Idle Heroes is called “idle” for a reason: Leveling yourself is not that hard in this game. You can level yourself just by sitting “idle”. Your heroes will continue to fight even if you are not around and award you level points. Leveling your heroes, on the other hand, can be quite costly, time-consuming, and challenging. In this guide, we will show you the fastest ways of leveling your heroes and what you should aim for during your journey to the end-game phase.

First Things First: Leveling Yourself

There are two parties in Idle Heroes that need to level up: you and your heroes. It will not be that hard to raise your own level. To unlock all the features of the game, you need to be level 70 and you can easily reach this figure in about a week. (Of course, this time will vary depending on your playing frequency.) Your own level is independent of the level of your heroes and does not give them an advantage in combat. You only need to increase the level of your character to unlock the features of the game and get access to various challenge quests.

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

Every campaign mission, arena battle, and event you complete will give you XP points. You can jump to the next level using these points. But remember that your heroes continue to fight even when you are not playing: Every time you log in to the game, accumulated XP points will be waiting for you. Here is an example for better understanding: We left the game at level 21 and when we logged in after 24 hours, the accumulated XP points allowed us to instantly rise to level 32. Remember to check the ongoing Campaign quests every time you log in: Your accumulated points will be there waiting for you.

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

Choosing the Heroes to Level

To increase the level of your heroes, you need two sources: Gold and Spirit. Getting them is not so hard until your heroes reach level 30: The game gives free gold and spirit points every 4 hours on average. You also get them for every mission and event you complete.

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

After level 30, however, you will have to start acting selectively as the amount of gold and spirit required to raise a level will start to increase, a lot. At this stage of the game, you won’t be able to get enough resources to increase the level of your entire hero team.

For this reason, you should set yourself some targets and act accordingly. Our recommendations are:

  1. Choose 18 heroes. You will create three rosters with them: one for PvP and the other two for PvE. (If you are not interested in PvP, choose 12 heroes.) You will use 6 of these heroes for raid missions. You will use the other 6 for standard PvE tasks. (We recommend taking a look at our Heroes Guide to have an idea of ​​which heroes you should choose.)
  2. Ideally, your raid (and PvP) mission team should consist of 5-star heroes. Use 4-star heroes for standard PvE missions.
  3. Give the best equipment and artifacts to the heroes in the raid team. Your other heroes can use the equipment that comes from the campaign mission awards.

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

Afterward, just focus on increasing the level of the heroes you chose. Your first priority should be to use all your gold and spirit points for the raid team. Your other heroes should only be upgraded after the raid team gets the “lion’s share”.

Leveling Your Heroes

Idle Heroes has an important difference from similar games: Your heroes can not earn XP points that they can use for themselves by completing missions. These points only affect your personal level. In other words, the only way of leveling your heroes is to use gold and spirit points. Theoretically, as long as you have enough of these two sources, you can raise each hero to the last level in a matter of minutes without having to play for days. But we do not have unlimited resources: We have to win gold and spirit “manually”.

You can use the following resources to earn Gold:

  • Midas Store (You can get 20k free every 24 hours, you can buy more gold with gems.)

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

  • Casino Wheel (One of the prizes on the wheel is 10k gold, you can win it once every 24 hours)
  • Daily Quests (Completing specific tasks can provide you with 20-25k gold each day.)

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

  • Tower of Oblivion (Completing the tower quests will give you 5-10k gold each time.)

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

  • Campaign Missions (Each campaign quest will award a certain amount of gold as a prize.)
  • Idle Farming (You can earn gold from the tasks your heroes complete while you are “idle”)

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

You can use the same resources to get spirit too. But remember that in general, you will gain less spirit than gold. Of course, you can also buy gems and then gold or spirit with real money, but our goal is to play as “free” as possible.

To give you an idea, upgrading a hero to level 40, which is the last level, requires an average of 100k gold. This is not a high amount, and even after a few weeks of play you can earn enough gold to upgrade your entire raid team. But spirit will be harder and longer to obtain. For casual players, we can say that it takes about 1 month to upgrade the 12-member team we mentioned above to level 40. Professional players can make this happen in about two weeks.

Evolving Your Heroes

You will be able to evolve your heroes once they reach level 30 for the first time. When they reach level 40, you will only be able to evolve them from now on: 40 is the last level your heroes can reach. Evolving a hero will provide a Tier upgrade.

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

At each Tier, your heroes will begin to use a new skill.

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

Upgrading tiers will also boost the basic stats.

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

You need “hero promotion stones” to upgrade a tier. You can obtain these stones from three sources:

  • Campaign missions (some quests give promotion stones but not all)
  • Tower of Oblivion missions (you can win a limited number of promotion stones from each mission)
  • Disassembling (heroes you sacrifice at the Altar provide you promotion stones as a reward)

Idle Heroes on PC: How To Level Up Your Heroes Faster

  • Marketplace (From time to time, the marketplace sells promotion stones, which you can buy in exchange for gems)

Each hero has a different maximum Tier level, and the higher the level, the more powerful it is. So reserve your highest Tier heroes for your raid mission team.

After you have gained enough levels, you can start experimenting with guild raids and join other end-game events. These will allow you to get the resources you can use for your other team members faster. Good luck on the battlefield – now you know how you can make your heroes stronger. Do not forget to read our other guides too!