Genshin Impact the Labyrinth Warrior event is nearly halfway done and there were a lot of rewards that were given to the players they include but are not limited to Primogems, Character Level Up Material, Talent Level Up Material, Mora, and many other things. One thing which the players have not yet been able to get is the Xinyan which can be bought from a page in the event called “Blazing Unison”. Let’s take a look at the requirements and how a player can get the free Xinyan from the page in the event called “Blazing Unison”.

Process To Get A Xinyan

Genshin Impact: How To Get A Free Xinyan

The players will need to complete the event domain called “The Path Of The Taishou” which will be unlocked on the 30th of October 2021. The players also need to be above Adventure Rank 30 and have completed the archon quest “Chapter II: Act III Omnipresence Over Mortals”. 

Players need to clear the domains which will become available from the event. By clearing the domains players will earn Aged tokens of which the players need 1000 to get Xinyan. There are further criteria on the event page 

  1. Players have to complete “Path Of The Taishou”
  2. Players must accumulate 4000 aged tokens 

After fulfilling all the criteria the players can finally get Xinyan.

Character background

Xinyan is a claymore user who has a pyro vision. She is a musician from Liyue and she specializes in rock music. She provides a shield by using her Elemental Skill and she also deals AOE pyro damage. Her shield gained from Elemental Skill has different stages which depend upon how many enemies are hit when she uses her skill. She deals AOE pyro damage along with AOE physical damage when using her elemental burst. Her constellation 2 allows her to gain a level 3 shield after using her elemental burst.

She is a Support Character who provides shields to the other party members; she can also be used to enable the Pyro Resonance. Her shield scales off of her defense stat. Her skill has a duration of 12 seconds and a cooldown of 18 seconds. Her burst has a cooldown of 15 seconds and a cost of 60 energy