If you’re a player who’s thinking about pushing ranks in Free Fire Clash Squads, then you have to make sure that your skill combination is just right. Each game of Clash Squad or even battle royale in Free Fire has at the very least 30% to do with your skill combination. The result of your fights depends a lot on the type of abilities you’re using and how you use them. Since Clash Squad is a squad game, you need a skill combination that can fit your role and your teammates as well. In a typical squad, you have a player who is an entry fragger, healer, support, sniper, and more depending on the formation, you’re running. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Character Skill Guide: Matching Skill Sets

Each role will require a specific type of skill combination that will make fulfilling that role easier. Since the game keeps adding new character skills, it can be hard to know which is the skill combination to go for. In this Free Fire guide, you will be learning about skill combinations that are made for your roles. If you’re the HP guy, there is a skill combination for your needs and also a skill combo for an entry fragger. These skills are interchangeable and most of the combinations in this guide will also tell you about the skills you can use instead of the one recommended here. Not all players have unlocked all the skills in the game and thankfully, some of these skills are not that different to use in the Clash Squad match. 

HP Tank:

As the name implies, this is a skill combination for players who are the healers or medics of their squad. This skill combination will make sure that you keep regenerating your HP, help rescue your teammates, and will make using medkits and health items faster. The skill combination will need either Alok or Skylar in the active skill slot. For the passive skill slots, you can go with Kapella, Antonio, and Jota. Now, from the start, you can see that each character here is going to either increase your HP bar like Antonio and also help with HP loss and HP restoration like Kapella. Starting with the active skill, you have Alok who has been in the game for some time now, and Skylar who has been added recently. Alok has the ability called Drop the Beat and this ability create a 5 m circle around the player which moves around with the player. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Character Skill Guide: Matching Skill Sets

Inside this moving circle, Alok and teammates will have increased movement speed and also restore HP. At level 6 you will be able to use this ability for 10 seconds and the movement speed will increase by 15% and HP will be restored at 5 HP per second. Alok alone can restore 50 HP with Drop the Beat ability, but if you use Kapella with this ability then you’ll get 55 HP since her ability Healing Song can increase the effectiveness of healing skills by 10%. Alok’s character has always been used in squad games since his ability benefits the entire squad at once. An increase in movement speed and more HP will always be a big plus in Clash Squad games. However, if you don’t have Alok or don’t want to use him, then there is Skylar who’s more fit for healers who like to rescue. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Character Skill Guide: Matching Skill Sets

Skylar’s ability is called Riptide Rhythm and this ability creates a sonic wave that will destroy 5 gloo walls in a 100-meter range. Another thing that Skylar can do is gain 9 HP after every gloo wall he uses at level 6. In Clash Squad games, gloo walls are used a lot and if you’re using Mr. Waggor you will also keep accumulating gloo walls. So every time you use a gloo wall, you will gain 9 more HP. Skylar is not a great character for team plays but the fact that he can take down gloo walls from a distance will come in handy when you have to save a downed teammate. In passive skills, you have Kapella’s ability Healing Song. This ability will act as a boost to your other skills being used. Kapella’s ability increases the effect of healing items by 20% at level 6. That means you will get even more HP when using any healing item. Even better is the fact that this ability will also reduce the HP loss of a downed teammate by 30%. So you will get more time to revive them. There’s also the added advantage that Kapella’s ability will also increase the effect of healing skills. A character like this is a must-have for any healer. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Character Skill Guide: Matching Skill Sets

Especially if you are using Alok in your active skill slot. Antonio is a character that cannot do much except grant you 35 more HP at the start of every round. It may not be much, but since a healer also supports their downed teammates, having 35 more HP helps in taking a few bullets from the enemy. Lastly, you have Jota who’s not used much in Clash Squad games but can be a great addition here. Jota has the ability called sustained raids and what it does is restore HP every time you hit an enemy and downing an enemy will increase your HP by 20%. Healers have to fight as well but since they’re the support of their team, they can’t afford to die early in the game. An ability like sustained raids will increase your chances of survival in fights. 


This skill combination is for players who usually play in random lobbies and are trying to just get the max kills. You can also think of this skill combination as an Anti-Chrono combination. When Free Fire added Chrono and Time Turner ability, it changed the game’s meta in a big way. In most of your Clash Squad games, you will see players running around with Chrono and akimbo Vector gunning down everyone. This skill combination is going to help you take down players who use Chrono in the game. For the active slot, you will be using Wukong and the Camouflage ability. Passive skill slots will be filled with Kla, Kelly, and Shirou or Jota, or Luqueta. Wukong’s ability is the only active skill that can take down Chrono’s ability with relative ease. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Character Skill Guide: Matching Skill Sets

Camouflage turns the player into a moving bush that can deflect enemy fire from almost all ranges. Basically, the game actually registers the players as a normal bush, and shooting at a bush is pointless. Not only that but the ability can actually be used to hide and camp as well from unsuspecting enemies. Another thing about this ability is its duration and timer. Camouflage lasts for 15 seconds at level 6 with a cooldown of 200 seconds. However, the good thing is that every kill resets the cooldown timer, so you can keep using thing ability and take 1v3 fights with ease. Wukong is a dangerous character in Clash Squad and players know it. It can kill a Chrono inside the Time-Turner circle with ease. If you’re serious about ranking high on the leaderboards and increasing your kill count then go with Wukong over Chrono. 

