain Easter Eggs from the Paint The Eggs, Luminous Blessings, and More Is Better event. They can also be obtained through the use of speedups and Biocaps, gathering resources in the wilderness, collecting resources in the settlement, killing Infected, exploration, and purchasing the Easter Bundle for all pay-to-play players.

Use Easter Eggs to attack the Infected. You will get random rewards for each attack, with a chance to contribute rewards to the coalition prize pool. The higher the level of the Infected, the better the rewards. Kill the Easter Egg monger for a chance to get all the rewards in the coalition prize pool. Meanwhile, you can kill the Infected floppy for a chance to get permanent skin.

Random chests will be generated at a fixed time each day. Launch a certain amount of attacks on the Infected before the drawing time for a chance to win a permanent headquarters skin which will remind you of the festive Easter events.

Daily ranking and total ranking will be conducted during the event, and the top players will be given the following generous rewards:

  • Gacha Bunny (Premium) HQ Skin
  • Gacha Bunny (Classic) HQ Skin

Hand-painted Easter Eggs

During the Hand-painted Easter Eggs event, you can obtain paint by doing any of the following:

  • using speedups and Biocaps
  • gathering resources in the wilderness
  • collecting resources in the settlement
  • killing Infected
  • Exploration
  • purchasing the Lucky Easter Eggs Bundle

Participation in these events will let players earn fantastic rewards.

Luminous Blessings

The game’s Easter Eggs have been tragically snatched by the Infected, and hopefully, all the mighty Chiefs can return them to their rightful place. Collecting these eggs will earn you precious rewards which you can spend to upgrade buildings or level up your heroes.

Easter Events Have Arrived In State of Survival Version 1.15.20

Complete the following objectives to collect Easter Eggs:

  • The event will be divided into multiple stages
  • Complete tasks during each stage to earn points. Hitpoint targets to get Easter Eggs and paint
  • Total points from each stage will decide your ranking and rewards, which may include paint
  • Easter Eggs and paint can be used in the Luminous Blessings and Paint The Eggs event
  • Biocaps used to purchase skins or make deposits at the Incubator don’t contribute towards the Biocap Stage

It is important to note that Easter Eggs and paint can only be used during the event, after which, they will be automatically recycled.

More Is Better

During the event, these three types of tasks will be unlocked daily:

  • Complete the unlocked tasks during the entire event period to receive task rewards
  • After completing a certain number of tasks, you will get additional rewards
  • At the end of the event, unclaimed rewards will be issued automatically by mail

Bunny Shenanigans

You can obtain paint and Easter Eggs by doing any of the following:

  • using Speedups and Biocaps
  • gathering resources in the wilderness
  • collecting resources in the settlement
  • killing Infected
  • exploration

Easter Events Have Arrived In State of Survival Version 1.15.20

Players, remember that Easter Eggs that you find will be sent directly to your backpack. During the event, you will have a limited number of chances to gather resources in the wilderness, collect resources in the settlement, kill Infected, and conduct explorations.

You are highly encouraged to participate in the Easter events for a chance to get HQ skins, March Skins, frame skins, decorations, and the like. You need to update the game to v1.15.20 before you can participate in any of the above events.

Hero Training Area

You can reset the level of any Hero and get the Combat Manuals back at the Hero Training Area. This will only be available in States number 1 to 266. The Hero Training Area will be available in more States as the Hero Precinct reaches a higher Plasma Level.

Other optimizations

  • Reservoir League – Members are now allowed to leave the alliance after winning the championship
  • Biocaps – Optimized the confirmation pop-up window when spending Biocaps to reduce the risk of unnecessary losses

SoS players need to update the game to the latest version to try any of these new features.

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