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Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

Knights are currently the strongest synergy to build in Auto Chess. Almost all of the 6 pieces are powerful even on their own and, when you put them together, they can withstand an avalanche of both physical and magical damage. Yes, they are more expensive than most other comps but provided that you can put together a strong economy, they will take home the chicken dinner at the end of the day.

Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

The only disadvantage of playing with Knights is that they are somewhat lacking in DPS. This is why it’s important to be aware of additional synergies you can incorporate in your build during mid-game and late-game transitions. We walk you through it step by step in the guide below.

Knights Reporting for Duty

Knights are an absolute pleasure to play with, especially if you can get an early 2- or 4-piece synergy going. Each one brings a unique contribution to the team so it’s important to know what individual pieces do, as well as how to position and itemize them. This way, you’ll also know which to prioritize for bench space and 3-star upgrades.

Frost Knight

The only 1-cost Knight in the bunch, Frost Knight is also pretty weak on his own. You’ll still need him for the complete comp, though, so keep him around and take advantage of any opportunity to upgrade him early. Frail as he may be, he still makes a better 2-star than most, especially with a 2-piece Knight synergy on the board.

Argali Knight

This Knight is rated as one of the most useful early- and late-game pieces by most players. He doesn’t do a lot of DPS, but he does have high armor and his Purification ability can save lives (and entire rounds). Put him on the front line if you think he’s going to survive the upcoming fight in order to help charge his mana more speedily.

Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

Evil Knight

Like Argali Knight, Evil Knight is more about utility than damage dealing. He’s a very strong tank with the ability to place an absorbing shield on himself or other pieces, which, together with the Knights synergy, gives him a lot of survivability. If you can choose which of your units the enemies hit first, Evil Knight is a perfect choice.

Hell Knight

One of the two Knights that are worth prioritizing to 3-stars, Hell Knight is a good source of DPS in this comp. Because he is a Demon, he gets 50% additional Pure damage on attacks, while his Helling Bolt ability can make a significant dent and stun enemy pieces. Feel free to itemize this one for mana regen and burst (if you have no other, better recipients).

Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

Lightblade Knight

A potent source of DPS during the mid-game and a powerhouse during the late-game (if buffed to 3-stars and itemized for damage), this Knight’s passive Moon Glaives basically turn her attacks into AoEs. One significant disadvantage of Lightblade Knight is that she constantly charges the mana for several enemy pieces at a time, so if her damage is not up to par, you might want to consider benching her until she gets more stars and/or items.

Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

Dragon Knight

The only 4-cost Knight in the group, Dragon Knight is somewhat tricky to handle. On his own, he is fairly mediocre, even if upgraded to 2-stars. With a Dragon synergy, however, he instantaneously activates his Resonance ability at the beginning of every round and can deal massive damage across the board. Whenever you see him in the shop, make sure you snatch him for yourself, because, if you don’t, other players definitely will.

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Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

How to Synergize Your Knights for More DPS

A 6-piece Knight synergy makes your comp incredibly tanky, regardless of what enemy heroes throw at you. Like we’ve mentioned before, though, the problem is that you don’t have too many sources of massive DPS, which can, ultimately, cost you the victory. Luckily, Knights include a variety of Races and Classes in their midst, which makes it easy to include additional synergies.

Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

Adding powerful DPS sources during the mid- and late-game will take care of your problem, so keep an eye out for these pieces from the very beginning. Some of the best candidates to consider are the following:

Glacier Clans + Humans + Shamans

Knights may be pretty weak when it comes to dealing damage, but even they will punch a hole in the enemy team if their attack speed is increased by 35%. Since Frost Knight is a Glacier Clan, you only need another 3 pieces for the complete synergy. These are Berserker, Defector, and Desperate Doctor, which are also fairly good sources of DPS and CC potential. You can even add a Storm Shaman to the mix for the added silence and hex. If the game goes super-late, he becomes more of a necessity than an optional pick.

Dragons + Humans + Mages

One of the strongest comps in the game, Knights + Dragons will turn Dragon Knight into a veritable beast (no pun intended). The complete list includes all 6 Knights, as well as Shining Dragon and Venom. Since the former is also a Mage, why not add the Source and Tortola Elder to the mix? That way, you get the extra magical damage, a decent chance to silence enemy pieces, and a potent source of DPS in the form of the Dragon Knight.

Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

Hunters + Egersis + Marine

This combo is definitely comparable to the one above – even better, in some situations that call for magical resistance. To get it done, you should start upgrading your Egersis Ranger early in the match and add Siren and Tsunami Stalker to the group as you find them in the shop. Feel free to use other Hunters to get the synergy going earlier and replace them when needed. Overall, the comp can output massive damage, is super resilient, and has decent CC potential.

Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

Pretty simple, isn’t it? If you’re lucky enough to draw a few Knights early, this synergy is definitely worth committing to. Even if you don’t get Hell Knight during the first 10 rounds and you lose part of your HP, you’ll make a fulminant recovery once you hit some of your important pieces. Bench space will be a luxury while you’re playing this build, so make sure you prioritize the right Knights and/or other pieces. Once you hit a couple of 3-star heroes, it’s time to sit back, relax, and think of how you’ll want to spice your chicken dinner at the end of the match.

Auto Chess: The Best Strategies for a Knights Build

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