The one thing that matters when a player is climbing through the ranks in Free Fire is winning Booyahs. Yes, that part is apparent to any player who is playing the game, winning is a priority. However, there is a difference in winning between a player who is playing the game once a week for fun and a player who is on the grind. If you think from the perspective of a player who is making their journey from Gold to Diamond, winning isn’t just about skills. You will find better and more skilled opponents in your game as you continue to rank up. That’s how matchmaking works in the game to help lower-ranked players have a chance to develop their skills. So, how do you win in higher-ranked lobbies against players who know the game mechanics properly? Well, you try to create advantages for yourself even before entering a ranked game. 

Free Fire Gun Skin Guide: Blue Draco Burns the Pumpkin Flames

In Free Fire, players can choose character skills, pet skills, and gun skins that they can carry with them in the match. This means that even before tapping on the start button to enter matchmaking, you have the option to create real advantages for yourself. Let’s build a mental picture so you get a better understanding of how creating advantages work in the game. For example, you are creating a character skill combination for your ranked games in Clash Squad mode. You have used Skylar’s active skill Riptide Rhythm to break gloo walls and gain HP when you deploy a gloo wall. That is an advantage in a game where gloo walls are your only line of defense in the open. Now, to help you have a better accuracy while moving and to increase your movement speed you are using D-bee’s Drop the Beat skill. 

At this point, you can destroy gloo walls, gain HP, have increased movement speed, and have higher accuracy. Add Dasha’s Partying On skill and you will reduce recoil and damage from falls as well to take jump shots. And use Antonio’s Gangster Spirit skill to have more HP than your enemies in every round. Just by using character skills in a proper combination, you will create a massive chasm between yourself and your enemies. However, this Free Fire guide is not about character skills or pet skills, but about gun skins. See, players will spend hours perfecting everything else but they will ignore using proper gun skins. The reason why most players ignore the gun skins in the game is that they think these skins are purely cosmetic. 

Free Fire Gun Skin Guide: Blue Draco Burns the Pumpkin Flames

Yes, they do make your weapons look cool but they also affect the attributes of the guns. Gun skins in Free Fire can affect stats like rate of fire, or damage depending on the skin. So it becomes critical that players use the right guns skins that complement their character skill and pet skill. In this guide, you will be learning about the two AK gun skins, the AK Blue Flame Draco and AK47- Pumpkin Flames.

AK Blue Flame Draco

In Free Fire, the AK Blue Flame Draco gun skin is as the name implies, blue in color. This AK gun skin has the barrel, magazine, and the firing action along with the trigger in black color. The rest of the gun, which includes the stock will be burning in blue flames. To complete the look and to live up to its name, the gun skin also features two dragon wings. When it comes to the stats and how it affects the base AK, the AK Blue Flame Draco will increase the rate of fire and damage while reducing the movement speed. So the rate of fire will be increased by 1 against the base weapon and the damage will be increased by two. The only thing that will get impacted negatively is the movement speed when moving while holding the weapon. Depending on the type of player you are, this movement nerf may or may not affect you. 

Free Fire Gun Skin Guide: Blue Draco Burns the Pumpkin Flames

If you play in battle royale mode usually then you’re probably running with a melee weapon in your hand to have a higher movement speed until you find yourself in a fight. However, in Clash Squad games you don’t have the luxury of moving with a melee weapon as fights happen constantly. Something that players should know is that this is an evolving gun skin. In Free Fire terms, that means there are levels to this skin that can be upgraded by its user. This upgrade system of an evolving gun skin works similarly to the character skill system. These changes in stats that are mentioned here will take effect when this gun skin is at level 5. So, if you are going to use this gun skin, make sure that you upgrade it as well. 

AK47- Pumpkin Flames

To describe the design of this gun skin, the only word that comes to mind is Halloween. That’s basically the theme of this gun skin. From the barrel to the stock, this gun skin covers the weapon in burnt orange color with a carved pumpkin at the firing action. This gun skin is not an evolving gun skin like the Blue Flame Draco was, so once you equip it, you can forget it. It does make things easier as players won’t have to spend time upgrading the skin. The AK47- Pumpkin Flames skin will affect the rate of fire, range, and accuracy of the base weapon. 

Free Fire Gun Skin Guide: Blue Draco Burns the Pumpkin Flames

So, you get an increased rate of fire by 1 green arrow and increased accuracy by 2 green arrows. The stat that gets nerfed with this gun skin is a range, which is decreased by 1 red arrow. One thing to note here is that the AK47- Pumpkin Flames is the most accurate gun skin for AK in this game. So, if your character skill combinations have no skill that boosts range, then this might not be the skin for you. The gun skin is suitable for Clash Squad games as most fights happen in close range. Just for perspective, the range of a base AK is 73 meters and with the nerf that is at 72 meters. In both ranges, the gun skin is best suited for Clash Squad games. 

Rate of Fire

For players who don’t know, the rate of fire is the speed at which your weapon fires its bullets. A general rule of thumb that is followed in the game is that a higher rate of fire is always better. The reason for that is, the faster your gun empties its magazine, the faster your bullets will reach the target. This means that a gun that can fire faster can deliver damage faster to the enemy and deplete their HP. Now, both the AK47- Pumpkin Flames and AK Blue Flame Draco gun skins increase the rate of fire of the base weapon. While the AK Blue Flame Draco increases the rate of fire by two green arrows and the AK47- Pumpkin Flames increases by one green arrow. 

