When you look at it, AFK Arena seems to be releasing heroes on a bi-monthly basis. For July, the first hero that they released was the new mage Mauler hero Thali.

AFK Arena Thali Guide by BlueStacks

Before her, we have had plenty of heroes like MerlinWalker, and Leofric. You can read our short guides about these heroes in our previous blog posts.

Thali is actually live now on the AFK Arena servers and is free for a limited time for everyone to try out.

To make your life easier, you can also play her on PC. So how can you play AFK Arena on PC? Download BlueStacks! BlueStacks is the fastest Android emulator to date, available on PC and Mac. Simply install BlueStacks, go to the Google Play Store, search for “AFK Arena” and click Install to play the game for free. 

AFK Arena Thali Guide by BlueStacks

You can try Thali and even participate in his Bountiful Trials event without any hassle than you would normally do on mobile.


Right off the bat, you can see Thali as a natural-born member of the Maulers faction. Thali is a beast who is friends with Kren, which is the reason why the two look alike.

Thali is wearing a gorgeous black dress with a fitted top and an overflowing skirt with a very high slit that accentuates her legs. She is also wearing a lovely tribal-style braid with red and black shades to match her overall color palette. 

AFK Arena Thali Guide by BlueStacks

She is also wearing a pair of black gloves with some gold accents. 

When you look at her face, Thali has been adorned with white markings. Lilith Games released an earlier version of Thali’s artwork showing her gnashing her teeth and a second version showing Thali fully smiling.

Thali is a DPS mage Mauler with an Intelligence type.


Now, Thali’s lore is actually pretty interesting for those who have been keeping tabs on AFK Arena’s stories.

This one is told through Kren’s perspective. Kren is a Ranger class hero belonging to the Mauler faction. He is an Agility type whose role is to deal continuous damage against the enemies.

AFK Arena Thali Guide by BlueStacks

Kren has been caught and has been put into prison. He was being interrogated on Thali’s whereabouts, to which Kren responds with a short tale from the Great Mithril Caravan Heist which they both participated in.

Thali is a very mischievous and adventurous hero as told through the eyes of Kren.

What’s surprising at the end of the tale was Walker’s appearance, who was revealed to be the warden holding Kren at the end.

Thali’s lore ended with her rescuing Kren from the prison.


  • Pyromaniac – Thali enters a state of frenzy which lasts for 12s.

While in a frenzy, Thali’s Energy recovery is reduced by 40%, her Attack Rating is increased by 30%, her Haste is increased by 45 points, and her other abilities are strengthened.

Once Thali’s frenzy ends she becomes exhausted for a short period, during which time she is unable to move or attack.

Thali cannot trigger her ultimate ability again while already in a frenzy.

Lvl 2: Frenzy lasts for 14 seconds.

Lvl 3: Attack Rating is increased by 40%, Haste is increased by 60 points.

  • Fire Rapture – Thali sacrifices 15% of her current health to deal 220% AoE damage plus 1.3 times the value of her sacrificed health as damage.

While in a frenzy, damage dealt is increased to 280% and the damage range is increased.

Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 240%

Lvl 3: Attack Rating is increased to 300% while in a frenzy.

Lvl 4: Deals 1.5 times the value of sacrificed health as damage.

  • Flame Burst – Thali shoots 3 Fireballs in quick succession, dealing 170% damage per Fireball.

While in a frenzy, Fireballs will additionally knock back the enemy and stun them for 3 seconds.

Lvl 2: Damage is increased to 180%

Lvl 3: Damage is increased to 190%

  • Pyromancy – At the beginning of battles, Thali casts a spell to sacrifice 35% of her current health to strengthen herself, allowing her to gain between 20% – 50% Damage Reduction and 10 – 30 Life Leech points according to the proportion of current health.

The spell’s power increases the lower Thali’s health falls, and will be most powerful when her health falls below 40%

While Thali is in a frenzy, the ability will ignore the proportion of current health and will always be at its most powerful state.

Thali may receive a maximum increase of 60% Damage Reduction and 40 Life Leech points.

Tips for using Thali

  • Get Thali’s 9/9 Furniture Ability, Heart of Fire. This furniture will give her pseudo-immunity when it comes to deadly and severe attacks. Thali needs to be in a frenzy mode so she can maintain the minimum amount of health and postpone her own death. However, once this effect has been triggered, Thali’s health will no longer change, and as soon as her frenzy effect ends, she immediately dies. Remember, you need to keep her alive until she frenzies or the 9/9 ability will not work and she will immediately die.

AFK Arena Thali Guide by BlueStacks

  • Thali is insanely strong. What makes her stronger is her haste buff. Now, if you would remember, haste charges your energy faster so you can have your ultimate ability faster than the rest. Thali’s pyromaniac gives her the built-in haste that she needs to fight. She could also give global haste to her party members if the opportunity would permit.
  • Thali is considered as an offensive support. She can deal with a good Area of Effect (AoE) damage using her Fire Rapture. Be sure to protect her by putting her on the backline since she sacrifices a bit of her HP. If you want to place her on the Frontline, build her into a semi-tank support.

Heroes that can synergize with Thali

  • Khasos

Get the Mauler Khasos to your team for great synergy with Thali. His passive ability Rabid Thirst is going to be a HUGE help to your team during the late game. At max, this global lifesteal ability will increase by 18 points.

AFK Arena Thali Guide by BlueStacks

Can you imagine having a full Mauler team? With Khasos by your side, you will receive a 28-point lifesteal increase!

  • Alna

If you do not want a full Maulers team, you can get Alna. At +30 Unlocks, her Winter’s Call gives her semi-immunity from death just like Thali.

AFK Arena Thali Guide by BlueStacks

Alna will be immune to damage and control abilities for a good seven seconds, and with enemies having their Dodge reduced, the team will have uninterrupted attacks long enough to cause massive damage.

  • Kren

Who else would be perfect for Thali than his literal partner-in-crime, Kren? 

AFK Arena Thali Guide by BlueStacks

Go on an AoE killing spree with Kren and Thali’s abilities. Kren’s Old Pal is a very impressive AoE ability, targeting the backline to catch unaware enemies. After Kren casts his landmine to the backline, spam your ultimate abilities and if luck is on your side, enemies would be pushed back into the landmine for your heroes to deal longer, bigger amounts of damage.

Are you excited to go ahead and try out the Mauler Thali? What are your thoughts about this new AFK Arena hero?