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Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

Brave Conquest is a mobile RTS that puts a whole new world full of activities at your fingertips. We simply love IGG’s upcoming release and we did not shy away from saying so in our review of the game. But what we appreciate even more is that most in-game tasks are crazy fun; and by fun, we mean they let us to steamroll monsters and other players, of course.

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

In other words, combat is at the heart of Brave Conquest and, luckily, it does not disappoint. Unlike with many other games in the niche, you actually have to carefully plan each strike, select the right types of soldiers, arrange them properly, and control some aspects of the battle itself. When we win an engagement, we feel like we actually deserve it. And that feels great!

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

But enough about our own experience. Let’s look at some of the combat basics and see how they can help you take your kingdom from scrappy to destroy-anyone-who-ever-dares-to-challenge-you…-y.

How Combat Works in Brave Conquest

The first thing you do when you start a new game in Brave Conquest is jump straight into a battle. In fact, you spend the first 30 minutes of the game completing a brief combat tutorial that teaches you the basics of troops and how they like to kill one another. Or, if you’re one of those players who don’t enjoy (or really hate) early-game tutorials, you can skip through your first missions and gain a better understanding of combat mechanics below.

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

During each match, two armies face one another – yours and that of an NPC or another player. An army can be composed of 1-2 heroes and 3-6 squadrons of units, which you have to display on a 3×7 board. The way you arrange these units is the way they will start running towards your opponent. This is important because some types of troops are stronger/weaker against others and you want to match them up to your advantage.

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

Once you’re done deploying your army, you start the combat and watch them get to work. In addition, you get to control when your heroes use their abilities and when to use spells (once per combat). If you do it right, you come out on top with troops to spare. Either way, one essential detail to remember is that, no matter what happens, you never actually lose units outside of combat.

Did all of your archers get slaughtered in the previous match? It doesn’t matter. You’ll find them right where you left them, ready to pick up their bows once again. This gives you plenty of room to experiment without fear of losing your hard-trained army and it eliminates a lot of waiting time between matches. Hurray!

Troop Types, Strengths, and Upgrades

There are three main troop types in Brave Conquest – Archers, Infantry, and Cavalry. They work pretty much as you would expect them to. Archers are great against Infantry, but only so long as they are protected. Otherwise, they get instantly squished, unless they have a great level advantage. They are also weak against Cavalry, especially because the latter can charge the back lines. Meanwhile, Infantry works well against Cavalry, but is weak to Archers, while Cavalry is good against Archers, but weak against Infantry.

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Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

Note that there isn’t just one kind of Infantry, Archers, or Cavalry in the game. You get the basic units once you complete the tutorial, but by using Silver Keys at the Vault (inside the Castle), you can unlock new, better troops. Once you get Royal Airborne, for example, you can replace most of your basic Knights, since the former do more damage and jump straight onto enemy Archers if any are in sight.

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

In addition, there are few special types of troops that can also be unlocked at the Vault. These include the Royal Clerics, who can only heal and have no offensive ability; the Royal Ballistae, which can deal massive single-target DPS, but are very squishy in close range; and the Royal Catapults, which are perfect for situations that call for a lot of splash damage.

Once you advance in level, you can further unlock all these varieties in 3 different “races” – Pirates, Goblins, and Sandstorm. The latter share many similarities with the basic troops, but have unique perks that make them preferable in some situations.

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

Regardless of the type, all troops are upgraded inside the Troop Hall. Here, you can use Medals to boost the level of specific units and improve their stats (including their HP and ATK) – something you should do as often as possible, because it drastically improves your army’s performance during combat.

Comps, Heroes, and Spells

With this many available types of troops, your next question is going to be: which should you use? Your choice in this respect is actually one of the most important factors in deciding the outcome of a match, so you’ll want to memorize which units are best against which. Because the topic is fairly extensive in and of its own, we’ve put together a guide to some of the best comps currently in Brave Conquest, where we also talk about how you can get more Silver Keys to unlock better troops.

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

Finally, before you put your sword to the test, you should also learn a few things about Heroes and Spells, both of which can be pretty impactful during combat. Heroes are very similar to troops in that they are also only good in certain situations. The Grand Huntress, for instance, is fabulous against Infantry, while the Twilight Crusader has a Charge ability that can easily move her to the back lines and trample Archers. Paladin is one of the few exceptions to this rule since he has a tanky build that can be used in almost any comp until you unlock better Heroes.

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

Unlike the abilities of your champions, Spells can only be used once per combat. They include a Fireball with massive damage, a CC freeze, a Heal, a Bloodlust, and more, but they are close to useless if not timed properly. That’s why we like to play Brave Conquest on BlueStacks so that we can bind our Heroes and Spells to keys and activate them at just the right moment.

Brave Conquest: The Ultimate Guide to Troops and Combat

There is much more to be said about Heroes and Spells, but, luckily for you, we already did just that in this guide! Don’t you just love it when a game is complex enough that you can theory craft about it for articles on end? We know we do. If you haven’t found enough information here, you can always check one (or several) of our other guides for more details on every aspect of Brave Conquest.

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