Since its debut, Tower of Fantasy has captivated players with its immersive gameplay, fantastical world, and thrilling adventures, instantly recognizable to fans of Genshin Impact as a game with a similar style, but with its own unique setting, characters, narrative, and gameplay elements. The game’s unique blend of exploration, combat, and storytelling has set it apart as a standout title in the gaming landscape. With each new update, Tower of Fantasy continues to evolve, offering fresh experiences and expanding its already engaging universe.

In the upcoming version 3.2 update, titled “The Dragon Grove,” Tower of Fantasy enthusiasts are in for a treat. This article delves into the most significant features and additions introduced by this eagerly anticipated patch. From a brand-new sub-region to the introduction of captivating Simulacrums, we’ll cover all the essentials that will enrich your Tower of Fantasy journey. Let’s delve into the heart of “The Dragon Grove” update and discover what awaits players on their next adventure.

Exploring Joltville – A New Sub-Region

In the expansive world of Tower of Fantasy, each update brings with it the promise of new horizons to explore, and the version 3.2 update, “The Dragon Grove,” is no exception. Nestled within Domain 9, a hidden gem known as Joltville awaits brave adventurers. This town, veiled amidst the mountains, is much more than meets the eye. Joltville serves as an administrative center and a bustling trading hub, showcasing the convergence of activity at Qinglong’s Might.

Despite its outward vibrancy, Joltville faces its own set of challenges. Field energy depletion and the ever-looming Darkness invasion threaten the town’s peace and prosperity. With the release of “The Dragon Grove,” players are invited to step into this new sub-region and become part of the town’s efforts to overcome adversity.

The journey to Joltville begins with a climb up the Great Wall, leading explorers to its gates. The region introduces a new twist to the concept of field energy with the introduction of Field Energy (Azure). This unique resource is integral for upgrading Statues within Joltville, providing players with a new incentive to engage with the town’s mechanics.

For those familiar with Tower of Fantasy’s gameplay mechanics, the acquisition of Blue Field energies through exploration and Tai Chi chests remains a rewarding endeavor. A key location within Joltville is the bustling Joltville Bazaar, a haven for commerce and trade. Here, a myriad of shops offer a diverse array of items, some of which hold valuable uses for your journey.

Currency within the bazaar takes the form of Dominium, a unique kind of currency that enables players to buy and sell items. Earning Dominium involves engaging in side quests and taking on store orders, allowing players to partake in the bustling trade environment of Joltville.

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.2 Update: Unveiling "The Dragon Grove"

Furthermore, the update introduces a novel gameplay mechanic—an opportunity to catch and sell different kinds of Beasts to the Beast caretaker in the bazaar. This adds a layer of interaction and strategy to the gameplay, encouraging players to explore and engage in various activities within Joltville.

As adventurers embark on their journey to Joltville, they are poised to uncover the secrets hidden within its bounds. Beyond the natural habitat of exotic and rare creatures lies an immersive experience that immerses players in the heart of “The Dragon Grove” update. The challenges and opportunities within Joltville promise a unique adventure for every player willing to explore its depths.

Field Energy and Exploration Mechanics

In Tower of Fantasy’s version 3.2 update, the introduction of the new sub-region, Joltville, brings with it a fresh gameplay dynamic. As mentioned just now, central to this new experience is the concept of Field Energy, specifically Field Energy (Azure). As adventurers delve into Joltville’s mysteries, this unique resource takes center stage, shaping the way players interact with the environment and upgrade their abilities.

Field Energy (Azure) serves as the lifeblood of Joltville, offering a means to upgrade Statues within the town. These enhancements provide players with valuable benefits and advantages, making the acquisition of Field Energy a crucial element of gameplay. To obtain this resource, players must journey through the region, engaging in exploration and uncovering its hidden treasures.

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.2 Update: Unveiling "The Dragon Grove"

While exploring the overworld, Wanderers can collect Blue Field energies. These energies, reminiscent of previous regions, are valuable resources that contribute to a player’s progression. Additionally, the update introduces an exciting change: Tai Chi chests can now be opened using multiple Signet chips. This alteration enhances the player experience by providing an alternative method to access rewards within the game.

Joltville’s mechanics, revolving around Field Energy (Azure) and Dominium, encourage players to immerse themselves fully in the sub-region’s offerings. From the thrill of exploration to the strategic management of resources, the gameplay mechanics introduced in “The Dragon Grove” update foster engagement and interaction, inviting players to adapt to the unique challenges of Joltville.