Free Fire Gun Skin Guide: Blue Draco Burns the Pumpkin Flames

So, to calculate which skin has the faster rate of fire, both gun skins were taken to the practice range. The AK47- Pumpkin Flames was the first skin that went through the test. With this gun skin, the gun fires 30 bullets in 5.1 seconds which translates into a bullet being fired at 0.170 seconds. When you add the AR Mag on the gun, you get an even faster rate of fire. With the AR Mag attachment, the gun can fire 26 bullets in 4.100 seconds. This translates to a bullet being fired per 0.157 seconds. That’s the level of firing speed bump you will get with one green arrow on an AK. The AK Blue Flame Draco gun skin also bumps the firing rate of the base AK by two green arrows. With this gun skin on the AK empties its magazine of 30 bullets in 4.200 seconds. That is a massive gap in the firing speed of both gun skins. 

This means that in a 1v1 fight, the AK Blue Flame Draco will outfire the AK Blue Flame Draco easily. With the AR magazine attachment, the gun will fire 26 bullets in 3.400 seconds. Again, the gap only widens and shows that the AK Blue Flame Draco gun skin firing rate is considerably faster. The best part is that you can use Kelly’s Dash or D-Bee’s Drop the Beat to compensate for the movement nerf of the AK Blue Flame Draco. 


The test of accuracy for these gun skins was done in the training room with Adam serving as a target. No character skills were enhancing the accuracy stats and it was also done in close ranges. Again, the gun skin that underwent the scope was the AK47- Pumpkin Flames which increases the base gun’s accuracy by two green arrows. Accuracy is how many bullets that are fired in a spray stay consistent with their trajectory. When the AK47- Pumpkin Flames was spraying, 6 bullets of the 30 bullets shot went without hitting the recoil wall. Basically, the recoil kicks in after the sixth bullet. To give context, that means you can down a target in close range with just a tap on the fire button. 

Free Fire Gun Skin Guide: Blue Draco Burns the Pumpkin Flames

As the attachments like foregrips were added to the skin, the accuracy only improved. With the level 3 foregrip, an AK with the Pumpkin Flames skin can delay recoil buildup till 8 bullets. The AK Blue Flame Draco skin has no effect on the accuracy stats of the base weapon. So with this gun skin, an AK can shoot four bullets before the recoil kicks in. In terms of accuracy, the Pumpkin Flames is much better and this stat matters a lot in a game where players are using Kelly’s Dash skill. You need to have high accuracy if you want to kill fast-moving targets. You can also use the D-Bee’s Drop the Beat skill to make up for the low accuracy of the Blue Flame Draco. 


This stat will explain to you why stats are fickle in Free Fire and your entire setup needs to compensate for losses and gains that happen with different choices. To calculate how much damage each gun skin was able to do, they were shot on Adam in close range, again. Damage was calculated based on per bullet damage and not per magazine damage. So the numbers here are based on damage an enemy will receive for every bullet you connect in a spray. The AK Blue Flame Draco was tested first and this skin increases the damage stat of the base AK by two green arrows. With the Blue Flame Draco gun skin, the AK did 220 damage to the head and 40 to the body without any helmet or vest. 

Free Fire Gun Skin Guide: Blue Draco Burns the Pumpkin Flames

With the level 1 helmet and vest, the damage fell to 147 and 26 respectively. Next was the level 2 helmet and vest, the damage drops to 121 to the head and 20 to the body. Level 3 helmet and vest received 94 to the head and 13 to the body. Lastly, with the level 4 helmet and vest on, the target received 85 to the head and 12 to the body. The AK47- Pumpkin Flames skin has no effect on the damage stats of the base AK, so the numbers here are what you get from the base weapon. When fired at a target with no helmet and vest, the gun did 209 head damage and 38 body damage. At a target with a level 1 helmet and vest on, the gun did 140 damage to the head and 25 to the body. Already the Blue Flame Draco is defeating the Pumpkin Flames in Damage. 

Free Fire Gun Skin Guide: Blue Draco Burns the Pumpkin Flames

With a level 2 helmet and vest, the gun does 114 headshot damage and 25 body shot damage. On a level 3 helmet and vest, the damage decreases to 89 on a  headshot and 12 on a body shot. Lastly, on a level 4 helmet and vest, the damage decreases to 81 on the head and 11 on the body. It is clear that the AK47- Pumpkin Flames loses out to the Blue Flame Draco in the damage stats. 

Damage Per Second

This is where all the stats that these gun skins bring to the table are calculated. Starting with the Blue Flames Draco gun skin, the fastest rate of fire with the AR Magazine is at 3.400 seconds for the entire magazine. This translates to a bullet being fired per 0.130 seconds. With the gun skin on, the AK can fire 7.6 bullets per second. All of this gives the gun a maximum DPS or Damage Per Second of 304. The minimum DPS of this gun skin is 91.2. When it comes to the firing rate of the Pumpkin Flame skin, it can empty its magazine in 4.100 seconds. That means a bullet will leave at every 0.157 seconds. In one second this gun skin can fire 6.36 bullets. All of this when calculated together gives this skin a maximum DPS of 241.68 and a minimum DPS of 69.96.