Kla is a character that has the ability called Muay Thai, and it increases fist damage. At level 6 Kla’s ability can increase damage by 400%, basically turning your fists into weapons. With Wukong’s camouflage, you can get real close to the enemy and kill them with your fists when your ammo runs out. Then you have Kelly who has the Dash ability. She will increase your sprinting speed by 6%. This will make running and gunning easier in your games. Then there is a choice of skills you can use between Shirou’s Damage Delivered, Jota’s Sustained Raids, and Luqueta’s Hat Trick ability. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Character Skill Guide: Matching Skill Sets

Now, it’s up to you to choose what is more important to you in your Clash Squad games. Damage Delivered is an ability that marks the enemy after you take the first shot at them. Then the first shot on the marked enemy has 100% additional armor penetration. This skill has been proving itself extremely useful in Clash Squad games. Both Jota and Luqueta have abilities that will increase your HP, but you should go with Jota. Go with Luqueta if you don’t have Jota. In both the skills, you will get HP after you kill an enemy. Jota’s Sustained Raids ability will grant you HP when you shoot at an enemy and also 20% maximum HP on downing an enemy at level 6. 


This is a skill combination that puts maximum focus on your movement in the game above everything else. However, what you will get in this skill combo is consistency and some added benefits like easier to manage recoil. This skill combo will be using Alok’s Drop the Beat in the active slot. This ability creates a moving ring around the user that will increase the overall movement by 15% and increase 5 HP per second. The ability lasts for 10 seconds at level 6 and in that time you will gain HP and movement speed for yourself and your teammates. Alok has been in the game for some time now and there’s a lot you can do with his ability. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Character Skill Guide: Matching Skill Sets

Then you can use Kelly’s Dash for additional sprinting speed and the first shot when using Kelly’s ability has 110% damage. Lastly, add Joseph’s Nutty Movement skill which can increase movement and sprinting speed by 20% for 1 second at level 6 upon taking damage. So if you get shot by your enemies and want to run to or from that fight, this skill will come in handy. With movement taken care of, the focus should now be on recoil control. Players who focus a lot on movement have their other areas well managed, like aiming. So anything that can reduce the recoil of guns like AK or Vector will be helpful in Clash Squad games. That’s why Dasha’s Partying On ability comes into play. 

This ability will reduce the damage you take from falling in the game by 50% and the time to recover from that fall by 80% at level 6. This will come in handy when you’re running after an enemy who has exited a house. Even you jump from a very high building, you will still have a fighting chance when you reach the ground. However, another thing that Dasha’s ability can do is reduce maximum recoil and buildup recoil by 10%. All that speed will mean that you will constantly be moving when you’re fighting. Having a more manageable recoil will mean that you can focus on moving more and less on adjusting your aim. 


This skill combination is going to be focusing on making you a destroyer in your Clash Squad games. Players who want to destroy everything from Chrono’s shield to gloo walls and the fights should use this combo. The skill combination is not made for entry fraggers but for snipers. The idea is that snipers will have some distance between themselves and the enemy. Within that distance, the enemy can put up a gloo wall or Chrono’s Time Turner shield and protect themselves. If you’re a sniper, then by using this skill combination you will be sniping your enemies from far away with ease. For the active skill slot you will be getting Xayne who is a new addition to Free Fire. She has the ability called Xtreme Encounter and this ability has a lot of potential for aggressive players. At level 6, Xtreme Encounter will give the user 80 HP temporarily and 100% increased damage to shields and gloo walls. The ability lasts for 10 seconds can come in handy for players who play a lot of custom Clash Squad games. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Character Skill Guide: Matching Skill Sets

You can use the M82B and AWM together to destroy gloo walls and players from any distance you want. Then you can use Shirou’s Damage Delivered to shoot your enemy from a distance and mark them on your map, so you know their location. The next shot that you hit them with will have 100% additional armor penetration that will surely down them if you’re using AWM or M82B. To boost Shirou’s ability even further, you can use Maro’s ability Falcon Fever. This ability increases damage as the distance increases. In Free Fire, the further your bullet has to travel, the lesser damage will it do. With Maro’s ability, you will get 25% more damage in your long-range fights. Another thing Falcon Fever offers is 3.5% increased damage on marked enemies. 

Basically, any enemy that you mark with Shirou’s ability will have even more damage in the second shot. Lastly, add Rafael’s ability Dead silent. This ability works well with sniper rifles. Dead Silent ability silences all weapons without needing any attachment and any enemy that you down will lose HP 45% faster. This is a skill combination that will serve a sniper in Clash Squad games well. It’s fast-paced and powerful, capable of destroying gloo walls from a distance with ease.