Cross Summoner:R is the newest gacha RPG to join the fray, offering much of what we’re already used to seeing in the genre, but featuring a spectacular art style chock full of 2D sprites for the character models, as well as beautiful hand drawn art for the character portraits and environments. The result is a game that, while not unique in its gameplay mechanics or progression systems, still feels like a treat to play, especially as you unlock more characters and get access to their flashy skills and signature moves.

Cross Summoner:R on PC - Using Our BlueStacks to Optimize Your Experience

However, while the game is clearly designed to be played and enjoyed on mobile devices, the best way to get the most out of it is by playing Cross Summoner:R on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player will let you enjoy it on your large computer monitor, and will also give you access to a variety of tools to enhance your experience. And this is without mentioning that, since you’ll be playing on your computer and not on a phone, you won’t have to deal with any of the issues that come from gaming on the latter, such as overheating and battery drainage, nor will you have to sacrifice valuable storage space on your phone to accommodate the game.

Before getting started, we suggest taking a look at our PC setup guide for Cross Summoner:R to learn how to get started with installing this game on your computer. And if you’re all set and ready to start, this guide will show you a few important ways in which you can use our BlueStacks tools to improve your experience when playing Cross Summoner:R.

Cross Summoner:R on PC - Using Our BlueStacks to Optimize Your Experience

Let’s begin!

Speed Up Rerolling With the Instance Manager

One of the first questions that users tend to ask when accessing a brand new gacha RPG is, “Can I reroll in this game?” And with good reason, considering that rerolling is the process through which players can obtain some of the stronger characters in their respective games, from very early on. Fortunately, in the case of Cross Summoner:R rerolling is not only possible, but also quite easy.

Cross Summoner:R on PC - Using Our BlueStacks to Optimize Your Experience

Nevertheless, despite the ease of rerolling in this game, the odds of getting good characters from any given pull are still slim. In fact, the odds of getting a full UR hero are only 1% per pull, while the chances of getting lesser rewards like heroes of a lower rarity, or even hero shards, are much higher. In this sense, it’ll probably take quite a few pulls before you actually get anything worthwhile, even while rerolling.

Luckily, BlueStacks can significantly expedite the reroll process through its Instance Manager, a feature through which you can create multiple different instances of our emulator, and in turn access the same game on multiple accounts simultaneously. For gacha games like Cross Summoner:R, this effectively means that you can reroll on several accounts at the same time, increasing the number of pulls that you can perform per run. In this sense, while we can’t actually increase your chances of getting good pulls, the fact that you’ll be doing more of these at any given moment will speed up the process considerably.

Cross Summoner:R on PC - Using Our BlueStacks to Optimize Your Experience

You can access the Instance Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 8, and create as many instances as you want by clicking on the “+ Instance” button on the lower left of the menu. Keep in mind that each instance requires its own allocation of RAM and CPU, so you might run into performance issues if your PC is a bit on the lower end of the hardware spectrum. Nevertheless, once all your instances are up and running, simply follow the steps in our PC setup guide for Cross Summoner:R to install the game on each of them.

Check out our Cross Summoner:R reroll guide if you want to learn more about this process.

Simplify Rerolling Even More With Multi-Instance Sync

Now, while the Instance Manager can essentially work miracles when it comes to rerolling in gacha games, the real streamlining actually comes from using it along with the Multi-Instance Sync feature, which lets you synchronize all the actions you perform on one instances, across all other active instances. In other words, while you focus on playing on one of your instances, BlueStacks will mirror your actions across all your other accounts, essentially letting you progress on all of them, but without the added effort of playing on each one by one.

Cross Summoner:R on PC - Using Our BlueStacks to Optimize Your Experience

To use the Sync tool, you first have to be running at least two BlueStacks instances, and then press Ctrl + Shift + 9 to open up the tool itself. In this small panel, you simply need to select the instances you wish to start synchronizing, and then click on “Start sync” to begin mirroring all your actions. Afterward, it’s all a matter of playing as you regularly would on your main instance, and letting BlueStacks handle the rest for you.

Streamline Menu Navigation With the Keymapping Tool

Last but not least, while Cross Summoner:R has a pretty simple and straightforward combat system, you’ll still need to navigate through a wide variety of menus in order to access the game modes, upgrade your team, and to get around, in general. Because of this, the Keymapping Tool is a useful asset for this game, since it lets you streamline menu navigation via customizable mouse and keyboard controls.

Cross Summoner:R on PC - Using Our BlueStacks to Optimize Your Experience

To access this feature, you simply need to press Ctrl + Shift + A while in-game, which will open the Advanced Editor screen. Here, you can view your current bindings, modify them by clicking on them, and even add new ones by dragging and dropping the predefined functions from the rightmost panel, to where you need them on the screen. And once you’re done tweaking and customizing your controls, you can click on “Save changes” to commit your adjustments.

With proper controls, and the best features for rerolling and unlocking top tier characters from very early in the game, BlueStacks is definitely the best way to enjoy Cross Summoner:R on PC.