In Brave Conquest, the bulk of combat is carried by troops and they way to deploy them on the battlefield. In previous guides, we’ve talked about the basic rules of engagement in this mobile RTS, but also about some of the best comps you can use for more successful defensive and offensive battles. Now, it’s time to tackle two equally important factors – your Heroes and your Spells.

Brave Conquest: A Compendium of the Best Heroes and Spells

During combat, you can use two Heroes, each with a unique ability that can be activated on cooldown. Spells, on the other hand, are powerful effects that can only be triggered once per battle. Since you can only select two at a time, it’s essential to know which are best suited to go against your opponent, as well as when they should be used. For all of this and more, read on!

The Complete Guide to the Best Heroes

Like with any good strategy game, it’s difficult to pick out some heroes as the best. Whether or not a hero performs in combat has much to do with your other units and your opponent’s lineup. If any one hero were much better than the rest, the game would be unbalanced, which, thankfully, Brave Conquest is not.

Still, there are some champions that are worth your gold more than others. These include:


You get this hero right off the bat when you start the game, so you’re very likely to throw some gold his way to begin with. He is, in fact, one of the very few tankier heroes at your disposal, which means he tends to be included in most comps early on. His nice stun ability can be useful to CC an enemy hero (in combination with Twilight Crusader and Chill, for example).

Brave Conquest: A Compendium of the Best Heroes and Spells

Grand Huntress

Also obtained for free and used in many early formations, Grand Huntress deals massive damage with her AoE spread ability. In addition, when positioned right, she can even reach the backline and target stubborn enemy archers that would otherwise destroy your soldiers before you ever got to them.


The hero that is likely to replace Paladin for most players, Wolfina can deal massive damage to packed-up enemy units in the backline – provided that she is protected from initial damage and stuns.

Brave Conquest: A Compendium of the Best Heroes and Spells

Lunar Sentinel

One of the few healers in the game, Lunar Sentinel could be the element your archers need to survive an initial onslaught. As you know already, archers can devastate an entire enemy team if provided with enough time.

Twilight Crusader

This heroine works great with Paladin and knights against archer-heavy comps. Her charge ability stuns units and heroes and can be used to reach the backline/archers on the opposing team.

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Brave Conquest: A Compendium of the Best Heroes and Spells

Ice Queen

This heroine does not look like much, but she can actually play an instrumental role in the survivability of your team. Her AoE ability does not only do damage at a distance, but it also slows down enemy movement and attack speed – including that of knights or archers.

Abyssal Lord

A fluffy-looking fellow with anger-management problems, Abyssal Lord has an ability that can deal massive DPS to a single target. He be used as a frontliner and to counter enemy heroes such as Grand Huntress or Paladin.

Brave Conquest: A Compendium of the Best Heroes and Spells

A Note on Getting More Heroes

At first, it might seem like you have to spend real currency to get these champions, but that’s not true – at least at first. They are unlocked by opening Gold Chests inside the Imperial Vault and you can get the Gold Keys you need to do so in several different ways. These include the War Academy, the Arena, the Main Stages, Expeditions, and more. Evolving heroes does require specific shards, which are far more difficult to obtain. However, even this can be achieved by F2P players that are dedicated enough to log in every day.

The Complete Guide to the Most Effective Spells

Eight different spells can be unlocked in Brave Conquest by using the Spellworks building, each with its specific use. As with heroes, it’s impossible to pin-point the best spells because they are all excellent if used properly. Here’s what we mean:


Both of these are high damage spells that can be used to disable of finish off units in the backline. The Fireball is an AoE spell that is great against packs of archers or knights, while the Storm spell is more effective against mechanical units such as the ballista or the catapult.

Brave Conquest: A Compendium of the Best Heroes and Spells


One of the most widely useful spells in the game, Chill is a great way to chain-CC powerful enemy units or heroes, especially when you couple it with 1-2 heroes who can stun. Use it to give your team enough time to deal damage before it gets destroyed by packs of knights or heroes.


This spell is fantastic when used together with Chill because it allows you to prolong the stun duration and to take advantage of the fact that many enemy units are slammed in one place.

Brave Conquest: A Compendium of the Best Heroes and Spells


These two are designed to target your army, rather than your opponent’s. They can be extremely useful in fights that you want to ace with 3-stars because Heal can push your army back up above 50% HP, while Incite can help your units deal more damage faster, thereby preventing massive damage from strong enemies.


This spell is very similar to Ice Queen’s ability in that it can be used to slow down the movement and attack speed of enemy units, while also dealing moderate damage. Although not as shiny as other options, it can work well against archer-heavy comps by giving your team enough survivability to get to the backlines.

Brave Conquest: A Compendium of the Best Heroes and Spells

Raise Dead

Considered to be slightly OP by many players, Raise Dead is the last spell you unlock at the Spellworks. When maxed out, it basically enlarges your army by an extra 25% or so, which is not a negligible effect. In addition, the little skellywags can act as cannon fodder for your archers while the latter work their magic.

That’s it: you now know how and when to use your heroes/spells in Brave Conquest. Of course, the game is still relatively new (not even released in some regions), so this information might change at any time. We think that’s part of the fun, though, and we’d love to hear your opinions on what works and doesn’t work in your army. Why not let us know which hero/spell combinations you prefer in the comment section?

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