Demon God has a lot of ways to help the player improve in the game but with a very cluttered UI, it might prove to be difficult to choose which actions to prioritize in the game. Players that want to become a part of the top-ranking players in their server have a long road ahead but with very little guidance to accompany them. Luckily, BlueStacks has prepared some tips and tricks to help the player on their journey towards ascending the mortal plane and becoming a true demon god!

The trick to becoming successful in any MMORPG like Demon God is to get the best possible start to give yourself an advantage over every other player. However, it’s almost impossible to know how to create the best start for yourself when it’s your first time playing the game. BlueStacks is here to help players like you become more familiar with the game’s inner mechanics by providing some in-depth tips and tricks that are made specifically for interested players like you!

Keep Auto-Challenge Activated

Auto-challenge is a feature in Demon God that allows the player to keep progressing through the main campaign. A lot of players ignore this feature which is a waste especially if they have a lot of downtime by leaving the game idle for a long duration. How these feature works are that it automatically challenges the next boss in the main campaign until the player either cancels the auto-challenge mode or is defeated by a boss that is stronger, which urges them to become stronger before they challenge it again.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Demon God

Having this activated at all times allows players to progress continuously without wasting time. Remember that the higher you climb in the campaign, the more rewards you’ll get from the idle rewards system which will contribute to your efforts in getting ahead of the competition. When you’re actively playing the game, it can be a bit annoying that it keeps challenging the boss so you can choose to disable it for the meantime as long as you don’t forget to turn it back on once you’re done.

Checking Your Bag

The bag contains all of the items that you get from all sources. Most of the items include equipment and chests. The reason why you should check your bag is to claim consumable items such as chests and bundles that either give currency or other resources that will help your hero become stronger. While most of these items don’t necessarily have any expiration when players don’t claim them for a long time, it’s still a good idea to open them as soon as you get them so that you have an idea of what you got.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Demon God

One of the best resources that you can get is Gold which can be used to purchase a lot of things in Demon God. Some items in your bag come in the form of shards which require the player to collect a certain amount before they can be turned into something useful. These are also really valuable since they give really good items to the player. Try to familiarize yourself with the items in your inventory so that you have a good idea of how and when to use them for maximum efficiency.

Devour Equipment

Devouring equipment is an important process in Demon God. This not only gives the player more space to collect more equipment from the idle rewards, but it also has a lot of other benefits for the player as well. One of the benefits is gaining enhancement stones and silver, which are resources used to upgrade your equipment. In our Combat Power Guide, we explained the different ways players can get more CP to make their hero stronger in a fight so read that to understand why this process is so important.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Demon God

Another benefit that the player gets from devouring equipment is gaining experience for the Giant Chimera. The Giant Chimera is also another source of combat power that gives your hero a ton of stats especially if you manage to level it up continuously. To maximize devouring equipment, make sure to collect idle rewards every 5-6 hours so that your bag doesn’t become full. Missing out on excess equipment means missing out on experience and resources that can make you stronger.

Visit the Celestial Mansion

The Celestial Mansion is similar to player housing in other MMORPGs. In this place, players can do a variety of tasks such as crafting stat pills and taking care of beasts. These might seem like fun side activities but they actually play a big part in helping your character develop their skills. Visiting the different sectors and completing various activities will help the player gain a ton of resources. However, while you’re in the mansion you do pause any progress in the main story.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Demon God

The Mansion is a good place to escape the grindy nature of the main story. Even though there are activities here that need to be done, they have incredibly long cooldowns that last hours in the end so the player doesn’t really need to stress about visiting it that often. As long as you go here at least once a day, you’ll be able to gather everything you need for your next log-in session.

Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance is a good way to make sure that you continuously improve in the game. Alliances allow players to get a social circle that allows them to communicate with other experienced players about this game. Joining is available early on in the game and most players get invited by other active users. However, it’s a good idea to choose an alliance with active players so that you don’t end up dragging dead weight in events and activities.

Tips & Tricks to Playing Demon God

Just by being in an alliance, the player is entitled to free stuff that they can collect every day. By increasing your contribution points to the alliance, you gain access to more features and earn currency that can be spent in the alliance shop, which contains a ton of useful items that will surely help you on your adventure.