Given Free Fire’s popularity, we started something of a yearly tradition to assess the best in-game weapons. Our previous BlueStacks FF weapon guide cast a wide net on the game’s arsenal, showing off most of the weaponry in each category. This time around, we’d like to focus on the best/most used armaments by high-ranked players.

Before moving forward, you should know that most guns in the same category are fairly well-balanced. Thus, which of them is the most devastating one in your hands may actually be a matter of playstyle and comfort. Some people don’t mind the fact that you have to repeatedly tap with FAMAS, while others find that it lowers their reflex times.

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire

Your Rank Matters

The two other disclaimers you should keep in mind as you read our guide is that our assessment is based on the raw stats, not skins. Albeit small, some of the skin bonuses can make an important difference, such as the Dragon Fire AK, which gives +2 damage and rate of fire. Our advice is to try all firearms at least once (just like with ice-cream flavors) and see whether you match.

Up until level 20, you’ll do much better if you focus on solid short-range options, as well as high-fire rate options. As you become familiarized with each gun – by which we mean getting used to its recoil and manner of shooting – you can start comprising a list of favorites for each category. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to win every time. Try to have fun and get to know the ropes in the meantime.

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire

Once you go past level 30, you’ll start to notice that you’re matched up against more versatile, knowledgeable, and skilled opponents. They’ll be laying traps, using AWMs and even coming at you with the notorious pan. As you can see, we started a new account for the purpose of this guide. While not as much as the weapons that you have, the characters you use can also have an effect in-game.

Best Long Range – They’ll Never Know What’s Coming

  1. GROZA

    For new accounts with no skins, the GROZA continues to be the best AR in Free Fire. It shoots smoothly like an M4A1, while being more powerful in terms of damage than a SCAR. In addition, it has the range of an Automat Kalashnikova. If you get Death’s Eye skin on your SCAR, you might want to switch to it, as the bonus speed is really game-changing. Otherwise, you can rely on this long-range baby to carry you throughout the game. There’s a reason why the official description mentions that it’s “possibly the strongest rifle.”

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire


    If you don’t stumble upon and/or like the GROZA, either of these two can do a fine job. Because of its effectiveness at medium to long ranges, high-ranked players often go with a SCAR for an entire match. It often carried us to top 10. Its damage may not be the best, but it delivers utter destruction due to its high fire rate and good accuracy.

The FAMAS would be our other trusty go-to. Many people skip over it because you have to keep tapping in order to shoot properly. Mastering the left-fire function doesn’t take that much of an effort, though, and we guarantee it will be well worth the bother. Although it has a slightly lower range than the GROZA, this rifle compensates with a significantly higher fire rate.

  1. AK

    The personal favorite of sharpshooters. Its tremendous recoil makes it incredibly hard to control, so if you don’t know what you’re doing, all that damage will be wasted. This is more of an acquired taste, but learning how to shoot with it will pay off in spades. BlueStacks’ shooting mode will go a long way here. With this baby and the emulator on our side, we got no less than 4 kills from a huge distance.

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire

Best Short Range – Run Circles Around Your Enemies

  1. UMP

    If you have to choose between SMGs, the UMP is, by far, one of the most underrated of the bunch. The reason why it’s above P90 despite lower accuracy is the range, which we often found to be tremendously helpful in-game encounters. More often than not, we have to keep firing at a 2nd or 3rd tango who is further away and better equipped to kill us. You’ll be surprised at how fast the UMP downs fully-armored enemies when you aim at the head.

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire

  1. P90

    A close second to the UMP, this submachine gun brings superior accuracy to the table and a magazine of no less than 50 bullets. If you know you’re going up against a full team nearby, this will help you spring clean like a pro. The weapon can be highly annoying to go up against and you’ll most likely tilt your opponents with it.

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire

  1. MP40

    The incredibly low accuracy makes this our least favorite choice. The MP40 has the highest possible fire rate in-game, but a magazine clip with only 20 bullets. If you don’t make the most out of the little you have, odds are that you’ll have to switch to another weapon. If you know what you’re doing with it, however, nobody will stand a chance.

In our experience, you can safely use an UMP at medium to long range and the damage will still be serious. Just ask our opponents.

Best Pistols for the Gunslingers Out There

These are strictly a matter of preference and you should choose one of them on your two main weapons. If you lack range, the M500’s damage and range exceed those of many AR options, not to mention the fact that it also has a decent firing rate. Its cons are that it only has 5 bullets in its magazine and you cannot shoot them in fast succession, since its accuracy in these situations is pretty much non-existent.

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire

The Treatment Gun, Desert Eagle, USP and G18 are great all-rounders. If you know you waste a lot of bullets, the USP’s lightning reload speed will give you the upper hand. Sharpshooters will definitely fare better with the DEAGLE, which is basically a holster version of the AK, while the TG can actually heal some of your allies if you’re in a squad.

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire

The M1873 deserves a special mention for having immense damage, but its small range, 2-clip magazine and ridiculously small accuracy make it more of a trolling weapon than anything else. Situationally, it will save you if you’re pinned down in a building with many rooms and tight spaces, much like the M1014 or the SPAS12.

Best Melee Weapons When Things Get Up Close and Personal

Throughout your Free Fire experience, most melee weapons will be a matter of style, namely how badass you want to look when going against someone with nothing but a Bat or Pan. One thing to remember is that the Pan actually covers a little more than 20% of your back, so if somebody’s spraying you from behind, hoping for a Hail Mary, the kitchenware will shield you quite a bit.

The 2020 Weapon Guide for Garena Free Fire

The Parang can also shield you from sprayed bullets, but its small surface won’t guarantee that you stay alive. If you’re fast on your toes, it might just be enough to keep you alive. In an end-game, small-circle, 4 (or more)-man situation, as well as during a crowded drop scenario, both the Parang and the newly introduced Katana will clean up house really well, so don’t ignore them just because they’re melee. We have to confess: using the Samurai sword in close range is incredibly satisfactory. Try it yourself.

In these tight, situational cases, enemies will often shoot recklessly, so a fast-moving, lethal target in close range will almost always give you the upper hand while they try to aim their mid or long-rage rifles at you. Frames per second matter in a shooter game like Free Fire, which is why BlueStacks allows you to enable upto 90 FPS while playing FF on PC.