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A Battle Royale Guide For Randomly Matched Squad in Free Fire

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

This guide is going to be breaking down all the things you need to know to win more games on defense in Free Fire. Knowing how to play defense effectively is easily one of the best ways to turn games in your favor in Free Fire. Most teams in matchmaking struggle to work together effectively on offense. This guide is going to teach you to take advantage of this lack of communication to help you win more games. Defending generally feels easier when you’re able to pick up a couple of kills and get the momentum rolling early. It feels a lot better than trying to get things started on offense first.

Control The Situation:

The very first thing that you should be doing to win more rounds on defense. You need to be playing more proactively on defense than you currently are. One of the biggest problems in solo queue is that defenses are way too easy to read. So many times when playing on defense it seems like your teammates are allergic to making plays together. The entire time on offense you’re focusing on executing strats together and trading each other. On defense, everyone goes and watches their angle alone, rather than doing strats that they can play off of each other better. 

A Battle Royale Guide For Randomly Matched Squad in Free Fire

It’s not that every single round you should be running at the enemies, but if you give the attackers too much territory willingly, they’re likely just going to plow through you. Specifically, one of the easiest things you can fight for is kills and loot. There’s no reason you should be giving the attackers the loot or kills, every single round for free. Try to make them fight for them and make them have to use character abilities early to retake these areas. You don’t need to stack up with 4 players to do this either. Simply taking 2 players from your team, and using their ability to deny the enemy team territory can often be enough to win. 

A Battle Royale Guide For Randomly Matched Squad in Free Fire

Especially at lower ranks, this sort of play is very unexpected. The truth is, it’s incredibly common for defenses to play proactively in pro play, because that’s how the game is meant to be played. However, in matchmaking, it’s harder to communicate with your teammates and set up these sorts of tactics, or baits. This is the biggest thing that sets apart the good players from the great players. There are too many players in this game that are great solo players, but terrible team players. Learn to play with your teammates, learn to set up baits with them and play aggressively for territory. 

Character Abilities: 

When you queue into a match, it’s important that you’re aware of what character the enemy has, as well as what character they don’t have. Specifically what it’s referring to is to find out if they have game breaking characters. These things are going to dictate what you are capable, and not capable of doing within the rounds. For example, if they don’t have Chronos, it’s going to make it a lot easier for you to play closer angles, especially with weapons like shotguns. That’s because you’ll never have to worry about an enemy using a Chronos shield. You can take advantage of this, and play different off angles that potentially would have been very dangerous before. The same thing goes if they don’t have any game breaking abilities. 

A Battle Royale Guide For Randomly Matched Squad in Free Fire

Basically, if they don’t have an overpowered character, pretty much all corners of the map are fair game. The reason there are so many characters in Free Fire is because there are a number of abilities that are intended to be used to clear them out. However, if their team is drafted poorly, it is not your fault. Take advantage of their lack of recon, and just set up as many obnoxious baits as you can with your teammates. Have one player playing like normal, and then have a buddy sitting in the corner waiting for them to execute any leftovers. You should be punishing the enemy team for bad drafts like this. The only way to do that is by making yourself aware of what their team is capable of, and not capable of, at the beginning of the game.

Make Impactful Plays:

If you want to win more rounds, you obviously need to have an impact in more rounds. Well, generally it’s going to mean you should be rotating a bit faster in Matchmaking games. Fakes, rotates, and lurks from the offense are all things that happen in these games. However, in matchmaking they are a lot less common. It’s going to be a lot more effective if you are there as the enemy team is coming in, rather than if you are on the other side of the map. Now, on the off chance that the enemy team has proven that they like to lurk or rotate a lot, you’ll have to start being a little bit more careful about it. 

A Battle Royale Guide For Randomly Matched Squad in Free Fire

Until they do that, it is most important that you are at the fights when they are happening. This is not to say that nobody on your team should anchor or hold an area. It’s more in the perspective that if you believe you are the strongest player on your team, you should probably not be the one anchoring down the area. Unless you’re playing a character that is meant to do that. The best way that you can play a good role for your team is by playing more of a central position on the map. The higher rank you get, the more you will likely get punished for rotating quickly. Specifically, in lower ranks, players will most of the time fully commit to whatever the first area they are in. 

A Battle Royale Guide For Randomly Matched Squad in Free Fire

To win more games, you need to have more of an impact in the games. It’s really hard to have an impact when you’re holding down an angle nobody is going to push. Instead, do yourself a favor, and always try to move towards where the action is happening on the map. You want to be in a position where you can rotate and help your team as much as possible. 

Find Information:

Free Fire is a game of strategy. At times, you can get away with just straight up outgunning players, it’s not always the best idea. Especially if they have as good, or better aim than you. If you’re just challenging enemies on every single angle, then there’s not going to be much strategy involved. At that point, you’re just looking for gunfights. Which on one end, if you’re winning the gunfights, that’s great. However, if you’re not winning the gunfights, you’re working harder, not smarter. Instead, rather than peeking every single angle on the map, what you’re going to want to do is play for info. Then only engage the enemies when you have a teammate who is there to help you. 

A Battle Royale Guide For Randomly Matched Squad in Free Fire

You can take aim duels sometimes, but if you’re doing it every round, and getting punished for it, you’re quickly going to start losing rounds from your team. If you get picked off 5 seconds into the game because you peeked too long, your team is at a massive disadvantage. It’s all because you got greedy and were looking for a gunfight.  If you’re getting hard pushed, you can fall back and wait for your team. That is going to be a lot better than just full swinging out and dying. If you are going to peek a long angle early, do it with a Sniper rifle. The AWM is so incredibly strong in solo queue. It takes a decent amount of communication and safety to play against one, and those two things just do not exist in matchmaking. 

A Battle Royale Guide For Randomly Matched Squad in Free Fire

People dry peek AWM angles early into rounds, they don’t use their abilities to grab territory. Also, they rarely will effectively trade each other. The AWM although rare, can single-handedly sway the entire direction of a game. We’ve all been in the games where a player or the enemy team has 2 kills, and then they pick up an AWM and are suddenly top fragging. The AWM is made to punish players for fast play, and that’s exactly what matchmaking is: fast play. Do yourself a favor, and if your team is struggling to win rounds, try to pick up an AWM first chance you get.

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