In any battle royale game, guns play the most important role. In Free Fire, too, there are multiple guns in their multiple categories. When you’re playing a battle royale game then you have to loot your guns and in Clash Squads you have to buy them. Either way, knowing the abilities of each weapon is crucial in choosing the right gun. There are guides that go in-depth on how to use guns or the best guns for a specific role, but this guide will be looking at guns that are perfect for one tap headshot. In Free Fire’s in-game lingo, one tap headshot means taking drag shots and connecting those shots to the head. Guns like the M1887 are famous for taking one tap headshots in close range, and that’s why it’s the preferred choice of gun for entry fraggers. In this Free Fire guide, you will be learning about other weapons that are also great for taking headshots in the game. 


One gun that has started appearing in many Free Fire guides is the Woodpecker. This is one of the newer guns added in the game, but has shown a lot of potential. Woodpecker is from the marksman sniper rifle category of guns like the SVD and SKS. This makes it perfect for mid to long range fights and for players who don’t prefer close range fights. Woodpecker offers less range than the SVD in the game, which is makes it deadly till 60 m, making it more of a mid-range gun. What has made this gun so popular among players is its armor penetration and accuracy? 

Free Fire Headshot Guide: Guns with the Most Headshot Potential

The Woodpecker is the most accurate marksman sniper rifle in Free Fire. Its armor penetration is more than the SVD and by using characters like D-Bee you can take headshots all day from this gun. Because this gun has lesser range than the SVD, you can even take hip fire headshots from it in mid range easily. Not even an AR like AK offers this level of accuracy in mid range. If you’re someone that wants to avoid guns like M1887 reaching you, then the Woodpecker is the gun you need. Even the recoil pattern of this gun is very easy to manage. When shot, the Woodpecker tends to go more towards the left and has a very predictable pattern. You can take rotational headshots with ease with this one. 


In Free Fire, the SVD has been one of those guns that have been in the meta since the start. Both of these guns have been in Free Fire since the early days of the game and have proved to be very useful. Since this guide is about those guns that can take one tap headshots, it had to include both these weapons. SKS and SVD both are very similar marksman snipers and don’t really have anything over the other. SKS has lesser armor penetration than the SVD, but both of them have less armor penetration than the Woodpecker. 

Free Fire Headshot Guide: Guns with the Most Headshot Potential

What both of them and especially the SVD does very well in the game is take headshots. SVD has become famous for taking almost impossible headshots in almost all ranges. The scope-in headshot potential of SVD is limitless. Since the gun has been part of the game for a very long time, most players are now aware of how they behave and the right character combination for them. 


This is probably the most popular pistol in Free Fire Clash Squad, and for good reason. The M500 is the only pistol in the game that has long-range potential. A lot of players in Clash Squad games use the M500 instead of the USP to take long shots. Most of the one-tap headshots that are happening in the first round of Clash Squad is from this gun. The gun comes pre-attached with a 2x scope, which is good enough for pistol rounds.

Free Fire Headshot Guide: Guns with the Most Headshot Potential

One thing to note here is that this gun cannot take down enemy’s in just one shot if they have a helmet with them. However, the one good thing about the first round of Clash Squad is that most players don’t have helmets on them. They either spend their credits on vests or some other throwable grenade, which makes the M500 a great choice for downing players. 

Desert Eagle

This is probably the most powerful handgun for all ranges in Free Fire. The Desert Eagle is an iconic name among the pistols across games, and even here it carries a lot of firepower. Many players play their entire Clash Squad games with this gun and keep downing their enemies with one tap headshots. The best part of using a gun like this is that even if you miss your headshots, you can still deliver a good body shot to your enemies. 

Free Fire Headshot Guide: Guns with the Most Headshot Potential

The fire rate of this gun is a bit lower when compared to other pistols, but it isn’t bad. Even the recoil of this gun is very manageable. Desert Eagle is more suited to players who have a good experience of playing Free Fire. The downside of using this gun is that you will lose most of your 1v2 or 1v3 fights. 


If there is one gun that has made taking headshots a piece of cake, then it’s this one. The M1887 has been a big part of Free Fire’s meta for a very long time. This sawed-off double-barrel shotgun does such massive damage that you only need to connect two shots at most to kill a player. The M1887 damage stat is the highest among all the weapons of this game. 

Free Fire Headshot Guide: Guns with the Most Headshot Potential

Even the movement speed is not reduced when using this gun and not only that but a character named Caroline has an ability called Agility. This ability increases movement speed while holding a shotgun by 8% at level 6. So even there is a small reduction in your speed, there is an ability to not only counter that but also to increase your speed. The recoil of M1887 is a bit left inclined so taking rotation drag shots with this gun is easy.