Genshin Impact – New Character Sangonomiya Kokomi

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As the Raiden Shogun banner is coming to an end, the player base is excited about the next banner, which features a new five-star character Sangonomiya Kokomi, hereafter referred to as Kokomi. She is the head priestess of Watatsumi island and leads the rebellion against the vision hunt decree. Kokomi is a supporting character and will provide healing to the party. She might also serve as an off-field hydro applier due to her skills, and because of her hydro vision, she can fit in many roles and team compositions. Kokomi’s English voice actress is Risa Mei, and her Japanese voice actress is Mimori Suzuko. Let us take a detailed look at the next character coming to Genshin Impact, Sangonomiya Kokomi. 

Genshin Impact – New Character Sangonomiya Kokomi

Character Information

As mentioned above, Kokomi is the head priestess in Watatsumi Island and is a support character. She provides healing and can apply hydro in an AOE using her elemental skill. Kokomi’s Elemental Burst increases her damage and allows her to heal using her normal attacks. 

Skills and talents 

Kokomi is a catalyst user with hydro vision. She is a healer, as mentioned above, and her normal attacks will apply hydro to enemies. 

Normal attack

She will perform up to three consecutive normal attacks, which take the form of a fish and will deal Hydro Damage to nearby opponents, and her charged attack will do the same. 

Elemental skill – Kurage’s Oath

Kokomi will summon a Bake-Kurage made from water that deals hydro damage to nearby enemies and heals all party members. Her skills last for 12 seconds and have a cooldown of 20 seconds. The healing is based on Kokomi’s max hp. Using her skill causes Kokomi to gain wet status. 

Elemental Burst – Nereid’s Ascension

Genshin Impact – New Character Sangonomiya Kokomi

Kokomi will deal with AOE hydro damage before she is robbed in ceremonial garments made from the flowing waters of Sangonomiya. While her ceremonial garments are active, Kokomi will gain the following effects. 

  1. Her normal attack, charged attack, and bake-kurage’s damage is increased based on her max hp. 
  2. She can heal all party members using her normal and charged attacks based on her max hp.
  3. It increases her resistance to interruption and also allows her to walk on water 
  4. The effects will only last for 10 seconds, and she will lose the effects if she goes off the field. The energy cost is 70 with a cooldown of 18 seconds. 

Passive talent – Tamanooya’s Casket 

When her elemental skill is active and her elemental burst has been used, the duration of her elemental skill will be refreshed.

Passive talent – Song of Pearls

This passive increases the normal and charged attack damage bonus gained by Kokomi while using her elemental burst based on her max hp to a further increase based on 15% of her healing bonus. 

Passive talent – Flawless Strategy

This passive increases her healing bonus by 25% and reduces her crit rate by 100%. 

Passive talent – Princess of Watatsumi

Dealing stamina consumption while swimming by 20%. 

Ascension materials

Genshin Impact – New Character Sangonomiya Kokomi

Players will need to collect spectral husk, which is dropped by specters that can be found in the two new islands. Players will also need to collect sango pearls which can only be found in Watatsumi island. Players will also need the dew of repudiation, which can be dropped by the Hydro Hypostasis on Watatsumi Island. For her talents, players will need to collect teaching of transience, spectral husk, and hellfire butterfly. The Hellfire butterfly is dropped by La Signora. 

Weapons and artifacts

Any 5-star weapon will be good on her. For four-star weapons, prototype amber will be a good weapon. Thrilling tales of dragon slayers is also a good three-star option for Kokomi. 

A four-piece of maidens or tenacity of Millelith will be the best choice of artifacts on her. Two pieces of Maidens and Millelith can also be effective on Kokomi. 

Kokomi is looking to be a hydro support character. Her healing will be something that most players look forward to, and a lot of players are waiting for her release.

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