In our guide to combat and troops, we laid out the basics of skirmishes in Brave Conquest, IGG’s next big hit after Lords Mobile. If you’re not familiar with the game yet, we recommend you read that article first, before you look at the tips here. If you’ve already spent your share of time in the arena, though, you’re ready to take it to the next level!

Brave Conquest: The Best Troop Formations for Beginners

During the early and mid-stages of the game, it actually matters very little whether you spend real currency or not. Sure, being a P2W player allows you to climb the ranks faster, but many of the units used in the best comps are actually leveled up basic units. Add to this the fact that you do not lose troops after combat and you have a great reason to up your strategy game. Unlike in many other RTS games, where more money means much better armies, being a better tactician in Brave Conquest can help you win even against P2W players.

How Cavalry Works (And How to Use It Properly)

The Cavalry is, no doubt, one of the more versatile and powerful types of units in Brave Conquest. It’s not just that Knights have better stats, but if you manage to pull Royal Airbornes from the Imperial Vault, there are so many things you can do to counter other popular strategies.

As you know already, Knights like to charge ahead. Royal Airbornes, on the other hand, jump straight to the first pack of Archers (or Machines) that they see. They can skip on your enemy’s defenses entirely, which obviously makes them particularly strong against Archer-only comps. However, this can also work against them.

Brave Conquest: The Best Troop Formations for Beginners

If, for example, a player were to place a group of Archers on the middle lane and the rest of their Archers to the back, all of your Cavalry squadrons would jump to the one lonely group. Naturally, they would defeat it quickly, but, in the meantime, they would all be clumped together and extremely vulnerable to AoE spells such as Fireball, as well as to Hero abilities. If you see such an arrangement, know that it is a trap and you likely need to switch up your strategy.

Brave Conquest: The Best Troop Formations for Beginners

A good counter is to use only one group of Airbones. When they jump to the back, they will distract the enemy archers, while your Heroes and Archers will do their damage. It seems counterintuitive because the game tells us that Knights beats Archers, but it works.

The Most Effective Defensive Formation (Keep)

Just as you can attack other players in the Arena or through Expeditions, so can others attack you. Since the battle won’t happen in real-time, you won’t be able to switch between your comps or re-arrange your units. You also won’t be in charge of the way your Heroes and Spells are used. The only way to defend yourself is to create a versatile formation and save it in the Keep (found inside the Arena building).

Brave Conquest: The Best Troop Formations for Beginners

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Although not perfect (no formation will be), a combination of 4 Archers, 1 Royal Airborne, the Grand Huntress, and another strong hero (such as Paladin) can defend against most attacks, provided that the level discrepancy between your units and those of your opponent is not too great.

This keep formation is designed for those players who have already unlocked Barracks level 4. Otherwise, you can always remove one of the Archer squadrons. Ideally, you should position 3 Archer groups and the Huntress at the back of your comp. One Archer team sits in the middle of the mid lane to draw Cavalry-heavy builds, while the Airbornes are to the side of the front line to distract enemy Archers, if they appear.

Brave Conquest: The Best Troop Formations for Beginners

Then, you pray that the AI playing on your behalf has had its coffee today and decides to throw the Fireball where it counts. Even if this doesn’t happen, though, you’ll still be able to defeat the majority of offenders.

The Most Powerful Offensive Formation

Things aren’t as simple when it comes to offense. Yes, you do have more choices and you are actually in control of your army, but this only makes your decision more complex. In short, there is no one best formation that wins against all types of defense. After all, that is why you can choose between multiple comps before an attack.

Brave Conquest: The Best Troop Formations for Beginners

That being said, Cavalry does tend to have more success on the offensive, especially if you remember to avoid those comps that try to lure your Airbones to a single, packed location. In addition, one excellent Hero to use on the attack is Wolfina, which you can unlock by drawing her from the Imperial Vault once your Castle is at least level 6.

Brave Conquest: The Best Troop Formations for Beginners

Wolfina does tremendous amounts of damage with her ability, but her HP is also fairly low, so you have to make sure she doesn’t die/get stunned right away. To achieve this, position your Knights on one side to distract enemy heroes and Wolfina on the other. The Hero should be on the mid lane, behind a group of Infantry that will soak most damage and any incoming stuns. This way, while most of the enemy army is busy with your other units, Wolfina can wreck entire groups of Archers on the back lines.

How to Get More Troops

We talk more about how you can obtain Wolfina and other champions in our guide to Heroes and Spells, so feel free to check that out if you don’t have your favorite units yet. When it comes to troops, you can unlock more by spending Silver Keys in the Imperial Vault. The Silver Chests won’t always contain a new type of troops, but the drop rate is more advantageous than you think.

Brave Conquest: The Best Troop Formations for Beginners

It’s also not necessary that you spend real currency to obtain Silver Keys. You can get them from launching Explorations at the Goblin Skyhover (at least 1 key per event), winning in the War Academy, obtaining 15 stars in the Arena (several times per day), and completing the main stages. Before you know it, you’ll have all the basic troops at your disposal. For example, we got everything we wanted within the first 2 days of gameplay, even though we did not spend any money or diamonds on Silver Keys.

With these comps and tricks up your sleeve, you’ll find it much easier to roll through the early- and mid-game. Of course, as you climb the ranks, you might encounter more and more P2W players. This is not to say that you can’t stand up to them, especially since, as we’ve already mentioned in our review of Brave Conquest, you do not lose troops after combat. As a F2P player, it does take more time for you to progress, but you can still do great things with the right amount of patience.

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