As a gacha game, Overhit includes a lot of heroes to collect: If you are eager to find them all, you need to play the game for months. However, there is no need to find each and every hero in the game. If you know how class roles work and find the best heroes for these roles, you are good to go. And this is exactly what we are going to do in this article. First, we will talk about class roles and then pick the best heroes for them. We have a world to save, let’s go!

Heroes Of Overhit And Best Ones For Beginners

Class Roles: The Holy Trinity

As we mentioned in our Battle System guide, all heroes in Overhit belong to one of the three archetypes: Tank, healer, and damage dealer (melee/ranged). Tanks do not have much attack power but they are unmatched when it comes to HP and Defense. Healers are quite fragile but they can restore the health of other party members and buff them. And damage dealers, well, they deal damage. Your party can host five members in total, and the ideal setup should be 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 damage dealers.

Heroes Of Overhit And Best Ones For Beginners

You can create up to 5 parties in total, but each party can have 5 members maximum.

So, which heroes are better for these roles? Which ones should you focus on? We will list them below but do not forget that Overhit is a gacha game: You may not be able to collect all of the “best” heroes at once. The Multi-Instance feature of BlueStacks will help you in this regard and allow you to make infinite rerolls, but creating the perfect team will still take time. So, until you get the rarest heroes, just focus on creating the trinity mentioned above with any characters that can undertake these roles.

Best Tanks In Overhit

In this category, we will go with Ophelia and Cicero. They are the definition of tanks with their unique abilities, and they will keep the rest of the party alive for a long time. Once you find these heroes, you will get the best tanks in the game, so start upgrading them like there is no tomorrow. So, why did we pick them among all other options?

Heroes Of Overhit And Best Ones For Beginners

Ophelia is the Queen of Elves and if this is not a good enough reason, she has two impressive abilities. The first one increases the block rate of all party members by 10%. And second, she can transfer 50% of the damage dealt to party members to herself. This is a big advantage at any stage of the game: Basically, your heroes will receive half the damage at all times. And as a bonus, she can heal herself automatically after every hit.

Heroes Of Overhit And Best Ones For Beginners

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And we picked Cicero because he is the best tank during the early stages of the game. He is an SR level hero, so you will be able to collect him easier than Ophelia. His skills increase the defense of all party members by 5% and he has an active defense buff which can increase this rate to 26.9% any time you want. If you activate this ability before a heavy attack, all of your party members will survive the hit, you can be sure of it. Keep using Cicero until you find Ophelia.

Best Healers In Overhit

We have only one pick in this category: Sophia. Up until you hit the end game, there is no need to look for another healer. This is because of several reasons – first, Sophia is available right from the start so you don’t need to look for her. Second, Sophia is an SSR level hero so she is already rare. And third, she has lots of cool healing skills and buffs for the entire party.

Heroes Of Overhit And Best Ones For Beginners

Sophia can increase the defense of all party members by 40%, and she deserves to be the leader of your party just for this reason. She also has a nice healing skill that affects all party members at the same time. But more importantly, she has access to a revive skill: If one of your heroes die during the battle, you can simply resurrect him/her. With Sophia, you can keep the tank alive at all times, literally. If you find Shoumei and Yggdrasil during your journey, keep them: They are also pretty good healers and you can use them at the end-game phase, especially during group activities.

Best Damage Dealers In Overhit

There are lots of options in this category but we will go with Ash and Colette. Just like Sophia, Ash is available right from the start and he is an amazing melee damage dealer. He increases the attack power of all party members by 25% and can deal high AOE damage to all enemies. He also has access to a high-damage DOT (damage over time) skill for single targets – Ash is the complete package.

Heroes Of Overhit And Best Ones For Beginners

And Colette is the ranged damage dealer your party needs. First, she can further increase the attack power of all water-class heroes by 40%. All of her skills are AOE based, so she can damage multiple enemies at the same time. She can also put a debuff onto enemies and decrease their damage by 17.7%. She is a damage and debuff machine and a great addition to your party.

Heroes Of Overhit And Best Ones For Beginners

Well, now you know which heroes to focus on and which ones deserve to be in your party. Now, it is time to start collecting them. Don’t forget to take a look at our other Overhit articles too and let’s save this world together on BlueStacks!

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