He does not run — he walks.

He does not crawl — he walks.

He does not tread lightly — he walks with full confidence, and he is barging straight into Esperia. Yes, we are talking about AFK Arena’s newest hero, Walker.

After releasing the Hypogean Leofric and the Graveborn Desirawe are getting another eye-candy AFK Arena hero and he shall be known as Walker. Walker is now live in the game’s patch 1.65 update and can be temporarily used as a part of your party for a few days.

Before Walker, the last Lightborn hero we received was Eluard the Protector of Souls. He is a mage Lightbearer hero who has AoE abilities at his disposal. 

Eluard is actually a mage-support hybrid and his Divine Shields are his biggest allies. He seems to be a good counter for Ainz Ooal Gown, one of AFK Arena’s recent Dimensional heroes. You can read more on how to use Eluard in our previous AFK Arena blog posts.

Now, let us turn all our eyes on Walker, yet another Lightbearer hero waiting to shine on the gacha game.

Despite being new, some AFK Arena players have already openly expressed and discussed their dislike for the character. Players have been saying that Walker’s design is really good, and his lore is very compelling. However, some fans have also stated that he is not that good when it comes to a real battle. Walker deals less damage than some support heroes, which is pretty disappointing because he has been marketed as a damage-dealer already by Lilith Games.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Walker, the Lone Ranger

Is Walker really that bad? Let us dive into his appearance, origins, and abilities.


Are you familiar with Chuck Norris? He is an iconic American martial artist and film producer. You might have encountered him on some memes, but he is really popular for starring in some martial arts films and even teaching some actors the way of the discipline.

You might be weirded out that we are talking about Chuck Norris in this AFK Arena Walker guide, but the truth is a lot of players cannot help but compare the hero to the actor.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Walker, the Lone Ranger

For starters, Walker has medium-length hair, a beard, and a tough look that can already put enemies to a halt. He is wearing a blue long sleeve with a fluffy neck warmer made of stylish black fur. Both of his arms are also covered with brown fingerless gloves.

On Walker’s shoulders are two leather pads with a copper star sign that make him look like quite a sheriff. His red pistol case also bears the same insignia, just dangling around his waist with a sturdy belt. Across his chest is a bag of bullets that Walker can just pull out whenever he wants. 

He also carries a huge shotgun on his back, just in case someone tries to cross him.

Overall, Walker is pretty much AFK Arena’s cowboy hero, straight from the wild, wild West.

Walker is a warrior under the Lightbearer faction. He belongs to the Strength type and is apparently a damage dealer in the field.


Walker’s AFK Arena lore is everything you have ever expected — simple, compelling, wicked, and shows his cool side.

See, what you do not know about Walker is, he had a partner. Before he became known as the Lone Ranger, Walker was always by someone’s side, and that someone is his best friend, his partner who unfortunately died by the hands of the Quicksand Claws in the desert. Walker and his partner served the Imperial army together as riflemen. The two were really close, but since his partner died the only thing he trusts now is his own gun.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Walker, the Lone Ranger

Because of this, Walker decided to follow the path of a bounty hunter in Esperia. 

“Always choosing the toughest jobs and breaking every rule going, he earned a reputation that scared off others and fostered his image of lone wolf,” according to his official lore.

His goal? To seek revenge against the Quicksand Claws. With his hard-earned money from hunting, he bought top-secret information about the killer group and started tracing and tracking them one by one with the sole objective of avenging his fallen friend.

“Come on fellas, I got bullets for everybody.”

His tale even started with him on the Land of Exiles, carefully scouting his prey named “Lame George” and “Savage Frank,” the two remaining people on his five wanted list of people under the Quicksand Claws. With his arsenal of weapons, Walker attempts to put down the two group members in the Land of the Exiles. The ending of his story revealed that he had already taken down all four members — all but one.

Walker continues his vengeance in Esperia as the Lone Ranger, always in the shadows and ready to attack and finish the quest that he started for himself.


  • Saloon Blast – Walker uses his shotgun to fire a shell at the enemy directly opposite himself, dealing 80% damage to the enemy, simultaneously firing 4 additional pellets that deal 20% damage to any nearby enemies that are struck. Pellets cannot inflict Critical Strikes. When using his Ultimate ability, Walker cancels reloading and will only use Normal Attacks which are strengthened for the following 8 seconds. When a shotgun shell strikes an enemy target, it will deal an additional 70% AoE damage to nearby enemies, and the number of pellets is increased to 6 pellets.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Walker, the Lone Ranger

  • Spittoon Attack – Walker smacks the enemy standing before him with his shotgun, knocking down and stunning them for 4 seconds, dealing 140% damage to them. If the enemy is knocked down, Walker then shoots them on the ground, dealing 240% extra damage.
  • Gunslinger – Walker pulls out his revolver and shoots the 2 enemy target(s) with the lowest health, dealing 360% damage to them. If a target’s health is below 10%, the Crit Rating of this ability is increased by an additional 6%.
  • Old Faithful – Every time Walker’s attacks deal a Critical Strike, his Crit Amplification is additionally increased by 2 points, but cannot exceed 60 points.

Tips for using Walker

  • Walker is your DPS. With his guns and the correct equipment, he can take down the strongest enemies in Esperia. Protect him by placing him on the backline and giving him a tank on his side.
  • Need a DPS hero equipped with some crowd control abilities? Walker’s Spittoon Attack Knocks down and stuns enemies for about four seconds, giving you ample time to attack and deal damage to the enemy team.

Heroes that can synergize with Walker

  • Peggy – Peggy is your typical lonesome princess. If we were to compare her to a pop culture character, she looks close to the Powerpuff Girls’ Princess with the twin tails and the crown. She also wears this proud look on her face.

Since Peggy summons two guards at her command, she is pretty good at helping and protecting Walker’s team, tanking damage from enemy opponents. Take advantage of Peggy’s stun! It lasts for 3.1s.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Walker, the Lone Ranger

  • Talene – Aside from being a decent support hero, Talene can also be utilized as a damage dealer for the team. Her Meteor Shower ability can deal up to 280% damage when maxed out.

What’s more, Talene has the ability to revive herself during battles. Should Walker fall down, you will have a back-up DPS hero with Taken on your team composition.

Just like the mythological creature, the Phoenix, Talene curls herself into a fireball and recovers her health for up to 50% so she can finally be reborn. To top it all off, Talene has great sustain and constantly heals the team during team fights

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Walker, the Lone Ranger

  • Nara – Nara is the perfect hero to use against painful enemy heroes on the backline. Her Impale ability will hook a hero towards her, a counter against mages, glass cannon units, and other DPS. Her kit also includes a brief stun onto a single enemy, a very useful crowd control ability to buy the members of your team enough time to set up their ults.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Walker, the Lone Ranger

You can actually use Nara in Walker’s bountiful Trials — trust us, she is the ideal support to this bounty hunter.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Walker, the Lone Ranger

We know Lightbearers can be quite difficult to pull from the AFK Arena gacha, which is why we built the Multi-Instance feature for situations like these! This BlueStacks feature lets you perform multiple 10x summons using different accounts in just a few clicks. Talk about effortless multitasking!

Installing BlueStacks and playing AFK Arena on PC also enhances the game’s graphics by enabling the highest FPS. You can now view  Walker (a.k.a. Chuck Norris) in HD with better graphics!

Be sure to check out our other hero guides  to find out the best comp and hero synergies for this Lightbearer hero.