From the deserts of the Prince of Persia to the seas of Desira, we are now approaching the land of the rich with AFK Arena’s newest hero, Leofric.

It seems like Lilith Games has been getting aggressive on releasing new heroes recently. We have been receiving a new hero every month for the past years, now we get a brand new hero every week. The following have been released for the month of May and April:

  1. Desira (Graveborn)
  2. Prince of Persia (Dimensional)
  3. Morael (Celestial)

Lilith Games is rotating the faction of its releases, which is why we might get a new Mauler or a Lightbearer soon.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Leofric, the Malevolent Menace

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BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Leofric, the Malevolent Menace

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With that, let us dive a bit deeper into Leofric.


Leofric stands out from afar.

He has a combination of white and black hair, with the white part showing only in front. When you stare at him in the eyes, you will see that he has a condition of heterochromia iridum or two different eye colors on the same pair. His left eye shows only his black pupils without an iris on a deep, crimson color. Now, this may be his Hypogean side showing up. His right eye shows his regular human side with a soothing blue iris. Leofric also wears a monocle on this side of his face which helps him see clearer and even better. It also makes him look wiser.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Leofric, the Malevolent Menace

Leofric also wears a noticeable, well-groomed mustache which makes him appear nobler in front of expected guests.

Of course, as a Hypogean hero, Leofric wears his faction’s favorite color, purple. However, unlike the rest of the heroes in this faction, his outfit is more upscale, adorned with tons of golden details to emphasize his affluent identity. To balance his whole design, Leofric wears a pure white cravat which completes the whole look. Let us not forget about his magical staff, which reminds us of the Egyptian God Anubis because of its shape and color.

Leofric is a support hero who can buff allies. He is under the Intelligence type.


Going into his origin story, Lilith Games presents us the perspective of a powerful man named Lester, a noble Lord.

On April 24, Lester received a request from a “wealthy businessman” to bestow him the title of “Earl” or simply put a nobleman. The businessman, who is obviously Leofric, will also be given a mansion located near Kuilin City.

“Leofric… I’ve heard of this fellow. A traveling merchant palming off his wares at any old faction camp. Years passed and he amassed quite the fortune, in both wealth and knowledge. A successful business requires superb eloquence, and he has it in buckets. Rumors suggest his best customer may even be a sly Hypogean,” thought Lester to himself.

Of course, he did not pass up on the opportunity to earn more materials for his kingdom. He decided to give Leofric what he wanted.

On May 13, Lester decided to give Leofric a quick visit to catch the secret behind his successes, but the latter’s story just fits that of his spies.

“May the Divine Light guide you always,” said Lester before departing Leofric’s mansion.

On August 16, Leofric had fully adjusted to the aristocratic circles around the area, but Lester is still suspicious of his identity. What he said during a banquet even heightened his suspicions.

“People wear masks in life, and aristocrats even more than most. Ever since we were children, being given our favorite toy after crying loudly for it, humanity has tasted the sweetness of deception, wearing ever grander, ever more deceptive masks.”

On August 23, Leofric paid Lester a visit to offer him a secret to prove his sincerity. He removed his coat, revealing his Hypogean features. “The slivers of his eyes exposed between his fingers flared scarlet and ghastly spiraling horns emerged from his forehead,” the lore read.

“You seem unperturbed, human,” said Leofric. “A ruler such as yourself has long learned not to trust too easily.”

Lester responded by saying that as the Lord of Kuilin, he is always on the lookout for “outsiders,” including Hypogeans.

“We are both shrewd individuals. How about we cut a deal,” ended Leofric.

As soon the Earl exited, the Lord summoned the guards hidden in the room, and guess what? They only saw Lester and Leofric normally talking, nothing more.

On November 25, a new entry popped in which explained that Lester has decided to cooperate with Leofric despite his Hypogean nature.

“Naturally I do not trust the words of a Hypogean, he could be scheming some other ploy, but for the time being, whilst our interests align, it suits me to work with him. There is no trust between us, but I suspect the Earl is well aware that is the case,” the Lord of Kuilin said.

