Not everything that the pros do will work for the average player. A lot of people actually realize that, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still learn from watching the highest level of Call of Duty: Mobile play. In this guide, you will be going over techniques that you can copy from the pros. 

Cancel The Smokes:

This first one might sound kind of weird at first glance. In certain situations, you should try using your grenades in order to cancel out a smoke from the enemy team. The reason you want to do this is to prevent the smoke from landing where your opponents wanted it to. Potentially leaving a gap for you to see through as they cross. A great example of this is the buildings on the Crash map. It’s pretty common for the enemies to throw smoke from their spawn, so they can get out quickly and take that map control. By throwing your grenades at that side of the map you can make sure their smoke lands on the side, thus creating a large gap where you can pick off any unsuspecting enemies.

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for MP Games - Get Your Tips from the Pro Play

You can use this trick on a regular basis. Another extremely common tactic is to throw smokes together so that the entire team can cross secretly without being seen. If you were to throw a grenade towards the smokes, you would force one of the cross smokes to land short of its destination, creating a large gap for when the enemies try to cross. They can always re-smoke before they cross but that results in them using their tacticals early in the round. They won’t have that many left for the later part of the game. So the next time the enemy team is always trying to use their smokes early in the round, use your grenades to shut them down. 

Mind Games:

There’s a lot of things that you can do to make it seem like you’re doing one thing and then surprise your enemy when you do another. You’ve seen fake planting, defusing, and reloading before. However, this is a little bit different. By dropping your lethals in a certain spot, you can trick your opponent into thinking they know where you’re playing. A great example of this is if you’re retaking the map control in Nuketown. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for MP Games - Get Your Tips from the Pro Play

If you drop your grenade into the sides of the enemy spawn point, it makes a pretty loud noise. You can use this noise to make the enemy think that you are holding an angle on that spot. They might peek out and reveal their position since they won’t be looking at you anyway. If you react fast enough you should be able to grab an easy kill and clutch the round. Not everyone will fall for this trick, but you’d be surprised how many people actually do. 


If you’ve watched professional matches you might have heard the term anti-flash before. This basically means you’re facing away from the position you’re supposed to be watching in anticipation of a flashbang. This way when the other team throws their flash you can quickly turn around and fight them without being blinded. It may sound like a really risky play since you have your back turned to the enemy. In some cases that is very true and that’s why usually you have a teammate with you. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for MP Games - Get Your Tips from the Pro Play

A teammate who’s holding the angle with you while you have your back turned. If they peek without using any flashes, your teammate can engage the enemy first and then you quickly turn around and support them. If your teammate gets flashed they can hide while you engage the oncoming push. This might not be the most effective thing to do in unranked matches where players aren’t the best with their lethal usage. If you’re an intermediate level player, give this method a try sometimes.

Coded Communication:

Communication is extremely important. Communication means giving out as much information as you can, all the while shutting up and letting your teammates listen for sound cues. It can be difficult if you’re not an experienced player. One way you can improve your comms in pre-made stacks or teams is by using code words that describe an entire process. For example, you want a flash for a teammate to peek into an area for information. Instead of saying you have a flash ready, just call for it. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for MP Games - Get Your Tips from the Pro Play

You can use a code word such as pinned or even primed to say the same thing. Another example would be using a code word for your teammates to stay alive while you go for a flank. Instead of telling your teammates to stay alive, you can use a code word like stall to convey the same message. This is something you have to work out beforehand with your teammates. Establishing code words like this can really help you clean up comms when there’s a lot going on.

Wall Bangs:

It’s pretty common for players to learn set lineups to throw grenades, but what about wall bangs. This is a really underrated aspect of CoD Mobile that hasn’t been explored enough even at the professional level. By learning set lineups for wall bangs, you can do a lot of damage early in the round. Which can make the difference between winning and losing a map. By doing the small chip of damage at the beginning of the round it’s possible to get the enemy’s health low enough to where you can kill them with one headshot from the M4. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for MP Games - Get Your Tips from the Pro Play

A map where this happens a lot is on Standoff and Crash maps. The buildings towards the inside of the map have really thin walls. So you can actually spam them easily. A common protocol that teams do is send one player up in buildings to spam shots. Mostly this falls on the player who has an LMG. By doing this set lineup, you can do extra damage or even get a kill on unsuspecting enemies. Try some of these lineups for yourself and then watch the demo afterward so you can have a better understanding of when exactly you should be spamming these areas. What seems like a little bit of chip damage can go a long way. Wall bang lineups are something that players at all skill levels should be experimenting with more. 

Cross Firing:

Often this next step is something that you can easily set up with a friend to net you some free kills. Using crossfires is a great way to catch enemies off guard and shut down a push. A crossfire is basically when you and a teammate are holding the same angle from two different positions. The reason you do this is that you can guarantee kills against an enemy push even if the enemy has insanely good aim. The logic behind crossfires is pretty simple. No matter how good you are, you can’t shoot two people in different positions at the exact same time. Even if they get the first kill, the other player in the crossfire should be getting the trade kill. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for MP Games - Get Your Tips from the Pro Play

Let’s look at two powerful examples. The first one is between the lane side of Standoff map. In this example, any enemies who run in the lane side of the middle will be getting shot at from two different directions when running into the bomb/spawn site. While these positions aren’t as strong if the enemy team manages to get a kill and break the crossfire, you should be able to get more kills on the other team, allowing your teammates to have an easier time on the retake. Try to work out a couple of different crossfire setups you can run with a friend and then test them out in ranked games.

Trigger Discipline:

This next requires a lot of patience and is situational. When executed properly, can win you a lot of rounds and even games. Trigger discipline is when you see an enemy, and they don’t see you, but you decide not to shoot at them. The reason you would want to do something like this is to gain information. For example, if you push on Rust and while walking you see a player on the top of those cargo containers. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Guide for MP Games - Get Your Tips from the Pro Play

Instead of shooting them right away, you might want to see if they have teammates with them or if they’re alone and decide to back off. You can tell your teammate to rotate and stack towards that area. Now, you’re in the perfect position to catch them off guard and get a kill before their push even begins. It’s not something you should always do but in certain scenarios giving up a single kill can allow you to get multiple kills. Sometimes you even get round winning information that will put your team on top.