Auto Chess is a game that will test your versatility and adaptability on every turn. Almost everything in this mobile strategy game is situational, which is why it can be dangerous to stick to the firm belief that this or that piece is exceptional. Rather, the correct way to think about pieces in Auto Chess is that they can be outstanding in given situations.

Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game

Still, like in DotA2, it’s an inescapable fact that, when used optimally, some heroes are better than others. Below, you’ll find some of the best pieces in Auto Chess for the first 10 rounds and for the late-game. Just remember to use this classification wisely, rather than push for a certain piece when the situation doesn’t call for it.

The Best Pieces to Buy in Rounds 1-10

You can find an abundance of tier lists for Auto Chess, but these won’t help you during the first 10-15 rounds of the game. You can think of the best pieces in Auto Chess as carries: they are fantastic during the late-game, but they usually suck to begin with. To avoid losing too much health as you build your dream-team, consider adding some of the following early-game pieces:

Soul Breaker

An Assassin class Goblin, Soul Breaker needs a bit of work to be integrated in a strong build, but is absolutely fantastic during the first 10 rounds of a game. He’s cheap to purchase and, although fairly squishy, he usually packs a big punch before he dies. Works best with: Sky Breaker, Heaven Bomber.

Sky Breaker

A Mech class Goblin, Sky Breaker can be a sturdy tank for the early stages of a game. In addition, he does a fair amount of damage and his ability can stun a powerful adversary for up to 5 seconds. Works best with: Soul Breaker, Heaven Bomber.

Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game

Argali Knight

This Knight class Human is not super strong in terms of damage, but he adds something much more valuable to your build – sustainability. Every 10 seconds, Argali Knight heals an ally for a significant amount and damages all nearby enemies. If he gets to cast his ability even once, he can turn the tides of the battle. Plus, he transfers really well into powerful late-game Knights synergy. Works best with: Dragon Knight, Hell Knight, Evil Knight.

Wind Ranger

A Hunter class Feathered, Wind Ranger has massive burst damage when opponents are lined up in the path of his Powershot. Works best with: Shadowcrawler, Shining Assassin.

Fallen Witcher

A Witcher class Demon, this piece is one of the strongest to have on the board in the early-game. He does massive damage if he gets the chance to transform and can single-handedly win battles for you. Works best with Taboo Witcher (their synergy allows you to use more than 1 Demon without penalty).

Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game


This piece is a Warrior class Human and Beast, which makes him very versatile during the early- and late-game. His Shapeshift gives him decent sustain and damage, while his class and double race make him a good addition to any warrior, beast, clan, human, or druid synergy.

The Strongest Late-Game Pieces

These pieces are the show-stoppers: the heavy damage dealers and CC-ers that can carry you to victory even when you’re playing from behind. Depending on your desired build, you should aim to include at least one of these in your final 9- or 10-hero team.

Dark Spirit

An absolute monster in terms of damage, this Warlock class Spirit puts down a huge AoE that deals DPS equal to a percentage of the enemies’ health. Even at level 1, this piece can damage several opponents for 40% of their health pools. Works best with Shadow Devil, Soul Reaper, Desperate Doctor.

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Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game

Tsunami Stalker

Although not super powerful when it comes to DPS, this Hunter class Marine is the best CC-er in the game. His Ravaging Tentacles damage and stun all nearby units in a significant radius and can lead to easy victories when synergized with heavy damage dealers. Works best with: Siren, Egersis Ranger.

Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game


 A Druid class Beast, Razorclaw combines a few key elements that make him a powerhouse during the late-game. Because he is a druid, he can be leveled to 3-stars with only 4 copies, which is huge. He does decent damage on his own, but his bear actually hits like a truck and stuns opponents. Works best with: Unicorn, Warpwood Sage, Wisper Seer, Tusk Champion/Werewolf.

Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game

Pirate Captain

A Warrior class Human, Pirate Captain needs a strong team to be relevant. However, when he is paired up with other disablers/strong AoE damage dealers, his massive Ghostly Ship stun can turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Works well with Siren, Storm Shaman, Dark Spirit, Helicopter.

Siren. This Hunter class Marine has two important things going for her. First, her Abyssal Gaze ability not only stuns nearly everyone on the board, but also increases the physical damage they take. Second, Siren is a Hunter, which means that, when synergized correctly, she can do ridiculous amounts of damage. Works best with: Tsunami Stalker, Egresis Ranger, Wind Ranger.

Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game


A Mech class Dwarf, Helicopter is one of the two legendary Mechs that you need to complete a 4-piece Mech build for insane regeneration. Although Devastator is also a Goblin (and therefore necessary to complete a Mech + Goblin build), Helicopter’s ability is much more impactful in terms of damage. Works best with: Devastator, Sky Breaker, Heaven Bomber, Ripper.

Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game

Storm Shaman

This Shaman class Cave Clan is the finishing touch to any Cave Clan + Warrior synergy. He does decent damage, but his strongest feature is, by far, his Static Storm ability, which damages and silences opponents in a wide radius. Works best with: Redaxe Chief, Skull Hunter, Swordman.

Auto Chess: The Best Pieces for the Early-Game and Late-Game

Doom Arbiter

A nice addition to the Warrior and Demon builds, this Warrior class Demon can pull off a decent amount of damage and is very sustainable. In addition, his Doom Curse ability silences and damages an enemy piece for up to 20 seconds (on 3-stars), which basically disables the latter for the duration of the battle. Works best with: Fallen Witcher, Taboo Witcher, Shadow Devil, Phantom Queen, but also any Warrior combo.

As we speak, there are 55 different pieces in Auto Chess and their number is bound to increase in the future, as more heroes get transferred from DotA2. In addition, the game is updated regularly, which means that some heroes are buffed and others are nerfed on a week-to-week basis. Always keep an open mind when you choose your build during a game of Auto Chess and don’t forget to check out our detailed BlueStacks guides to different synergies to gain a better grasp of what these heroes can do together.

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