Playing Free Fire with Mouse and Keyboard

Playing Free Fire with Mouse and Keyboard

If you have played any Battle Royale game before, you know how important it is to be accustomed to the control scheme and to be able to move quickly. This applies to Free Fire too: Shooting first and accurately gives you an advantage in this game. In fact, this is the key to becoming the king of the island. However, if you play Free Fire on a mobile device, you need to “re-learn” everything because the control schemes of the mobile devices are designed for “touching”.

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Even moving your character requires serious effort – and you have not even entered into combat yet. When you encounter another player, you “touch” the screen and pray that your opponent is gentle enough to stay still. Because it is literally impossible to move and shoot at the same time on mobile devices. It is luck which determines the outcome of the combat, not your skills as a player.

Well, not anymore. With BlueStacks, you can start using your skills once again and we are going to tell you how.

Advantages of Using BlueStacks and the XPack

Let’s start by activating the BlueStacks XPack addon for Free Fire. You can do this by pressing the same named button at the bottom of the game icon.

XPack offers a lot of things for Free Fire, including game skins, better game performance, and exclusive wallpapers. But the biggest benefit of it is the “Battle Royale” mode. By activating XPack, you can turn Free Fire into a PC FPS game and use your keyboard & mouse freely. And this is very easy to do:

  • Activate “Battle Royale” mode by pressing F1 key,
  • Click the right mouse button to aim, use your mouse to move the scope, and click the left mouse button to shoot
  • Hold down the Alt key to release the mouse cursor and navigate around the menus.

That is all. Just like playing a regular FPS game on your PC, everything becomes easier with Battle Royale mode:  You can move and shoot at the same time and execute headshots flawlessly.  This feature is useful not only for sharpshooters and snipers, but for everyone: It is a tremendous advantage to be able to aim comfortably and freely.

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If you are playing on a mobile phone with a small screen, you will see how close the buttons on the screen are to each other. Even if you have the fingers of a pianist, you will eventually touch the wrong button and miss an opportunity. You can get rid of this disadvantage by using your keyboard and mouse: BlueStacks Battle Royale mode offers you that before anything else. While the other players are forced to stay still while shooting, you can run in circles around them, shoot with incredible precision, and feel like the king of the island.

A Comfortable Gameplay

Battle Royale mode is not only useful for combat: It also makes playing the game much more comfortable. By pressing a single key on the keyboard, you can switch from one weapon to another, go prone, open your inventory, and even throw hand grenades while you’re running. You need to press at least 20 different areas on a touch screen to be able to do these things and your input won’t be that accurate. For example, did you know that switching to another weapon is faster than reloading? Well, while mobile players are struggling to do that, BlueStacks users can switch between weapons with one key. You can literally improve your gameplay in all aspects and master the playing field much more comfortably.

Customizing the Controls

If you prefer BlueStacks to play Free Fire, the game will be loaded with the following default control scheme:

The default control scheme is more than enough for a comfortable gameplay. But you can re-assign keys anytime you want by pressing the keyboard icon at the bottom right corner of the interface:

By customizing the controls, you can move your character with the arrow keys instead of WSAD, for example. However, we recommend that you use the default control scheme at least in the beginning. This is a “tested” scheme and you can be confident that you will feel right at home with the default controls, because you are already using the same setup in other FPS and TPS games too.

Tips & Tricks

  • Shooting will become much easier, so do not hurry. Mobile players shoot randomly and hope for the best because it is not possible for them to take precise aim. You do not have this disadvantage. You can comfortably aim at your opponent’s head and end the fight in one shot. Take your time and wait for the perfect shot – there is no need to waste bullets.


  • Do not stand still, especially during combat. Moving the scope and the character at the same time is literally impossible for mobile players. That’s why most of them stand still during a shootout. With the help of BlueStacks, you can keep moving during combat and we especially recommend jumping (by pressing the Space button). Mobile players fail to hit a moving target.

Here is a perfect scenario that shows the benefits of Battle Royale mode:

  • As soon as you see your opponent, click the right mouse button and open the scope. Use your mouse to move the scope and use your keyboard to move your character.
  • While the scope is still open, start jumping and simply go left to right while doing that (keep pressing the A and D keys simultaneously). You are basically “dancing” around your opponent and this is a common tactic in all competitive FPS games, such as Counter-Strike. Note that we are not saying “jump only once”. Keep jumping and do not stop moving until your opponent is dead.
  • Shoot with the left mouse button, aim for the head. Collect the loot, start looking for your next target.
  • Switch between your weapons by pressing 1, 2, and 3. For melee mode, press R. There is no need to use your mouse for weapon switching.
  • Assign a button for your equipment such as hand grenades. Pressing 4 will activate your medkit by default.

You are now ready to become the king of the island: The only thing left to do is to eliminate 49 players. Well, this won’t be that hard after starting to use your keyboard & mouse, you can be sure of that. You can also check out other Free Fire guides we’ve prepared to make your job even easier.

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