One thing that players need to keep in mind when playing idle games like Battle Night: Cyberpunk is that these games tend to have more side tasks that need to be completed. Since the game doesn’t have an in-depth combat system and has a very simplistic way to develop characters, advanced mechanics are done through other mini game modes or through multiple challenge systems that introduce variety. However, if you’re a serious player in this game, you should learn how to maximize those modes to give you the edge over the more casual players.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG The Best Tips & Tricks For You

Despite most idle games having a reputation for being repetitive and uneventful, most modern idle games have evolved to include a myriad of other things to do so that the player always has the option to play casually or seriously. In Battle Night, the PvP system really draws out the competitiveness in a person enough that they want to do everything to get ahead. If you’ve finished reading our Battle Night Hero Guide and Combat Guide, here are a few more things that will help you to achieve your goal.

Rush the Main Campaign

The main campaign is probably the most boring part of the game, but is the most important part nonetheless. Every time a player completes a stage, the amount of gold and experience they get through the Idle System is increased. By rushing through the main campaign, players will be able to farm experience and gold faster whenever they go AFK. In addition, this also improves the rewards you get from Fast Search and the resource bonuses that you can claim on your inventory.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG The Best Tips & Tricks For You

By reaching a higher stage in the main campaign, you also unlock some special stages or bonuses on the map. Needless to say, the rewards also scale according to your progress in the main campaign. Make sure that your campaign is always at the point where it’s at least the same level as your account level. This will help you a lot in collecting much-needed resources and gear that you’ll be looking for later on when you’re doing a lot of PvP in Battle Night:Cyberpunk.

Fast Search Before You Sleep

The idle rewards is a nice system that literally rewards you for doing nothing. As mentioned already, you need to progress through the main campaign to improve the rewards that you get there. Idle rewards are often collected every 3-5 hours so that it doesn’t reach the maximum capacity but also gives the most amount of rewards. One way to get these rewards without waiting that long is by using the Fast Search system that allows you to instantly collect resources as you would after two hours.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG The Best Tips & Tricks For You

While it might be tempting to use fast search as soon as it resets the next day, the most efficient usage of this system is actually before the reset. This is because during the day, you can still progress and do the main campaign to improve your rewards. If you use this feature at the very start of the day, you waste all of the rewards that you could have gotten after finishing 5 or more stages in the main campaign that could translate into a ton of resources and rewards.

Visit the Store Often

The Store is a place where players can buy everything they need. While it’s one of the most obvious places in the Back Street, new players tend to avoid it after looking at its content once. Beginners are often turned off by the concept of the store because the contents are somewhat very expensive and seem impossible to exchange. Once you’ve play the game for a few weeks, you’ll realize that you’ve been racking up enough currency to take your pick from the store.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG The Best Tips & Tricks For You

A lot of items can be purchased in the store. The choices are pretty diverse and useful in terms of getting the things that will upgrade or improve your current team. There are different currencies in the Store such as Friendship Tokens, PvP Tokens, Hyper Space, Dawn Arena, Hero, and the standard Gem Shop. The gem shop contains different kinds of deals that reset every day so you should check it regularly so that you don’t miss out on a good deal that you can’t get anywhere else.

Complete Your Dailies

There are tons of dailies in Battle Night. Most of the game modes can only be attempted a certain number of times per day, including the B.C.P.D., 24H Fitness, and Dawn Cinema. Meanwhile, the other game modes have a limited number of attempts which refresh after a certain period of time. Those are the NORN Arena and Hyper Space. Maximizing all of them should be your priority so that you can get the limited resources from those game modes.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG The Best Tips & Tricks For You

Aside from the limited stages, there’s also the daily quests. The daily quests don’t seem like they give any significant reward but if you look at the cumulative amount you receive after a certain number of days, it actually gives you a lot. You don’t have to do it everyday but if you do play the game, make sure to get as many rewards as possible or complete it so that you get the Epic Hero shard that will help you out a lot.

Use Inventory Resources

Having trouble getting the resources that you need to level up your characters? One thing that players probably missed out on is the fact that they can exchange resource tickets from their inventory into gold or hero experience. The amount of resources that you get from these tickets depend on your current stage in the main campaign so make sure to reach the highest stage possible before using it.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG The Best Tips & Tricks For You

This is a good way to level up your characters when you’re really far behind in terms of team power. Of course, you can only level up your heroes up to the value of your account level so there’s no use exchanging all of the tickets if you won’t be spending them immediately. If you’re planning to build multiple teams or have other characters as options, you might want to use these resources so that you can level them up too.