In return for Leofric’s material contribution to the kingdom, Lester lets him inside a part of his library collection and keeps his title of Earl. 

“May the Divine Light guide you always,” the two greeted each other at an art salon.

Based on this lore alone, could Leofric be the Hypogean that turned Mortas into who he is today?

Leofric does remain to be a mysterious merchant among all Esperians. How will he shake the AFK Arena meta, you ask? Let us find out.


  1. Shadow Mastiff – Leofric summons a “Shadow Mastiff” statue in front of the enemy with the highest Attack Rating, and taunts them for 8 seconds. The “Shadow Mastiff” possesses 1150% of Leofric’s Attack Rating as health, and only one may be present on the battlefield at a time. If the “Shadow Mastiff” is destroyed before it’s timer ends, the attacking enemy will permanently lose 18% of their Attack Rating ( effect can only occur once per enemy). If the “Shadow Mastiff“ is not destroyed before its timer ends, it shall deal 290% damage to the attacking enemy when it’s timer ends.
  2. Hell Wyrms – Deals 250% damage to enemies within a certain range, also causing them to lose 90 Energy points. Any enemies that were dealt damage shall also have their Energy Recovery reduced] by 50% for the following 4 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
  3. Unmasked Horror – All enemies in front of Leofric that are facing towards him are terrified for 3 seconds and lose 20% of their respective Attack Ratings for the following 6 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
  4. Perfect Disguise – Leofric and his most injured ally become immune to all damage and attacks for 5 seconds. While immune, 50% of the damage dealt by the injured ally is converted into their own health.

Tips for using Leofric

  1. Leofric’s Signature Item at +30 Unlocks is insanely powerful. Any enemy who has been struck by “Hell Wyrms” will get 35% more damage from all of the team’s attacks. 
  2. Put him behind a very useful tank to protect him and utilize his other abilities. His ultimate is not really that strong, but the rest of his life is good enough for battles. Remember, he is not a frontliner but he can become an enabler for all your other units because of his buffs.
  3. A potential team build around Leofric could be one with chains and stuns, so a lot of crowd control for your party.

Heroes that can synergize with Leofric

1. Mezoth – Since we are already talking about good tanks above, consider adding Mezoth to your Leofric team composition. He is an absolutely phenomenal hero that can regain health and a defensive shield during battles.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Leofric, the Malevolent Menace

His ultimate ability, Devour, is kind of tricky if you read the description inside the game, but here is what it does: Mezoth imprisons an enemy. That enemy hero cannot attack or use any abilities, instead, he loses health equal to 70% of Mezoth’s Attack Rating. If by any chance the enemy hero cannot be imprisoned, Mezoth will instantly deal a humongous 480% damage to him instead. 

2. Mehira – As mentioned above, Leofric would work well with heroes that have tons of crowd control. A beautiful damage dealer with tons of CC and a self-healing ability – this is how we would describe Mehira. She’s not called the mind cager for nothing, as Mehira can cast her Mesmerize ability that makes the enemies start a fight against each other, and at max level, it doesn’t restore the energy spent by the targets while under the trance.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Leofric, the Malevolent Menace

Having Mehira in your party will eventually pay off when you’re doing campaigns on higher levels because of her ability to charm opponents.

You got your crowd control dealer, and at the same time another Hypogean hero. 

3. Grezhul – Grezhul is a Graveborn hero, another tank unit that can summon his mini skeletal army. The skeletons will always have the same level as Grezhul’s. The only catch is they gradually lose HP over time, so it’s ideal to use these undead underlings against magic-based heroes.

Grezhul will also thrive in a team full of mages since his Shadow Shield ability can absorb up to 200% damage and will cause the same percentage when broken.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Leofric, the Malevolent Menace

At +30 Unlocks, his Signature Item isn’t too bad as well since he summons a skeletal warrior every 7.5 seconds.

Now, you have everything you need if you are planning on getting Leofric, AFK Arena’s newest hero. From his lore down to his abilities, we got you! You are now prepared… Well, almost.

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BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Leofric, the Malevolent Menace

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BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena’s Leofric, the Malevolent Menace

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