Note: While we’ll be talking about Blade & Soul Revolution using BlueStacks 4, this game is already available on the new BlueStacks 5 with much better performance, less resource consumption, and more stability. Download the latest version of our Android emulator and give it a try!

Blade & Soul Revolution is a mobile MMORPG with a unique action combat system centered around dynamic combos, as well as some interesting classes that can effectively take advantage of it. In contrast to other games in the genre, this title is significantly more execution-intensive and requires more practice before you’ll be able to effectively navigate the field and engage the enemy. However, it’s also infinitely more rewarding since, through practice, you can easily tear through hordes of monsters and emerge unscathed.

Blade & Soul Revolution - Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Combat

To this end, we’ve decided to create this brief guide with a few Blade & Soul Revolution combat tips to help you get started on the right foot.

Choose the Right Class for Your Play Style

While the race of your character is mostly aesthetic, the main differences between them is that they only have access to two classes each. There are a total of five classes in the game, all of which feature deceptively similar play styles. We say “deceptively” because, while it may seem like you can simply mash the attack button to defeat your enemies—and you could actually get away with this in the beginning—, the truth is that every class has its own toolset and play style, and can excel when using specific approaches to engaging the enemies on screen.

While choosing the class that fits your preferred play style, as we mentioned in our beginner’s guide, is crucial, learning how to actually use them is also pivotal to your success. In this sense, here’s a quick rundown of each class in Blade & Soul Revolution:

Blade & Soul Revolution - Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Combat

  • Sword Master

Your typical MMORPG sword wielder that features balanced stats, without necessarily excelling at any given area. Though their stats might be a bit conservative, the real strength of the Sword Master class stems from its versatility, since they can easily perform any role just fine. If you need a tank, they can do it; if you need a DPS, they’ll be happy to oblige. For this reason, the Sword Master class is best suited for those who enjoy simplistic play styles, particularly if you enjoy playing on your own since you’ll be able to fit into any group.

  • Force Master

These are the spellcasters of the game, which in Blade & Soul Revolution isn’t saying much, considering that it’s combat system is so different from other titles. In a nutshell, Force Masters are all about flinging spells at their foes while constantly keeping your distance and dodging counterattacks. Though they’re quite strong in terms of DPS, they’re also very squishy, which makes them a bit difficult for newbies.

  • Kung Fu Master

Arguably the most difficult and rewarding class in the game, specializing in combo-based gameplay and plenty of counters and dodges. Kung Fu Masters are all about stringing together attacks to deal maximum damage, while adequately responding to the enemy’s response with your own series of counterattacks. This class requires ample knowledge of your own skills, as well as proper reflexes and, above all else, knowing your enemy so that you can effectively counter and punish their every move.

  • Summoner

As its name suggests, this class can summon its own familiar ally to assist in combat, either by healing or providing buffs. They can also dish out surprisingly strong burst damage with their spells, though their main forte is in supporting their group, though not quite to the extent as a healer in other games would. With that being said, they can handle themselves just fine during solo play.

  • Destroyer

Armed with heavy weaponry and sturdy armor, Destroyers are typically the dedicated tanks of the group. Though they’re quite slow and clunky to play, their superior defenses usually afford multiple mistakes against even the toughest enemies. This class is ideal for the beginners who are just learning the ropes of the game as they won’t die as quick from taking excessive hits.

Blade & Soul Revolution - Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Combat

If you’re a beginner and know absolutely nothing about Blade & Soul, we wholly recommend starting with the Destroyer. Alternatively, if you’re up for a challenge, feel free to go with the Kung Fu Master; the gameplay is extremely rewarding, especially as you start to combo everyone from 100% HP to 0 with a few well-placed hits.

Learn the Fundamentals Before Going Into Combos

Now that you know which class to use, it’s time to actually jump into the game. Luckily, the first enemies you’ll encounter are absolute pushovers, which makes them excellent practice targets to learn the fundamentals.

Blade & Soul Revolution - Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Combat

Blade & Soul Revolution - Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Combat

While you’ll probably have seen videos of the pros fighting with massive and stylish combos, this level of skill takes plenty of time to master, not to mention that you’ll first need to lay down the groundwork so that you can continue to improve down the line. In this sense, we strongly suggest getting used, first and foremost, to the movement in Blade & Soul, especially since maintaining proper distancing will be crucial to avoiding taking damage, as well as properly capitalizing whenever the enemy is vulnerable.

Blade & Soul Revolution - Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Combat

If you’re just starting out, we recommend you also practice dodging. Even if it makes the battles last longer, just practice moving in and out of combat and dodging attacks just as they’re about to hit you. This will help to prepare you for when you’re fighting hordes of tough monsters in the future, so that you can not only pummel them with your combos, but also stay safe at all times.

Master the Combo System

Once you’ve gotten acquainted with how to move, dodge, and stay safe in the field, it’s time to learn how to actually dish out the pain.

The combat in Blade & Soul revolution is centered around a system where you can effectively chain skills to increase your damage output. Instead of simply using your skills as they come off cooldown like in other MMORPGs, you must plan your attacks appropriately in this game as executing these skill chains are much stronger than simply using skills haphazardly. For every combo threshold you reach, you will start to receive stat boosts, allowing you to deal more damage as long as you manage to keep the combo going.

While the skill chains available to you vary per class, they all have similar execution, in the sense that you need to use the attacks in the correct order to pull them off. There is some leeway in the time you have between using each skill, but if you take too long, the current combo, and all its benefits, will expire.

Blade & Soul Revolution - Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Combat

The key to mastering the combat in Blade & Soul Revolution, like with many things in life, is practice. As you continue to string combos together, you’ll quickly get used to the combat system and be able to hold your own against even the toughest enemies. We just hope this guide can help you to get started on the right track.