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August 24, 2016
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Play Nelly’s Puzzle Jam on PC 14

Bring a World of Magic to Life on Your PC or Mac

Nelly has a great adventure ahead of her, but she is a bit of a trouble maker, so it would be best that you accompany her. Along the way, you both will encounter amazing magic and a variety of interesting characters, both friend and foe. Your quest will be full of challenging puzzles, riddles, and a lot of matching. For your help, Nelly promises to make you rich, so make sure you help her make it through alive.

To help make this easier, play Match-3 Puzzle Adventure on PC or Mac via the free Bluestacks Android Emulator tool. Matches seem to pop out of the screen when you have a much larger viewing area and crystal clear graphics. Make your matches even quicker by using your computer's mouse to control all of the matching puzzle action. Bluestacks is a new program that allows you to install and use almost any Android app right on your home computer. So now you have true gaming freedom to play your favorite games any time you want.

Nelly's in Jam for Everyone to See

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