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Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

Even though the NA and European servers for Black Desert Mobile are only a few days old, they have already seen their fair share of action. People from all over the world are now competing to reach max level and create the most powerful characters. Some don’t mind investing real currency to this end, while others prefer to take an F2P approach to their progression. In both cases, there are a number of things players should do as they log in every day.

Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

These activities provide valuable resources and materials, as well as experience for your characters and food for your black spirit. If you have the time to get them done, they are well worth the effort. Just remember to update your BlueStacks to the latest version (, install BDM on your PC, and you’re ready to go!

1 – Get Ready for Adventure

Presuming that you have already reached level 20 and can now use Black Spirit Mode to farm XP, gather, or fish while offline, the first thing you’ll have to do when you log in every day is to clear your bags. Find the closest vendor in a nearby city and use the “Sell Junk” option to quickly get rid of unnecessary loot.

Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

Then, open your Skills menu and press the “Use All Skillsbooks” button to make even more room in your backpack. This is an important step because skillbooks actually take up a lot of space and weight in your bags. Finally, throw all the inferior gear that is now in your inventory to your Black Spirit. You can then collect any achievement rewards that you got overnight and start your first black spirit quest for the day.

2 – Check All the Shops

There are a number of Shops in BDM that are accessible for F2P players and should be scanned every day for goodies. Talish’s Shop, for example, takes Black Pearls in exchange for a bunch of useful items such as epic skillbooks, weapon and armor stones, condensed dark energy for your Black Spirit, and more.

Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

Talish’s Shop can be refreshed up to 10 times per day, but except for the first refresh – which only costs 1 Black Pearl – this gets very expensive, very quickly. While you’re here, you might also want to pop into the Addons tab to collect your free accessory for the day.

3 – Tend to Your Camp

The Camp is an essential part of your family’s progression in Black Desert Mobile, which is why we’ve created a separate guide for it here. Once your bags are clear, you should first visit your Camp before adventuring into the world for a few important tasks.

Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

These depend on how far along your camp has come, but, as a general rule, you’ll want to collect all the resources that were gathered overnight, empty the Refinery, grab any pots or gems that you’ve created, tend to the gardens, and give your workers new tasks. Once your Camp is levelled enough, the Node mini-game will become a great source of precious resources such as Ancient Gold Coins and should be completed every day.

4 – Use Up Your Stamina

Unlike in other MMOs, Stamina does not have to do with your character’s abilities in combat. Instead, your Stamina reserves are used whenever you complete a gathering action like foraging, cutting down trees, or mining. Depending on your level, you’ll start the day with a given amount of Stamina and should waste it all right away so as to allow it to keep regenerating while you play.

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Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

Find an area with a decent number of mines, trees, and bushes and spend a few minutes gathering with your character. This will give you an infusion of resources for your Camp, as well as a good amount of XP for your hero.

5 – Complete Boss Rushes and Ancient Ruins

Boss Rushes and Ancient Ruins are both excellent ways to obtain new items, crystals, and lightstones. While the former can be tackled with a single character, the latter requires you to either form or join a party of up to five people. Luckily, the game’s matchmaking system works flawlessly at this point in time and the servers are always busy, which makes it the perfect time to farm these two instances. In addition to loot, they will both drop Ancient Gold Coins, which you will then be able to exchange for gear at Shakatu’s Shop.

Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

Don’t have enough Stamps or Tablets to join a Boss Rush or raid the Ancient Ruins? Skip to our guide to resources and farming to find out how you can get more.

6 – Participate in the Arena

Not all players will be able to enjoy the Arena in Black Desert Mobile because PvP is currently dominated by those who are willing to invest serious amounts of real currency into the game. While this is an unfortunate state of affairs, you can still get some rewards from PvP battles as long as you know the basics of combat against other players.

Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

Completing at least one Arena battle per day will help you complete one of the Daily Achievements and grant you a small amount of currency that you can then spend for goodies in the Arena Shop.

7 – Before You Log Off…

Remember how we said you should have a routine for logging in? The same holds true for logging off, which is to say that, as a serious adventurer, there are a few things you should do before you go to sleep every night.

Black Desert Mobile: Daily To-Do List for Active Players

For one, you should check your camp just like you did earlier in the day. Harvest any full-grown plants, empty the Refinery, and give your workers tasks for the night. Then, use your Stamina reserves to gather a few more resources and remember to feed your pet if you intend to train them while you AFK. Finally, empty your bags to make room for new goodies and activate the Black Spirit Mode before you log off.

This might seem like a lot to do, but don’t be fooled: there are dozens of more things you can do every day in Black Desert Mobile. This is, after all, a serious MMORPG, which means that if you feel like playing, there is most definitely something for you to do in the game world. Still, the steps mentioned here form a solid foundation for a day-to-day routine that will support your Camp and character development in the long run.

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