BlueStacks Is Light And Fast Software

Fast And Light Software For PC Gaming

Quicker, faster, and lighter mobile games on your pc.

BlueStacks consumes 35% less CPU and 30% ram and runs the latest version of Android on your pc)(Utilize the latest version of Android on your pc and enjoy 35% less cpu usage and 30% less ram usage

Keyboard & Mouse

Gain Edge With Keyboard & Mouse

Use pro-gamer created keyboard and mouse setups to win more games

Play Multiple Games Simultaneously

(Why limit yourself to one game at a time on other Android Emulators or mobile?)

With Multi-Instance on BlueStacks, you can play multiple games at once.

Open and play multiple mobile games on your pc simultaneously

BlueStacks Is Secure

BlueStacks Values Privacy

BlueStacks values your privacy and strives hard to make sure you don’t experience the issue users of other companies have such as credit card theft, account hijacking, identity theft, and data brokerage.

We work toward never selling data to third parties or to ad networks


What do you charge for using BlueStacks

What does it cost you for use BlueStacks for Gaming? Nothing.

Subscriptions, in-game purchases, paid games, those are all your responsibility.

What reason do I have to use BlueStacks?

Because BlueStacks is the fastest and lightest pc gaming platform.

Tons of users trust, login, and play everyday on BlueStacks to save their battery life and use their keyboard and mouse to gain an edge