It really feels like the Holiday season is almost here, especially with our favorite games pushing out updates and new content every week. Yes, we’re looking at you, AFK Arena! In just a week, Lilith Games announced two new heroes joining the arena, namely Alna, the Frozen Mother and Mortas, the Insidious.

The arrival of new heroes can be really overwhelming since it can make or break the current meta. We put up this handy, quick guide that lets you in on everything you need to know about these heroes, from their origins, skill sets, tips, and even possible synergies and compositions with the rest of AFK Arena’s heroes.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Mortas, the Insidious

Now let’s discuss our new Hypogean friend here, who was previously a human but has turned into the greedy creature we know today.


As with all Hypogeans, Mortas dons the purple-red color palette. His form somehow reminds us of Alladin’s villain Jafar.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Mortas, the Insidious

His horns have been pulled back, forming an open circle, with a diamond-shaped jewel in the middle. Maleficent much? Mortas also has a pair of humongous wings, big enough to enclose his lower half.

He carries a striking sword in crimson red.


Mortas’ lore was told from a perspective of an unnamed Hypogean. 

Have you ever watched the blockbuster film Joker, starting phenomenal actor Joaquin Phoenix? Mortas’ story is very similar to DC’s iconic villain.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Mortas, the Insidious

During his human years, Mortas lived as a clown mocked by everyone. Like Joker, Mortas also struggled to become the best in his line of work, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

One fateful day, he was imprisoned for committing a crime he never committed. There he suffered gravely between the hands of his co-inmates. This became a turning point for good ‘ol Mortas, who made a deal with the Hypogean narrator of the story. He borrowed his power to get revenge on everyone who mocked and tortured him.

Mortas pulled off a cunning trick at the end of his lore, which allowed him to harness the Hypogean’s powers forever.


  1. Empowerment – Mortas strengthens the allied target with the highest Attack Rating, increasing their Attack Rating and Attack Speed, and also granting them the effects of the ability “Greed” up until the end of the battle.
  2. Greed (Passive) – This is a passive ability that allows for Mortas’ Normal Attacks to steal an enemy’s health and shield value. Each enemy may only be affected by this ability once every several seconds. The amount of health stolen from an enemy cannot exceed a certain percentage of Mortas’ own Attack Rating.
  3. Blood Pact – Mortas consumes a certain percentage of his current health to heal the most injured non-summoned ally. The healing amount is equal to several times the amount of the consumed health value.
  4. Devilish Deal – Mortas allows the enemy that has regenerated the highest amount of health to instantly recover a certain percentage of their max health, however, for the following several seconds, all of the health regenerated by the enemy will be transferred to Mortas.

Tips for using Mortas

  1. With abilities like Empowerment and Greed at his disposal, Mortas can make any of your carry heroes into a super carry. Empowerment further boosts a hero’s Attack Rating, and also ensures your DPS is well-protected by providing him with lifesteal and a shield from Greed’s effects.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Mortas, the Insidious

  1. Use Mortas against huge healers like Nemora or Rowan. His Devilish Deal steals a certain hero’s regenerated health — an easy counter against sustain comps.
  2. He is a direct counter to the Graveborn hero Izold, who regenerates health using abilities Toxic Transfusion and Hypodermic Healing.

Heroes that can synergize with Mortas

  1. Gwyneth – One word: deadly. Mortas can dramatically enhance Gwyneth’s damage if he can last during a battle long enough to cast his ultimate, Empowerment.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Mortas, the Insidious

  1. Rosaline – Since Mortas’ Empowerment sounds overpowered already, let’s buff it further by combining him with another support, Rosaline. Mortas will boost the hero with the highest Attack Rating on one side, while Rosaline ensures that the same hero receives his fair share of Energy points for faster Ultimate regeneration. 

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Mortas, the Insidious

Just think of how OP these two would be, side-by-side!

Check out our other hero guides to find out which comps work the best for Mortas, the Insidious. We have categorized them by factions.

Note that having a full Hypogean team will grant you +15 Haste.

How do I get better summons in AFK Arena?

The answer to this is totally up to the RNG gods and your luck, to be honest. But you can be more efficient with your gacha pulls by playing AFK Arena on PC with BlueStacks.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Mortas, the Insidious

BlueStacks has this feature called Multi-Instance which allows you to use multiple accounts and perform summons all at the same time with just a few clicks. This way you can speed up the rerolling process by having multiple tabs opened and controlling them under the same device. Additionally, you can use Multi-Instance Sync to replicate the rerolling mechanism.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Mortas, the Insidious

AFK Arena is all about being idle, playing the game effortlessly — with BlueStacks, your gacha game just got a whole lot easier!

Now that you’ve learned more about Mortas, you’re now ready to play AFK Arena! Check out this step-by-step guide on installing BlueStacks on your PC to start your journey in Esperia.