Meet the New Simulacrums: Mimi and Fei Se

The upcoming update for Tower of Fantasy introduces two captivating Simulacrums that are bound to redefine the gameplay experience. Mimi and Fei Se, each possessing unique abilities and combat styles, bring a fresh layer of strategic depth to battles within the fantastical world of the game. Here’s what we know about these two characters:

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.2 Update: Unveiling "The Dragon Grove"

  • Mimi – The Volt Defense Simulacrum

Mimi wields the mighty weapon Meng Zhang and harnesses the power of Volt. As a Volt Defense Simulacrum, she stands as a formidable protector on the battlefield. Mimi’s fully charged attacks deliver paralysis and electrification effects to enemies, disrupting buffs and inflicting damage. By equipping multiple Volt weapons, her Volt ATK and Resistance are enhanced, making her an even more potent force.

Mimi’s primary skill, Terrifying Moon, conjures the Azure Dragon to rain down AoE damage and lightning strikes, accompanied by a passive effect that inflicts ongoing damage over time. Her skill set is a blend of crowd control, damage dealing, and utility, making her an indispensable asset in various combat scenarios.

  • Fei Se – The Flame DPS Simulacrum

Fei Se takes on the role of a Flame DPS Simulacrum armed with the Heavy Pistil. Her charged attacks ignite targets, subjecting them to ongoing damage. Equipping multiple Flame weapons empowers her Flame ATK and Resistance, amplifying her potency in battles. Explosive Flame – Quick Cut, her weapon skill, delivers escalating damage over time, with its base damage further boosted by non-Flame weapons.

Fei Se’s combat style is a symphony of normal attacks, such as Open and Close, Slender Clouds, and more. Her dodge maneuvers trigger Phantasia and unleash unique attacks, like Scattering Flowers, which generate Colorful Illusions and Lotus Petals. Her prowess in battle includes powerful skills like Soaring, which inflicts massive damage and creates a Mirage, and Unparalleled Beauty, a Discharge skill offering damage immunity upon activation.

The introduction of Mimi and Fei Se adds a new dimension to Tower of Fantasy’s strategic gameplay. Players are presented with a choice of distinct combat styles, each catering to different playstyles and tactical preferences. As these Simulacrums join the fray, the game’s battles become an intricate dance of abilities, timing, and resource management.

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.2 Update: Unveiling "The Dragon Grove"

Mimi and Fei Se aren’t just characters; they are integral components of Tower of Fantasy’s evolving narrative. Their unique skills, abilities, and personalities contribute to the rich tapestry of the game’s universe, ensuring that every encounter is a dynamic and engaging experience. Whether you prefer the electrifying power of Volt or the fiery prowess of Flame, these Simulacrums offer a new realm of possibilities for mastering battles and emerging victorious.

Boundless Realm and Quality of Life Improvements

Beyond the captivating additions of Joltville and the new Simulacrums, “The Dragon Grove” update ushers in a host of quality of life improvements that enhance the overall gameplay experience in Tower of Fantasy. These enhancements not only streamline certain mechanics but also introduce fresh opportunities for customization and exploration.

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.2 Update: Unveiling "The Dragon Grove"

  • Boundless Realm for Sequential Phantasm

A standout feature of this update is the introduction of the Boundless Realm. As players accumulate points from their endeavors in normal mode games, they unlock the Boundless Realm for specific Elements. Once unlocked, this realm replaces the Element’s normal mode, offering unique challenges and rewards. Clearing levels in Boundless Realm Mode grants valuable level rewards, contributing to character progression.

The Frontier Clash Evolution adds further depth to battles. Weapons receive automatic advancement to maximum stars, and matrices gain an additional star. Additionally, bosses undergo rotations, introducing variety to encounters and keeping the gameplay experience fresh.

  • Additional Relic Slots and Stat Storage

The update also caters to customization enthusiasts by introducing additional Relic slots. These slots enable players to switch out different relics, allowing for greater versatility and adaptability in combat situations. Moreover, the update introduces a rare stat storage system for all Simulacrums, further enhancing the strategic element of the game.

Unlocking these slots requires the use of the Equipment Amplifier, a valuable item that players can acquire using Dark Crystals. This mechanic provides players with a tangible incentive to engage in exploration and activities, contributing to the game’s overall sense of progression and achievement.

As players dive into the depths of “The Dragon Grove” update, the game’s world expands in both breadth and depth. The additions of Joltville, the new Simulacrums, and the quality of life improvements present a vibrant vision of the future of Tower of Fantasy. The update signifies the developers’ commitment to evolving and refining the gameplay experience, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned adventurers find new reasons to immerse themselves in the world of fantasy and discovery.

The changes introduced in this update offer a glimpse of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead. With an eye on enhancing gameplay mechanics and providing players with fresh challenges, “The Dragon Grove” sets a precedent for what’s to come in the evolving narrative of Tower of Fantasy. As players navigate the depths of Joltville, harness the powers of Mimi and Fei Se, and embrace the quality of life improvements, they become part of a dynamic and evolving journey that continues to captivate and enthrall.