Now that Black Desert Mobile is finally available on Play Stores around the world, it’s time to update your BlueStacks to the latest version ( and decide on your main class. As we’ve mentioned in our guide to leveling your character quickly, some classes have better solo DPS and sustain than others, which might influence your choice.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

Otherwise, you’ll want to discover the class that best suits your playstyle, which is why we’ve put together the list below. As you’ll see in a moment, each class has thoroughly unique abilities and can fulfil different roles in a party. The one thing they have in common is that they are significantly easier to control when you play Black Desert Mobile on BlueStacks, but more about that in a different article. For now, let’s focus on what each class brings to the table so that you can choose the main character you will most enjoy from the very beginning.

The Warrior

As is the case with most mobile MMOs, the Warrior class brings together multiple functions and tends to be the most appropriate for beginners. In Black Desert Mobile, the Warrior can deal considerable damage while also acting as a tank thanks to his sword-and-shield combo, as well as his defensive abilities. The fact that he can CC some categories of mobs is a nice bonus in any PvE group.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

The Warrior’s most notable abilities include:

Heavy Strike

A frontal attack that deals massive damage and stuns the target of the initial hit. Depending on the Warrior’s positioning, this skill can connect up to 7 times.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

Charging Thrust

An AoE charge that not only deals significant damage, but also maintains shield block and knocks down targets along the way. An excellent pull ability for tanks.

Battle Cry

A self-buff that increase the Warrior’s defense and damage potential. Useful for both tank and DPS Warriors.


A great single-target DPS skill that inflicts serious damage and smashes the opponent to the floor. Because it can stun almost anything in the game, the ability can be used as a CC in PvP battles.

The Giant

Like the Warrior, the Giant is an exclusively melee-focused class, but unlike the former, his single role is to deal tremendous amounts of damage to any enemy caught in his path. His dual-wield axes can be used to deal frontal damage, but also to attack all nearby enemies, regardless of their position. The Giant’s only weakness is the fact that he must be close to his target which other classes might prevent with CCs during PvP encounters (link to “Black Desert Mobile: Become a Wrecking Ball in PvP”).

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

The Giant’s most notable abilities include:

Storming Beast

A ground-slam AoE ability that generates a shockwave in all directions. The latter hits and binds all nearby enemies.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

Fearsome Tyrant

The Giant’s most powerful ability. Although this is not his highest DPS ability, it is considered to be his best because it both stuns and drags enemies into range – a deadly combo that puts nearby opponents at the Giant’s mercy.

Smack Down

A single-target skill that lets the Giant take hold of an enemy and slam them into the ground for massive damage and a long stun.

Giant’s Roar

The Giant’s sustain ability, this roar does not recover HP, but MP, which gives the character even more resources to work with in terms of DPS, but adds less survivability.

The Ranger

The Ranger is another DPS-focused class that excels at dealing damage, but has less survivability than the Warrior or Valkyrie. She makes up for her vulnerability by moving very quickly on the battlefield and by using a number of devastating long-range abilities. While playing a Ranger, you are going to use a bow for the most part, although she can also throw a couple of punches up close if needed.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

The Ranger’s most notable abilities include:

True Shot

A frontal AoE attack that shoots arrows in a cone and hits all targets in a wide range. This ability can be used successfully in both PvE and PvP encounters so long as multiple targets are available.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

Descending Current

A charged AoE ability that makes arrows rain on a selected location. This is easily the Ranger’s most devastating skill and can deal massive damage to a large number of targets, provided that the latter are clumped together.

Spin Blade

An AoE melee hit that helps the Ranger slash through targets up-close and position herself to a more comfortable distance.

Call of the Earth

A self-heal that adds more survivability to a fairly squishy character.

The Witch

Although she can be more challenging to play, the Witch has the potential to deal the most damage of all the classes currently in the game. Like the Ranger, she prefers to shoot things from afar, but will make use of a dagger in close range. Her main vulnerability has to do with her low defensive stats and the fact that she has few escape mechanics to get out of sticky situations. If used properly, however, the Witch destroys her targets before the latter have the chance to approach her.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

The Witch’s most notable abilities include:

Arcane Bolts

A barrage of ranged attacks that can connect up to 9 times for significant damage. This skill is both cheap and quick to cast, which is why you will see most Witches cast it at all times.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

Meteor Shower

A gigantic AoE skill that deals no less than 800% DMG on hit at level 1. While casting, the Witch is protected with Super Armor.

Lightning Chain

A frontal AoE damage-dealing ability that connects up to 5 times and stuns the afflicted enemies.

Time Warp

One of the Witch’s few escape mechanics, this skill increases her movement speed and allows her to run to a safer position.

The Valkyrie

Perhaps the most exciting class currently in the game, the Valkyrie is a more complex version of the Warrior. Although she does have a few abilities that provide support for her teammates, she is also apt with a sword-and-shield combo and can deal considerable damage to nearby enemies. Her only disadvantage is that, while she is very useful in a party, she can feel rather slow in terms of DPS, especially when compared to a Witch or a Giant.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

The Valkyrie’s most notable abilities include:

Shield Throw

A frontal AoE ability that allows the Valkyrie to hurl her shield through multiple targets. Can connect up to 6 times for decent damage.

Black Desert Mobile: Which Class Should You Pick?

Judgment of Light

The Valkyrie gains Super Armor and strikes the ground in front of her for tremendous AoE damage. All enemies caught in her range become bound.

Divine Wrath

Deals frontal AoE damage while dazing and knocking down enemies caught in range. A nice CC for both PvE and PvP battles.

Breath of Elion

A heal that activates automatically when the Valkyrie’s HP is under 75%. The heal applies both to the Valkyrie and all her nearby allies.

Although only these five classes can be accessed at this point in time, remember that Black Desert Mobile was just launched for NA and European servers, which means that it is very likely that other classes will be introduced in the future. Until then, why not get familiar with your favorite class and learn more about how to use your character’s abilities in combat in this guide?