The secret to having a powerful team in Disgaea RPG is to have the strongest characters in your party. A character’s strength depends on how the player develops their units and which pieces of equipment they add to the character to further their potential. Randomly adding in characters that you think are strong will only get you so far, which is why it’s important for players to keep in mind the importance of upgrading your characters in a way that efficiently improves their capabilities.

How to Power Up Your Units in Disgaea RPG

A lot of the team’s strength depends on how the player makes use of the ways they can upgrade their characters. Check out our Disgaea RPG Characters Guide to learn more about the notable stats, modifiers, and abilities that players should know about. It’s time to power up your units in Disgaea RPG so that you become ready for the challenges that lie ahead when playing this game for the long run.

Reincarnation & Mana Allocation

Reincarnation is the most basic method of powering up your units but is often ignored by a lot of players because of two things: First, characters may get stuck at a certain level because they don’t attempt the EXP Gate daily. Remember that you can challenge all of the stages in the EXP gate so finish all of them – even the lower stages – to maximize EXP gain. 

How to Power Up Your Units in Disgaea RPG

The second hurdle that players have that prevents them from Reincarnating characters is the lack of Reincarnation Materials. Try to add one monster unit to your team if you find yourself short on Humanoid Reincarnation materials. Once you reincarnate your characters, don’t forget to Allocate Mana on the stat that your character uses the most. To determine which stat they use the most, look at their skills & abilities and check out what modifier affects those skills.

Equipping For Battle

Equipment and abilities are the biggest contributors to a character’s overall power. Equipping the right abilities and items is critical towards making sure that you’re setting yourself up for success in the future. There are three things that players need to keep in mind when equipping their characters and here are some of those things:

  • Choosing the Right Weapon

Weapons are the primary equipment that affect a person’s combat capabilities. Equipping a certain weapon will change the character’s fighting style and can completely change the abilities they use in battle. It is highly recommended that players use the weapon that the character considers their Forte because they make the most of the best stats from that particular weapon type.

How to Power Up Your Units in Disgaea RPG

Players can change the weapon they want to use, even if it’s not their Forte, depending on the situation and the structure of their current team. One thing to keep in mind when using non-Forte weapons is that you should still use a weapon that uses your primary stat (ATK or INT) so that your other skills and abilities benefit even if you’re diverging from the recommended build.

  • Learning the Best Skills

Characters can learn different skills and spells as they progress. Most skills are learned by leveling up Weapon Mastery but some skills can be acquired by Nether Enhancements and Character Levels. Skills have various abilities and can offer utility in times that you need them so don’t just drop the skills that you think look strong onto a certain character without having a clear plan in your head.

How to Power Up Your Units in Disgaea RPG

Players that are running Auto-Battle often like using one or two abilities on each character so that they don’t waste their AP on unnecessary skills. In more difficult dungeons and bosses, players can’t afford the luxury of running the Auto-Battle system, so they need to command their characters manually. Add a wide variety of skills and abilities to your character so that you can choose which ones to use in your current situation to help your team clear the stage with three stars.

  • Using Innocents

Innocents are a type of socketed feature that can be added to a weapon. Weapons have a specified number of Innocents that can be equipped, depending on the rarity of that item. You can collect Innocents by playing on the item world and capturing specific those Innocents to use later on when you decide what kind of stats you want to add to your weapon.

How to Power Up Your Units in Disgaea RPG

Innocents are largely ignored in the earlier stages of the game because players switch weapons and other equipment often. It can prove to be a large waste of energy when diving into the item world without having a weapon that you plan to commit to until the later stages of the game. Since most items are acquired through the Shop, it’s not unusual for players to shuffle through their gear every so often.

  • Wearing the Armor

Armor in Disgaea RPG isn’t just used for increasing defense. Some armor items can also increase other stats like INT, RES, and SPD. Team formation, placement, and composition are the primary factors to keep in mind the kind of armor you want to place on specific characters. For example, units that are placed on the backline generally don’t have to worry about having high DEF stats because they are rarely attacked.

How to Power Up Your Units in Disgaea RPG

Choose the right armor to equip your characters with and diversify them so that you maximize the stats that you gain from these items. Make sure to visit the item shop every day and right after you increase your customer rank from the Dark Assembly.

Awakening & Nether Enhancements

Awakening & Nether Enhancements are the final and most difficult upgrades you can give to your characters. Awakening is probably a lot easier as long as you know which 5-7 units you plan to commit to in the future. Use sacrificial characters like event reward characters and Prinnies as Awakening Materials for your most important characters. 

How to Power Up Your Units in Disgaea RPG

Nether Enhancements (N.E.) are a lot harder to come by but are worth spending the time to farm. Upgrading N.E. unlocks a character’s Evilities that can greatly improve not only the power of that specific character but also that of the entire team. Having a 30% increase in stats will surely benefit you in the long run and help your quest of becoming the strongest Overlord in the realm.