We’ve mentioned time and again in our other guides to Brave Conquest that this is a game where combat takes the central stage. Don’t be fooled, though: in order to be successful in battle, you must build a powerful kingdom that can support your soldiers, heroes, and spells. For all the little things that happen behind the scenes of glorious conquest, we’ve put together the guide below.

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

As with any other mobile RTS, the Main Quest is more or less a tutorial or basic guide to playing the game. Naturally, you’ll want to focus on completing these tasks first. Yet they are only the beginning of a complex empire management system that includes tens of daily activities for resources and items. Plus, building some structures can take days for F2P players, so it’s nice to have something to do while you wait.

Complete All Possible Side-Quests

At the bottom left side of your screen, there is a scroll that reads “Quests,” which is where you’ll be able to locate all the side-quests you can complete during the day. They appear as people from your kingdom asking for support in the form of basic resources, weapons, food, or clearing groups of monsters. Not all side-quests (over 100 per day) appear at once, though. Instead, an average of 5 tasks are on the map at any given time and you can choose which of them to complete. If any seems too difficult (or not worth the bother), you can quit and replace it with no penalty.

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

These side-quests can seem like a lot to do in just one day. Keeping your Storehouse stocked on a variety of goods does help, but even if you have an abundance of items and resources, you’ll still likely have to supplement with more during the day. Logistics is important here if you want to complete the tasks quickly. As you fulfill requests, make sure you get your Bakery, Blacksmith, Factories, and Fields to produce new copies of the items you give away. The aim is to obtain a constant flow so that you don’t have to wait around for goods to be made.

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

Why should you bother to do all of this? Each side-quest offers a decent amount of Gold, Medals, and Stone, which you need to upgrade your Heroes, Troops, and Buildings, respectively. When you put together 100 tasks and their rewards, you get a nice, hefty total.

Fulfill Commissions for Awesome Rewards

Once you unlock the Harbor, ships will begin to sail by with commissions from far-away lands. Generally, you’ll be able to serve one ship per day and you’ll have about 20 hours to gather the resources and items you need to do so.

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

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These orders can ask for pretty much anything you can make – from basic food items such as grain or pumpkins to basic Factory items like wood or cloth and complex goods such as Bows, Swords, Bread or Beer. You’ll have to balance these commissions with your daily side-quests, but if you click on the Harbor when no ship is preset, you can actually see a prediction of what will be required of you.

This way, you can prepare for the next shipment before you log off in the evening and complete it right away during the morning. The rewards will certainly be worth the effort – more gold and medals, but also Blessings used to purchase buffs at the Cathedral and Starforce used to summon bosses at the Astral Island. Yum!

Get Exploring with the Goblin Skyhover

Right before you unlock the desert area of your kingdom, you’ll first stumble across a little forest of Goblins, whom you can befriend for access to the Skyhover. Once every 5-10 minutes, the latter allows you send out an exploration balloon or zeppelin that looks for treasure throughout the land. In general, each time you explore lands you either a simple treasure or a better coffer guarded by a boss.

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

At any rate, you should make use of the Skyhover at all times while you are online. Each treasure contains at least 1 Silver Key, which means that you can open one Silver Treasure per day (at least) inside the Imperial Vault from this activity alone! Certainly better than spending 100 diamonds for it, we think.

Share the Burden of Base-Building with Your Allies

This is a mechanic that you’re certainly familiar with from other mobile RTS games, as well as one of the main reasons why you should join an active alliance as soon as you can build the Embassy. When you build, research, or train troops/heroes, you can ask other members of your alliance to throw in a helping hand. When they do, the timer is reduced by a slight amount, up to a total of about 10% (for 10 helps).

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

You, too, will want to help your guildies as much as possible – first of all, because you’re a nice person (Right? Right?), but, more importantly, because this can land you up to 500 Contribution Points per day. You can use these at the Mana Pool to buy cool items such as Silver Keys, Loudspeakers, or Speed-Ups.

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

Protect Your Kingdom from Invasions

Always keep an eye on your Fishing Village. This is one of the first areas you discover in the game and it seems completely useless at first. It’s beautiful, of course, but why is it there?! you might ask. We had the same question until, one evening, a group of 3 ships sailed to it and set it aflame. Can you imagine our rage at such impudence?

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

As it turns out, the Fishing Village gets raided by other players at least once per day. If you’re online at the time, you can use your army to squash the invaders and teach them never to set foot on your lands again! HaHa! Or… if the invaders are 10 levels higher than you are, you can always click the refresh button and pretend that never happened. That’s better: invaders we can actually squash!

Collect, Collect, Collect!

There are a bunch of things you have to keep an eye on while you supervise your kingdom. Naturally, you’ll start with collecting gold, medals, and stone from your Cabins, Hall of Honor, and Mines. Beyond this, however, there are Fields, Factories, Bakeries, Blacksmiths, and more. They, too, will require you to constantly collect goods in order to maintain a good workflow (to the extent that your Storehouse permits this).

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

What’s more, chests sometimes randomly appear on the map and you can collect them for sweet rewards. Even groups of monsters can make their way to your kingdom and must be expelled. Why? We don’t know. Our queen doesn’t seem to care much whether the intruders are just seeking asylum or perhaps came in chasing a wild fox or something. We attack and vanquish them anyway! To be fair, they do look pretty angry. At least we get some Medals and other resources from it.

Brave Conquest: Manage Your Kingdom Effectively with These Tips

Boy, is that a lot to do! But what are kingdoms for if not to keep us busy? We love how many tasks we can choose to complete in Brave Conquest, as well as the fact that their rewards are more than decent. Then again, we are playing the game on BlueStacks, which comes in-handy when we want to optimize some of the more boring quests. If you’re not yet on BlueStacks, you should give it a try. Like, right now.

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