Whoever said mobile games were boring compared to the games in other platforms clearly hasn’t been around for very long. For the longest time, consoles and PC reigned when it came to quality action games. However, as smartphones advanced in technology, there have been games of increasing quality released for this platform, some of which could even rival the quality of that of their counterparts.

The Best Action RPGs to Play on BlueStacks in 2019

Action RPGs have several defining features that set them apart from other genres. For instance, these titles frequently include the iconic progression systems that allows players to upgrade characters, increase stats, and equip them with gear, among other things, to improve their combat prowess. However, the other defining aspect is that they feature an emphasis on real-time, fast-paced combat, something that, until recently, had been all but impossible on mobile devices.

However, by playing on BlueStacks, not only can you enjoy the very best performance when playing your favorite mobile action RPGs, but you can also recreate the authentic PC experience in games that were originally designed to be played on phones. For this reason, it’s clear that BlueStacks is the way to go if you want to win at your favorite action RPGs. However, with so many titles to choose from, how can you know which are the best?

The Best Action RPGs to Play on BlueStacks in 2019

If you’re looking for the very best action RPG games, then look no further than this list. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find five of our favorite games in this genre that we’re sure you’re going to thoroughly enjoy playing on BlueStacks.

1. Honkai Impact 3rd

Starting off strong with Honkai Impact 3rd, a game that brings us real-time, high-intensity, adrenaline-pumping action hack n’ slash combat. This game features a wide variety of unlockable characters with different play styles and unique skills, which you can master through practice and diligence. Its combat resembles that of the most iconic PC and console games in the genre such as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, with your characters zipping in and out of combat, unleashing powerful aerial combos, and dominating foes with special skills.

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The Best Action RPGs to Play on BlueStacks in 2019

This game goes especially well with the BlueStacks Keymapping tool since it requires precise execution of combos and other maneuvers, which is what this versatile tool excels at. With a proper controls setup, you’ll be kicking butt left and right using your powerful warrior waifus, while skillfully dodging everything the enemy throws at you, without ever missing a beat

2.World of Kings

Now we’re dipping our toes in the MMORPG pool with World of Kings, a game that tries its darndest to recreate the authentic World of Warcraft experience on mobile devices—with great success, we might add. This game is one of the most ambitious titles we’ve seen in recent times, with impressive graphics and a unique art style reminiscent of the popular MMORPG for PC from which it draws inspiration.

In this game, you can choose from a variety of races and classes. The former will affect your origin story, while the latter will determine your general playstyle as no two classes play the same. Regardless of your decision, you’ll be traveling all over the game world completing quests, clearing dungeons, and leveling up your characters.

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The Best Action RPGs to Play on BlueStacks in 2019

However, one of the things that impressed us the most about this game is how it interacts with the Keymapping Tool. In particular, by using the “Free Look” feature of this tool, you can control your character in World of Kings exactly the same as you would in World of Warcraft; using the WASD to move around and the mouse to pan the camera and look around at your surroundings. Furthermore, by assigning shortcuts to your skills, you can further recreate the experience of the PC MMORPG by binding all your powerful skills to your number keys.

It’s almost like this game was made to be played on BlueStacks!

3. Second Galaxy

We wrote about this awesome title recently that, while focusing mostly on space exploration and story-driven gameplay, also features real-time action combat in space.

Like with World of Kings, Second Galaxy excels in its presentation as it throws you into the void of space with nothing but your spaceship and a mission to extend your nation’s influence to the furthest reaches of the universe. Speaking of which, space in a mobile game has never looked prettier than in Second Galaxy, especially if you’re playing on BlueStacks. This game makes special use of our graphics APIs to generate some of the most stunning imagery of outer space, complete with asteroid belts, nebulae, and other elements that you’d expect to find floating around.

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The Best Action RPGs to Play on BlueStacks in 2019

Second Galaxy plays mostly as an exploration game where you travel through uncharted space to complete missions, gather riches, and bring home your endless bounties. However, every so often, you’ll come across hostile forces while trawling through space, which require you to take up arms and face your foes in action combat. Once again, the BlueStacks Keymapping Tool can help you to gain improved control over your spaceship as you circle around your enemies avoiding their lasers and blasters, and punishing them with your own superior firepower.

4. King’s Raid

These last two titles consist of games that, more than action titles, focus more on the RPG and story aspects of the gameplay. King’s Raid is an anime action game with gacha elements that allows you to summon powerful heroes, add them to your team, and defeat your enemies in real-time combat. However, as is the case with most gacha games, the challenge here doesn’t come from the combat itself, but from obtaining a good team composition and synergy between your characters.

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The Best Action RPGs to Play on BlueStacks in 2019

In this sense, you’ll be spending most of your time here navigating through menus to adjust your team, change your characters’ equipment, or simply making modifications to your current lineup. All these activities can not only be streamlined through the Keymapping Tool, but also completely automated with the BlueStacks Macro Recorder. The latter allows you to record commands, and reproduce these sequence with the press of a single button. In this sense, instead of spending time clicking everywhere just to swap out a single piece of gear, you can create macros to automate this and many other monotonous tasks.

With BlueStacks, you can focus more on the fun parts of your action RPGs, while leaving the most tedious chores for our Android emulator to handle.

5. Star Trek Timelines

Last but not least, we have a title for the die-hard trekkies out there.

Like with King’s Raid, Star Trek Timelines doesn’t feature much action aside from the real-time spaceship battles that you’ll frequently have to win to advance in the story. However, this game is excellent due to its story-driven gameplay that is highly-reminiscent of the events in the TV series, movies, and even some of the most recent shows in the franchise. Furthermore, it also features gacha elements in the sense that you can unlock myriad characters from the show’s story, including the legendary Captain Picard, Captain James T. Kirk, and the iconic Mr. Spock, among many, many others.

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The Best Action RPGs to Play on BlueStacks in 2019

So there you have it; five of the finest action RPG titles for you to download and enjoy on BlueStacks. If we got your favorite in this list, or if you think there’s another game worthy of praise, then leave us a comment with your suggestions below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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